Halsey Hard Shows Her Titties Today

Halsey Hard Shows Her Titties Today

August 15, 2018 Off By admin


Halsey is just out there maximizing her story, her experience, the fact that DJs know they are a scam and bring random people they like along for the scam ride they are on, because if there are thousands of idiots into the noise they make, even millions, you might as well cash in on it and get stupid rich with it.

I do remember certain DJs always making big fucking money, the Euro Djs of the 90s the attracted the cheesy fucking club kids, that weren’t anything like the club kids today….which are the mainstream frat kids….doing drugs and dancing like idiots to EDM….

I remember massive raves….with 100 dollar ticket prices…I rememebr when Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Prodigy were mainstream with music videos selling out Arenas….so it’s not this NEW thing that happened with Diplo / Avicii / DJ Snake, whoever the fuck else is out there getting paid heavy for bullshit noise….it’s just that everyone is into it, so there are so many DJs now, all getting paid insane amounts of money that woud have gone to actual musicians in the past…but instead go to the videogame / porn generation simplistic sounds their brains can grasp….

So in their scam, comes a bitch like Halsey, also scamming, who sucks their dicks…cuz DJs get BJs as Borat has shown you…and they always have, it’s 89 percent of the reason the DJs became DJs in the first place…to get laid…the getting rich was just bonus.

Anyway, this one was scraped off the club VIP room floor, got to lay down some vocals and is now an annoying celeb who likes to talk about herself, her drugs, her party days…she’s 22 years old, fuck off with the hard life thing, I am not buying it…hard lives happen at 50 when you lose your leg to diabetes from actually having a hard life…not from being a millionaire with HARD nipples for the social media channels cuz tits get hits.

Her new angle is that she’s black and dealing with the plight of the black people…despite being white a fuck…which is annoying to all…except I guess the mainstream who like her…

So here are some of her hard nips…because as shit as a person is, I can always stare at nips.


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