How To Approach a Girl: 8 Working Methods

Have you ever been envious of a man who has no problem in talking to stranger girls? Do you suck at picking up girls or do you find it hard to maintain your cool around girls? Well, no need to worry as today I am going to tell you 8 ways to approach a girl that will improve your game. If you are new to dating game, you need to practice as there is plenty of fish in the sea. Without further adieu, let’s hop into it.

1) Taking Care of Your Hygiene

You have to look apart from the crowd when approaching a girl, if you want to get her attention. Take care of your personal hygiene like wear clean clothes, take a shower and try to smell good. Clothes should not be expensive but they should be clean and smart. A sharp dressed man does not need second invitation and attracts women.

2)    Waiting for the Right Moment

This is very important as it can make or break your chance with the girl. If she is running late for the meeting or class, she is most likely to turn you down. On the other hand, if she is sitting alone in the park or reading book in an isolated place then you can approach her without any hesitation.

3)    Attract her from a Distance

You can approach a girl without coming off as desperate from a distance. Look at her and when she catches you looking at her then slightly tilt your head and give her a gentle smile. Maintain eye-contact for 2-3 seconds. Either she will smile or look away, in both cases you are a winner.

4)    Buy her a Coffee

You can buy her a coffee, if both of you are at the coffee shop. You will come across as a gentlemen and considerate guy. It is more efficient and subtle way to attract a girl’s attention than by buying her a drink.

5)    Tell her that you are Shy

Simply admit to her out and out that you like her, but you get shy or nervous around girls. This confession will fulfill two needs – first it will reveal to her why you aren’t being normal around her; second, it will charm you to her since women love a man who will admit his weaknesses to them.

6)   Wait for her to be Alone

How to approach a girl? If she’s out hanging with her friends at the bar or the malls, it can be daunting to approach her with such a large number of eyes on you. So it’s best for you to hold until the crowd diminishes a bit. What’s more, on the chance that she’s alone for some time, at that instant you have your fateful opening to approach her and with higher odds of success.

7)    Talk to her with her Friends Around

If her friends aren’t walking out on her, at that instant you just need to gather enough strength to approach her. Walk unhesitatingly towards the group while at the same time keeping your eyes just on her. Approach her and say something like, “Hello. Do you mind if that I take 3 minutes of your time? My sight has been chasing after you from the minute I saw you, and I need to become more familiar with you.”

8)    Have Some Ways to Keep in Touch

Realizing how to approach a girl is something and realizing how to stay in contact is another. When you get the conversation going, the next stage is to be in contact with her. Keep in mind, a girl may think that it is difficult to reveal her own number to him. So here comes the following best thing.

Approach her for her email ID or her social media accounts. It’s easier to give out her email address than her number, and she’ll Thank you for not placing her in a difficult spot by asking her number. Be that as it may, you can end the conversation with something like, “Give me your number when you’re comfortable. I’m in no rush”.



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