Image result for Facebook down: Users report issues loading social network Image result for Facebook down: Users report issues loading social network
As we entered into the digital era. We experienced many social websites. Social websites are an essential source to connect with the whole world. After the introduction of Facebook, our connection and relations have changed in its nature. Facebook is social media and social networking company based in California. The founder of Facebook launched it on February 4, 2004.
Facebook faces many issues and resolves them timely. One of those is Facebook down: Users report issues loading social network. Facebook is the largest growing social media site, so it has to be quick in response.
Mark Zuckerberg first launched it at the university level to test.  After the popularity, the founder and its fellow partners introduced it for global use. It I so popular in the world it spread and got fame in a just short time. Moreover, according to 2017, it had net income of more than $16 billion, and more than 2 billion users are using Facebook. More than 30,000 employees are working for Facebook.
Image result for Facebook down: Users report issues loading social network Image result for facebook down
The websites have been facing many issues and problems in its work. It has been timely fixing the problems. The time requires to overcome the situation is meaningful for the users. If there is a delay in solving problem, an unhappy remark or response on the services may impact negatively for the company’s reputation.
There are many hackers around the world use to attack the privacy of Facebook’s users. Many incidents have occurred about the users’ privacy. Many hackers have stolen the users’ identity that means username and passwords access. Through accessing the account, they stole all of the personal credentials and account payment information to steal the money from the account. It is a serious situation.
There was an allegation on the Facebook company about selling its customers data to know the tendency to the favorite political parties to impose an opinion on the user about a specific leader. In spite of these situations, Facebook is growing. Several issues yet occur, but Facebook resolves them timely. In which an issue.
A lot of social media users are complaining that the page says Facebook down: Users report issues loading social network. The website downdetactor.com describes that they reported more than 4000 complains about Facebook down. #FacebookDown has been the trending on Twitter and people reported it on so many social media sites.
Thousands of users were complaining about the access to e Facebook and posting their status. Facebook observed this issue; the display was showing the message that was saying that “Sorry, something went wrong. The Facebook team is working on it, and we’ll fix it as soon as we can.”
Image result for facebook down  Image result for facebook down
Facebook later said last week’s issue was just due to a routine test.
The different Facebook users expressed their anger in their way. One user said on Twitter that If there is glitch he observes about Facebook he goes to Twitter and shares it on twitter and there makes a trend.
Another user expressed this in humor he says that “Facebook is down. Now, millions of people are searching for what else their smartphone can do?”. Facebook has now become a routine for the people they can’t avoid it.

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