Get Ready To Join The Follicular Hall Of Fame – Killer Hairstyles For Men!

Get Ready To Join The Follicular Hall Of Fame – Killer Hairstyles For Men!

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Credit to: The 12 Most Iconic Men’s Hairstyles Of All Time, By: Fashionbeans Editors

A man’s hair has always been an important identifier of success; historically, it would denote class, wealth and masculinity. Now? Well, not much has changed. And despite some tweaks to length and texture, nor have the styles.

What looked good on Roman emperors still has the potential to flatter a modern mug. So take a lesson from these entries into the follicular hall of fame – the cuts that have somehow managed to transcend time and stay looking great – and maybe one day they’ll carve your ‘do in marble.

Alexander The Great’s Shaggy But Stylish

Alexander The Great

It’s not easy being in charge of the entire Macedonian empire. When you’re considering which Aegean territory to take over next, you don’t want to worry about whether it’s got styling mousse. For that reason, Mr The Great opted for a tousled, shaggy look that’s a particularly easy option for men with curly hair.

“This hairstyle is best worn pushed just off the face, and tucked behind the ears,” says Murdock master barber Alex Glover. This allows the natural direction of the hair’s growth to frame the face.

There are far more styling products on the market today than there were in 320BC, so if you have time, enhance the cut’s natural texture, by scrunching in a sea salt spray when drying – and then use a matte clay or putty for control.

If your battle uniform is a bespoke suit, your superior officer might confuse ‘texture’ for ‘mess’. So only copy this style if your workplace tends more towards neatly cut raw denim. Wear without a beard or any facial hair, like Alexander himself (he was famous for having the ancient world’s only clean-shaven army), or the overall look will appear untamed.

Modern Examples

Textured, Shaggy Hair like Alexander The Great

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