Credit to: Delilah Hamlin Bikini Show of the Day, By: Montana Banks

Lisa Rinna has had some much work done, like on some Demi Moore level, so I wonder at what age she started jacking up her kids with Plastic Sugery, face injections, titties, who fucking knows what, so that they have more of her look, you know to perpetuate her storyline…

Delilah Hamlin Erotica Bikini

Because this is a plastic looking Delilah Hamlin who must only be 18 or 19….

I’ve said this story before, but I remember a Chinese woman who had been plastic surgery ridden was sued by the rich guy who knocked her up – because they had an ugly kid – and she mislead him to think she was good genes on some Brad Cooper / Irina Shayk kick….

So maybe, Delilah is built this way thanks to mommy being a vapid, vain cunt…who likes plastic surgery treatments and sees nothing wrong with them since she’s plastic…

Or maybe this is what a natural Delilah Hamlin looks like…because Lisa Rina is so jacked up it seeped into her womb…

But as far as celebrity kids go, even though her parents are barely celebs, I’m into whatever’s going on here.

Young and tight and attention seeking – tits out! Good times.

Delilah Hamlin Erotica Bikini

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