Credit: Did CNN, NYT, ABC, & C-SPAN ‘Lie By Omission’? Falsely Claiming Trump Called Immigrants “Animals”, by Tyler Durden

President Donald Trump held a meeting on illegal immigration at the White House on Wednesday and one particular moment went viral… but for all the wrong reasons. Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims expressed her frustrations with the federal government to the president regarding the handling of criminal illegal immigrants and cited MS-13 gang members as an example. Responding directly to that, Trump said the following:

“You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people, these are animals, and we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before.”

However, dozens of media outlets have only shared the response to Sheriff Mims, not including her question and comments that were directly about MS-13 and in the process purposefully mischaracterizing the president’s remarks to accuse him of referring to immigrants as “animals.”

CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, and C-SPAN shared the clip on Twitter leaving out the crucial context of Trump’s response.

Among the headlines, The New York Times had “Trump Calls Some Unauthorized Immigrants ‘Animals in Rant,” USA Today had “Trump calls undocumented people ‘animals,’ rhetoric with a dark past,” Voxhad “Trump on deported immigrants: ‘They’re not people They’re animals,’” The Huffington Post had “Trump Refers to Immigrants As ‘Animals.’ Again,” Business Insider had “Trump says some unauthorized immigrants ‘aren’t people’ but ‘animals’ who will be rapidly kicked out of the US,” and The Washington Post had “Calling immigrants ‘animals,’ Trump evokes an ugly history of dehumanization.”

While the president’s attacks of the media by constantly dismissing them as “fake news” sets a dangerous precedent,  the media certainly doesn’t help its cause – giving him and his supporters ammunition – when it misleads viewers and readers by purposefully taking him out of context.

As Scott Adams tweeted “Apologies are coming, right?” – we won’t hold our breath.

And finally, here is Mark Constantine to summarize the state of the world…

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