Ways to become rich

Best Way To Become Rich? Stop Working.

The title of this article sounds counterintuitive, and it is. Not working, is the best way to become rich? What is this guy smoking? I’m not saying you need to quit your job, so don’t. Moreover, I don’t need your significant other sending hate vibes because you’re sitting around the house! The fact is, we are all influenced into a programmed existence for the collective good. Modern education teaches us that, not working, is not the best way to become rich. The best way to become rich is to work hours, get the most money from those hours and work more hours. It may seem dystopian, but it isn’t. My opinion is that most people are comfortable in a stable mother state. Who are we to judge?

My Best Way To Get Rich Is Natural

For a long time, I rebelled against the restrictive nature of this construct, but when I saw it for what it is, I evolved. Understand, that I have a gifted ADHD brain, and am not able to live inside this type of constrained environment. My mind functions well when working on complex challenges, which in turn allows for the release of dopamines after solutions achieved. The soothing reward of post-effort success has, like Pavlov’s dog, created a reward system. Pushing me ever onward from project to project, startup to startup, challenge to challenge, attracting the hardships of uncertainty. However, all things being in balance, the negative aspects have brought positive elements. One of them is a natural mind to think outside of the box.

So, when I say stop working, I mean step out of your programmed thought process. The likelihood is that you will end working more hours, but they won’t feel like work. Your significant other will most likely hate me for turning you into a workaholic, but this, I don’t mind. It’s for their good; they don’t know it yet!

Historical Best Way To Become Rich

First world nations have thrived from a subservient working class. Since the adoption of the industrial revolution in developing countries, humanity is achieving an unprecedented increase in the total amount of individuals living in abundance.

Exploiting The Economic System To Become Rich

The current economic system, founded during the industrial age, requires guaranteed results from risk capital.

Become Rich From Social Engineering

A programmatic populace delivers assurances from sophisticated social engineering.



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