The rape has been an issue for the society. A rape doe not only harms a girl but also creates many problems for the family and society. In spite of hard punishments and reasonable security measures, there has been a loophole where a criminal finds a gap and commits what he/she wants. A woman gave birth a baby in vegetative state.whstrange incident happened  was she assaulted?

The Incident Occurrence

The incident occurs in Phoenix health facility. The patient was in vegetative condition, and it was not expected that such could happen. Her family members are outraged and demanded the privacy and security of her daughter. AP Phoenix came and started an investigation to point out the criminal.
A 29-year-old girl who had been in vegetative status for ten years sudden got pregnant. It is an assault. The doctors say that they did not know that she could give birth in this condition. She had been operated, and she gave birth a baby boy.
A Woman Gave Birth a Baby in Vegetative State. Was She Assaulted?
The staff unawared of her pregnancy until she reached the condition to give birth. The doctor says that they have been told that the patient is moaning, and no one knows that what is happening with her.  The doctor replied about the baby that all that they know about the baby is bay is alive, and he is healthy. The patient had no power to defend herself and not she could communicate about her pregnancy.
As she was in vegetative status, she would have faced the pain. If there is a normal deli every, she could die due to delivery. She did not know that she is going to labor. If the monitoring not kept, this could be dangerous for the patient.  The doctor said that there is a significant difference in delivery is from a typical mother, and the disable victim could not push the baby out. It was a miracle that there was no such severe issue.
A Woman Gave Birth a Baby in Vegetative State. Was She Assaulted?

The Police Investigation

The police have mobilized. The security agencies started to investigate. The police have taken the samples of all male staff from the Health Care. The family lawyer asked for the protection for the patient. The security has been tightening around the patient. It is ordered that no male can enter into the patient room until the doctor comes with a lady doctor or nurse.
A Woman Gave Birth a Baby in Vegetative State. Was She Assaulted?

The Suspect

The police are investigating this issue. The police have taken a sample of the staff. The girl is in security. No man can go into her room. The assault happened at the end of the spring or autumn. The girl is in high security. A hospital person maybe involves in this issue. The Police and other agencies are investigating and the samples have been taken from the suspects.
A Woman Gave Birth a Baby in Vegetative State. Was She Assaulted?