Every festival has a history, and so has the Carnival festival. For the sake of the respect of God of wine, Dionysus, carnival festival is celebrated as a Greek spring festival and Carnival Holiday is announced nation-wide. It was originally a Greek festival, but Romans adopted it as well to praise God by following the way of celebration that was mainly introduced by Greeks.
Amazing combination of colors, an extraordinary selection of music and magnificent spectacles are customs of the Carnival festival. Carnival festival was first celebrated in the 1830s as a tradition of indulging and celebration before the day of Lent begins.
Carnival Festival -The Most Popular Celebration

Carnival Celebration

Carnival festival is coming on 5th March of this year, 2019, the day is Tuesday. Now let’s discuss a brief history of the name of festival ‘ Carnival.’ So Carnival is the derivative of a word carnelevare which is translated as removal of meat.Carnival Festival -The Most Popular Celebration
It is a tradition of this festival that the people who celebrate it say Jo to meat and alcohol for a number of days in the name of Carnival festival.  They believe that by doing so, it will help them to keep the evils and bad things far away from their lives and make them enjoy life at the fullest at Carnival Party.
Mostly, people avoid doing any kind of sin in the days of Carnival festival so there is a great number of people who drink a lot of alcohol, fun dance etc as they know that they are not going to have all this for some days.
Carnival festival is celebrated across the world in many countries but the most prominent and famous one is the one Carnival Characters are celebrated in Brazil.
Carnival Festival -The Most Popular Celebration
 People wear face changing masks and colorful Caribbean Carnival Costumes with multi-pattern designs to celebrate this tradition. The concept has been changing every time since the 1800s but there is always a very grand carnival party mostly arranged in big city areas. People come out on the streets throwing buckets of water, and mud on each other in the name of celebration.
There is a parade conducting the ceremony in this festival where people follow the step on the sounds and bands of the musicians and their strings wearing their adorable colorful costumes looking like aliens.
Carnival Festival -The Most Popular Celebration
Samba is an important thing in the Carnival festival. Whether there is a group large crowd of some rich people or poor ones، Samba spreads very fast across the people without any regard to the differences. The mansions and shack are permanently known as the samba playing custom at the Carnival Season.
Carnival Festival -The Most Popular Celebration
Some people say that it’s not a good festival to celebrate as one has to avoid a lot of things he wants to do like eating meat or drinking alcohol but he cannot do so due to this festival. This point of view cannot be encouraged because it’s against the traditional rules and regulations and beliefs of people celebrating it. So, it is a good thing to perform in the name of religion and tradition. It surely satisfies the soul and makes you full of joy.
Carnival Festival -The Most Popular Celebration

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