A Turn Key Internet Marketing, Online Affiliate Program – Which One Do I Use?

A Turn Key Internet Marketing, Online Affiliate Program – Which One Do I Use?

April 18, 2018 Off By Eric Liboiron

I was not looking for this. Like with love, once I stopped actively seeking for a simple affiliate program that had covered all the angles it found me.

Why? I really can’t answer that, but I am hooked. A complete junkie. I have blown through the first two courses and I am looking forward to course number three which is what everyone is really here for. My experience in business has taught me one thing; you have to learn to crawl before you can walk, walk before you can run, run before you can fly! Once the wind is under your wings, though, then life is literally a breeze.






The internet is a complex system of 0’s and 1’s organized by massive amounts of code that in turn structure the visual experiences that create the synapses in our brain that make us click. Literally. The difficulty doesn’t really in the unimaginable amounts of data or the opportunities in creates for every single human being on this planet, it is in developing our own code to stay focused on the outcome we want to gain.

I have been working with and around the internet since the late 90s. Yes I’m that old and yes I lived the dot-com boom and bust. What a ride that roller coaster ride was. Money was no object, the parties, the food, the booze, the deals, the stock options… but that is not the point. I can write about that later.

The point is that I know quite a bit about the technology and concepts that go behind everything from the hardware to the software, including the search engine algorithms. These IFTT equations are the life-blood of the online economy. In the same fashion that paved roads are the life-blood of the old economy the organized data streams take you to what you want.

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Of course not everybody is honest in this brave new world. Just like with every other industry there are lazy, ill-intentioned groups that use the many impressive success stories to attract gullible people into giving them their hard-earned money. Sneaker people will actually put in the effort to create a structure built around the age old long con called a pyramid scheme.

It really does not take me much time to detect these. If ever I have given money to these, it is to help out a friend that has desperetly reduced his career options to some form of MLM system.

I have to say that the hyper-community aspect of Wealthy Affiliates kind of gave me that impression, but the price was just so good, I could not resist giving it a try. Since then, the thought has not crossed my mind and like I’ve said before… I’m hooked! I’ve been pushing for the past four days now and I don’t regret one dollar or one minute of time,






This is it. I’ve arrived and I’m never looking back. Wealthy affiliates is my family. Kyle and Carson are honest to goodness true and honest people. They are probably making a massive amount of profits, and god bless them for doing so. Every penny is well-earned. The system is extremely easy to use, the lessons are perfectly structured and the tools are mind-blowing.

Rewinding to my opening paragraph, I mentioned that I had given up. I understood all the functionalities, but I didn’t have the proper structure or tools combined with the guidance of experienced mentors. I sought for years even meeting a gentleman trained under Brendan Burchard, who shut himself away from me as soon as I started asking to many questions. The secrets are so tightly guarded that I just could not get in. Wealthy Affiliates has answered all my prayers and has removed the cobwebs from the window so that I can see the light!

Good luck to everyone here, and do yourself a favor, START!




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