After the unfortunate event of a divorce between the glamorous couple of branglina the short way to say, Brad and Angelina.  There was a conflict about children custody. Now. According to the latest news, Brad and Angelina reach custody deal over children before the trial deadline over.
Brad and Angelina Reach Custody Deal Over Children -Who Won?
The marriage and the birth of children complete the life of a man. The marriage is considered to be a life-changing and most important event in the life of a person. Whether a man or a woman, the marriage life plays an important role in making or breaking the rest of life. The people are so excited about it. However, some issues disturb the whole life, and a person had to decide about to be detached.

Brad and Angelina Became Brangelina

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In 2004, it was the first time when Brad and Angelina met in the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith. With the time the meeting turned into relation. Angelina and Brad’s relationship became the top news on media. However, they strictly denied this news in the first instance. After some time, they accepted the news and confirmed it. However, the news so unfortunate and controversial because Brad was already married to Jennifer.
After some time, the rumors were swirling about Angelina and Brad’s relations. Brad and Jennifer both announced separation after half a decade of marriage. They had six children before they married. Angelina began to wear a million-dollar ring. Her manager confirmed that Yes they had got engagement. Pitt said that he would not marry until the legal affairs are settled.
Brangelina got married in August 2014 in France and owned all six children, and legally his was assigned to the children. They did many projects together.

Issues in Marriage Life

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They were leading a happy life. Angelina commented about his husband and wrote “I’m very fortunate to have such loving partner- She says Brad was at pink lotus breast center where she was treated for surgeries. They both brought about some time to laugh together.
After some time, she had to get removed her ovaries and fallopian tube when she came to know about markers of blood cancer in annual tests. Their children have been creating issues for both of them. The nannies were appointed for the children. They tell that the children were so disturbing, as they didn’t get the parent’s time. Some kids were walking in the midnight while others were sleeping — a boy of 9 years aged drunk and drove a car.
Anyhow the news about Angelina Jolie that she has filed divorce was such shocking news for the Brangelina’s friends and fans. The issue of children custody was in the court and the trial. Brad has to face allegations of child abuse later was cleared from these allegations.

The Children’s Custody

After filing the divorce to Brad, there was an issue needed to be settled.  It was the issue of children’s custody. They didn’t decide that who will have the custody of children. Now, according to the latest news that the divorce process that was occurred in 2016 is going to be completed. Both parties have agreed on the agreement of custody, and both parties have signed it.
The agreement was based on the recommendations of children custody evaluator, that eliminates the need of a trial. The filing and settlement are confidential to protect the best interest of the children.

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