The characteristics look of Donald trump is  a suit. He always wears suit, no matter what. He wants the tradition of wearing suit to come back. Like it was in the mid of 1980s, when America was great .he starts this with himself, that is why he always wears suit. Donald trump signature collection is the new style of the era. His collection is based on some limited colors like navy blue, charcoal and gray. You have never seen Donald trump in a slacks and sport coat, because for him the best dress for a man is suit.

Some or possibly of all the Donald trump’s signature collection is made in China and Maxico by the licenses, a point presidential challenger Sen Marco Bubio  raised and debate about it. He does so because he says that we have greatest business people in the world lined up to do it. We will make great trade deals in the world by improving our country’s import export business. He says that a country’s progress is dependent on the business of import and export. That is why we should do something to improve the quality of our resources to take a step forward in country progress by exporting our good to the other countries.

Donald trump’s collection of ties has inflammatory remarks in the world because of the PVH Crop which signed a licensing agreement in 2004 to make shirts and neck wear for the Trump brand. The special collection of trump’s neck wear is dependent on limited colors which he likes the most. He prefers the dark colors and bright colors with a soft touch, but he never wears funky colors which do not go with the standard of his post.  He goes with a decent and sober dressing for the ties as well and most of the time imports them from China and Maxico and from different countries of the world, where he likes. He has patterned ties in different shades, mostly in red and blue. He also has a wide range of ties which are simply in different colors.

Eventually the trump is the power which represents the masculine combination of rich vetiver and style in a good manner. The trump’s signature collection of shirts is unique .he has different and elegant style and decent collection of shirts for different occasion. However he always wears coat over them, but the collection of his shirts represents a great personality and a sober style sense in a person. He is a man of great personality. he always conscious about his dressing that is why looks sleek every time. The collection of his shirts and and ties are great in debate since he known in public. In his interview he said that a man represents himself by the dress code he wears for an occasion. That is why he always looks on point from head to toe. From the collection of shoes to the neck tie, he wears with the great sense of style and elegance.

Moreover, the signature collection of shirts has unique style over them, he prefers white shirts like the old Americans wore them with great style, from the white shirts to the French cuff everything provides a quality design and a great perfection for dressing .Trump collection of French cuff shirts has different design which represents some great and soothing look to his personality. He wears them with a contrast tie and coat that goes with the color. Most of the time he wears dark colors in occasions which represents the ancient era of styling of America in the 1980s, which has some light patterns and some checks and designs on them and some are simple plain shits with darks and blunt colors. And sometime he goes with a modern contrast and styling that includes shirts with different color of the color mostly contrast colors which gives a refreshing look to his personality.

Donald trump has a unique monogram on the cuff of his shirts which represents his favorite number which is 45. It was embroided in blue color for all to see on his shirts cuff. It was most recently seen on his shirt which was seen in the occasion held in white house. Monograms have their own roots in preppy style. It seems that it is now a functional style for the president. It represents a contrast to the decent dressing of the American era but the Donald trump has some different taste of style for his dressing, before that no one has a monogram on the cuff of his shirts. Donald trump wears it on the signature collection of his shirts.

The signature collection of his ties reveals great thing about his personality. Most of the time he wears red color tie which shows that he is a fun loving and a man with a soft nature. He has red color in a signature collection of his ties. He goes with different shades and designs but all are somehow resembles with the color red. He wears other colors like blue light golden but on some open air functions, he prefers red color over others. On some days he wears blue tie as well which has different shades like navy blue, dark blue, light blue etc, which show a great refreshing effect to his dressing and the eyes of the viewers.

Donald trump is never being seen in a funky or sports suit because he thinks that a great man is always represented by the choice of suit he wears. He always prefers decent and sober dressing for himself to every occasion, no matter where he is going. He wears tie and white shirt. He has great collection of shoes that goes with the dress code every time. He always maintains the image of the great leader by his dressing style and confidence no matter where he goes.

So in every manner Donald trump has his own unique tie collection, French cuff shirts and signature shirt collection, which represents a unique style of him.

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