Top 6 Free Fapvid Hotties Now

Let’s be honest, you didn’t click on this link for the fapvid reading material. Videos are what you want! In order for us to offer the best visual experience though we need to rank on google. That way we aren’t paying for ads in order for you to find us. Basically, that means that we need to write a whole bunch of content that makes sense. The robot overlords that rule this virtual world require sacrifices. These sacrifices come in the form of time. My time, our time, your time.

Fapvid Monetization

Here is how it works. This is not very complicated. We write a bunch of relevant content to fapvid so that Google decides that we know what we are talking about. Let’s be serious though, if you have a dick, you’re a pro already. We aren’t claiming to be any better than you are! We are here to help you find what you want, faster and cheaper. For that, we need to make a little money for the time we give to the robot overlords. How do we do that? Pretty simple

The Fapvids Are Free

The links we are showing you so that you can finish off what it is you are obsessively craving, are free. Yes Free. Free boobs, free butts, free skin, free poon shots. All free. We would appreciate it if you clicked on an ad once or twice so we can make a bit of money. A couple of bucks here and there. Thanks in advance and happy surfing!

The Fapvids You Want


Global Skype Sluts

MyFreeCams (immediate free videos)

SnapBabes Exposed (free access)

Chaterbate (immediate free access)

FILF (immediate free access)



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