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Bella Thorne Bush In A Hot Bikini Photos Of The Summer 2018

Credit to: By: Jesus Martinez

Bella Thorne may be some sort of cultural icon in a world where there is no culture…I mean she’s more clickbait than anything, but she’s done it right…she’s managed to take her Disney Fame that she got from being sold by her mother as a child…and apply that training to selling herself out on her social media…to what I guess were her creepy fans and that I guess became more and more fans…getting her booking jobs, doing social media campaigns, the whole thing really successful for her…all while looking a bit like a man…not being that hot, but rocking a pretty fit young body…because she is young…which allows you to ignore her hard manly face, which allows you to focus on the top of the line Bella Thorne bush.

Well as it turns out, she’s got some BUSH…and we fucking love Bush…I am a huge BUSH supporter and have been my entire life…the bigger the bush the better…even if it comes across as laziness…it’s magical….

THe hairy armpit for feminism laziness is not something that turns me on, but it doesn’t gross me out like it did back when I was a kid and my mom had died and this toothless midget woman used to volunteer to drive me to school with hair fucking armpits that would drip sweat on hot summer days….I’d stare and gag not knowing it wasn’t normal for a woman to have hair armpits…not knowing the cultural standards but knowing it fucking repulsed me…and I have got over that being repulsed but I will never accept it as a political movement or statement…because to NOT shave is not a protest…it’s the opposite of a protest because it requires no effort…

The red beat up looking vagina is what you’d likely expect on a pale skinned ginger…but it looks a little too STD for me…it’s like grow it out girl…really grow it out like it was your armpits girl…that’s where the GOLD lies…especially when you’re a redhead and that bush is either FIERY or BLONDE..something unique for the BUSH fetishists out there….

Either way, she seems like a crackhead that will end up totally fucking mental breakdowned soon enough, until then, she’s a skinny girl with ass and tits that we don’t mind looking at cuz she’s the most important personality in pop culture besides the Kardashians…

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