becoming a father for first time

Becoming a Father for the First Time

Mother issues are being discussed everywhere and every person is willing to help mothers before and after the childbirth but very few people realize that becoming a father isn’t easy too. Men also need support in such an emotional phase of life, they need some backing because they are also going through it for the first time. In the contemporary world where every other person is chanting slogans considering mother issues, no one is there to discuss daddy issues. A Man owns a soul just like a woman, emotions also hit him hard and that’s why he also needs support while dealing with huge life changes. Becoming a father for the first time is not that simple, it’s hard and changes your life completely.

Embark to Fatherhood

Every boy enjoys a “me time” to space out, to not think about anything in order to get rejuvenated. This little spare time acts like a stress buster and refreshes you like a fresh fruit. Your life schedule experiences an abrupt change the moment you embark to fatherhood, your me-time disappears. You got be creative to earn that time back. 

It doesn’t matter how much you love your child, you require some time to relax after all you are a human not a machine. Being completely selfless is nothing but a waste because if you want to be a focused father, you need a break from outer world to energize your inner self. Designating a little time for yourself doesn’t make you selfish, in fact, it will make you deal with your issues actively.

becoming a father for first time

Every man finds himself unqualified for the fatherhood job so will you but bear in mind it’s totally normal. Don’t panic or stress out. You’ll feel yourself unworthy every step of the way because you never experienced such daddy issues before so everything will be new to you. As we all know that learning process is a slow process, so never lose hope because no one can take care of your child better than you.

Father’s role as a provider is different from the mother. He can’t breastfeed his child but can assist the mother while she performs nursing. As a father, you’ll face such limitations in bulk and it’s quite possible that you may get frustrated and intimated because of such gender limitations. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to be perfect, you’ll feel shortcomings and it’s not because you are incapable of becoming a good father but because you want to do more and more for your baby.

“Kids need daddies, it is easy to be a Thug, do something challenging—be a man, be a father”



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