There is a bundle of misconceptions and myths about involvement in certain things. The masturbation is one in them. This article explains does masturbation cause hair loss. The legends are a lot that this article is not enough to mention and discuss them thoroughly. The myth is common in the young generation. They take masturbation as losing some potential material or energetic or power containing the substance. Some men think that they will be feeble and ill if they do it. It is a common thought that if someone does masturbate he will have to face a hair loss. Some say that masturbation grows hair on the palm.
One of the fables is that masturbation causes to scalp hair loss, in the form receding hairline or baldness. The misconception of losing potential vitamins or protein that hair needs to grow and strong is working here. The people always avoid this topic, so this is full of myths as a result. If we see the survey reports, they express the majority of people practice it. So the myths and fables create concern and psychological problems in them.
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Masturbation cause hair loss

The topic has become very messy. It is due to the abundance of myths, and any person listens to anything wrong from other, he spread it, and people did never make it a point of debate to find out the right thing. The idea masturbation cause hair loss spread and prevailed in the people. The myth comes from the idea that semen contains a high level of protein, so at every ejaculation, the men lose the essential protein those are important for hair growth and strength.
As far as the amount of protein concerns, so it is correct that semen has a high level of protein. It contains approximately 5.04 g of protein per 100 ml of semen. The amount of 3.3 ml to 3.7 ml of semen ejaculates, which is a comparatively small amount.

Masturbation and hair loss

The idea rose up due to the myth about masturbation and hair loss connection. Some people try to connect the hair loss.  They have some reasons and arguments to hair loss. Another point they raise about it, that the masturbation increases testosterone. Which in turn increases the hormones that link to hair strength and causes hair loss. However, the reality stands at its opposite. The study in 2001 shows that the adult males who were abstaining from masturbation for 3- weeks had an increase in testosterone. The study proves that testosterone levels might rise if a person avoids masturbation.

Can masturbation cause hair loss

After discussing both points of views, a question arises that can cause masturbation cause hair loss? It elaborates that there are many misconceptions about the masturbation. The people have no such strong scientifically or intellectual argument that can convince about the harms of masturbation. There is probably a connection between the hair loss or any other ailment and masturbation. On the contrary, we have proven that instead of any side effect of masturbation, but the study shows that the avoiding of masturbation may lead to increase testosterone and in return that may affect the hormones that are responsible to hair strength.

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