What Is The Latest News From Mosul?

What Is The Latest News From Mosul?

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Mosul is a mess.

We all know this, but guess what? The powers that be have decided that ISIS is no longer needed.

I’m not taking sides here, so I will just chalk this up to coincidence, but isn’t it strange that all we are hearing about in the mainstream media is Trump is a d*** this and Trump is terrorist that and nothing about the actual murders called ISIS, The Brotherhood et al.? We all know that correlation does not imply causation but seriously, During the reign of Bush and Obama, all we heard about was about all the nasty terrorists in the middle east, while the white house executive branch was stacked with the Saudi-Muslim nationals. Next thing you know, the odd man out wins, the executive branch gets white-washed and the focus is now on all the scandals in the leadership. Then next thing you know… ISIS gets their ass handed to them and the UN aka NWO starts dropping mad money to rebuild IRAQ.

Weird is all we’re saying, make up your own conspiracy theories, but I am happy that we are talking about important stuff like trade deals, economy, tax restructuring and de-regulation instead of boogeymen, war and nanny state projects like Obamacare.

In any case, since we aren’t about to fly out there, Liboiron has gathered the latest news from Mosul from around the web.




Direct from the Iraqi propaganda machine.

UNESCO approves Iraqi bill to rehabilitate war-torn Mosul facilities

Iraq sentences Islamic State’s judge, in charge of marriage contracts, to death



Mosul six months after Isis was ousted – then and now



I still think it is very very strange that only 6 months after the departure of Obama and Clinton, the Clinton foundation closes, the executive branch gets a white-wash and ISIS falls. What happened? Did ISIS lose their funding? Their Clinton Funding? Maybe you can learn more about it here.



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