Should You Use Beard Butter Or Not?

Should You Use Beard Butter Or Not?

The rise in keeping beard has meant rise in beard care products. You can have most thick beard in the world, but if it is well kept then it can turn you in a cave-man. Maintaining grooming routine is hard but incorporating beard routine is even harder. There are a lot of questions regarding what products to use and how to use them. As facial hair is different from head hair they need special care and special products. Beard Oil, Beard balms and Beard gels have been used but they do not do well when compared to Beard Butter.

1) Beard Butter can help you Achieve the Matte Look

Unlike beard oils, Beard butters do not give shinny look that will give away your secret to silky and well kept beard. Beard Butters are mixture of oils and butters like cocoa and Shea. They help to keep the moisture in the beard rendering it soft and manageable.

2) Maestro Beard Butter has Perfected the Solution

They have developed hydrating beard butter and their classic butter is blend of black pepper and grapefruit. It has manly scent and it soothes itching skin under beard as well as taming unruly beard.

Maestro Beard Butter has Perfected the Solution

3) How to use Beard Butter

It is pretty easy to use beard butter and on plus side you do not need a PhD. to apply it correctly. There are only two steps involve in it.

i) Take small amount on your palm and work it into your palm to heat it. It will make it easy to use and activate its ingredients. Remember that less is more.

ii) Apply it on the beard and start to style your beard. Little fun with the beard would not hurt anyone and you will start to enjoy the routine.

4) Benefits of using a Beard Butter

i)                   It conditions the skin

ii)                  Beeswax can help in sharpening the beard

iii)                 It gives matte look

iv)                 It has natural moisturizer

v)                  It has vitamins

I am in favor of having a thick and manly beard, but it should be well kept. Well kept beard does not mean having loads and loads of products in your beard. Beard butter helps in achieving natural look and necessary ingredients to make beard healthy. 

I’m afraid I can’t answer that question for you. It’s about close to home decision and what works for you toward the day’s end. Over that it’s about the size, shape and style of beard you have, just as your hair type. What we would recommend here is trying them full scale. It’s not costly to get one of them online from Amazon and give them a try.

Benefits of using a Beard Butter

There are heaps of great brands available for you to give a try. When you’ve discovered which works best for you, you can basically build up your own style. Try not to be afraid to utilize beard butter, oil or balm in combination if that feels right for your style. The key point is to not make the beard excessively immersed with oils, since that will begin negatively affect what it looks like, and it could also begin to obstruct the pores of your skin which is actually the opposite you are endeavoring to accomplish.

You can also get a beard comb and even style your beard with a comb after you have applied beard butter to it. Try not to be afraid to run a comb through it, as it will make it look considerably cooler.



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