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Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signature

Popping on a fragrance before leaving the house in the morning is like finishing a salad with a dash of dressing. You can go without, but you’ll always have that feeling something’s missing. Make this fragrance from Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo your daily salad dressing, with notes of sexy tonka bean and the zingy freshness of grapefruit and mandarin.

BUY NOW: £44.50

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signature 30ml

Reiss Douglas Dogtooth Overcoat

It’s the first day of September, which makes it just about the right time to think about investing in a quality winter coat, one you’ll never want to take off as you’re plunged into an icy tundra. This dogtooth overcoat from Reiss is a good bet to keep you looking elegant as you’re freezing your nips off underneath. Wear it with a black rollneck for maximum menswear points.

BUY NOW: £295.00

Reiss Douglas Dogtooth Overcoat

Burton Blue Untitled Rugby Polo Shirt

Your dopey mate Jasper who could down eight Jagerbombs in a row on the rugby social despite not being part of the university rugby team might have sported one, but so has Chance the Rapper, Snoop Dogg and Mick Jagger. Don’t judge the rugby shirt then on Jasper alone; judge it on all the other cool guys who’ve worn the style. This slick retro-tinged version from high street store Burton would work well as a casual Sunday get-up over some relaxed denim.

BUY NOW: £25.00

Burton Blue Untitled Rugby Polo Shirt

Auxillary Infra Leather Trainers

Inspired by skate culture, new British footwear brand Auxillary is attempting to encroach on ground previously owned by Common Projects – mainly top quality minimalist luxury trainers. With minimalism, the devil is in the detail and so you get thick rubber soles, high-quality suede or leather uppers and a textured collar all in a multitude of hazy neutral shades.

BUY NOW: £240.00

Auxillary Infra Leather Trainers

American Apparel Mix Modal Pink Lounge Pant

It’s about time you binned those sticky, crumb-adorned joggers that you still inexplicably hang about the house in, and invest in something that doesn’t drive the ladies away when they come round for Netflix and chill. The new Mix Modal collection of loungewear from American Apparel is a great start in a silky, luxe fabric at an affordable price point.

BUY NOW: £26.00

American Apparel Mix Modal Pink Lounge Pant

Oliver J. Woods Formentera Salt Spray

Controlling your mane can be a nightmare some times, which is where sea salt spray comes in handy. By harnessing the power of Poseidon, a couple of spritzes can control the waves in your hair adding texture and lift, while this option from Oliver J. Woods will also leave your locks smelling of bergamot, amber and sandalwood.

BUY NOW: £18.00

Oliver J. Woods Formentera Salt Spray

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