Good news for the football lovers is the FIFA world has been scheduled in Qatar. So get ready for FIFA world cup 2022 in Qatar. The Fifa is introducing 22nd edition of FIFA world cup. The last FIFA world cup was held in Russia. Fifa says that Russia proved to be a good host. We hope that Qatar will be a good host too.
It is the first world cup that will ever be held in Qatar. Fifa world cup 2022 Qatar. The first world cup that is going to be conducted entirely in Asia. There was a tournament in South Korea and Japan in 2002. The FIFA world cup in 2018 was held in Russia. That was one geographical Asia.
Get Ready for FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar
The time and schedule are not as it was held May, June or July. However, it will start from November and till December. The final will also be held in Qatar on December 18th. It is also a national day in Qatar.  The latest news about FIFA world cup 2022 Qatar has announced that if any volunteer around the world President of FIFA says that all the preparations are going so rapidly and he says that he thinks that all the essential components are available there to me this event unforgettable.

World Cup 2022 Stadium

 As the FIFA has decided to manage its events in Qatar, so FIFA is observing the whole arrangements The president talked about the FIFA world cup 2022 stadiums, he says that the stadiums are not far. Every stadium is one hour away from other. The stadium is selected for opening and final is Lusail stadium, its capacity is 80,000. There are other stadiums too but most of them are not yet opened, or they are in under construction. Al Bayt stadium has a larger capacity after Lusail. It has a capacity of 60000 people.
Get Ready for FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Get Ready for FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

FIFA World Cup 2022 Security

The event is going to be a grand event in the Arab world. Many people have their concerns about this event held in Qatar. The selection of Qatar has been questioned, and the FIFA was accused of the corruption about Qatar decision. Fifa claims to analyze the thoroughly blames, and after investigation, there was no clue found that proves about corruption. According to the Fifa, the selection of Qatar was through a proper and transparent process.
There are many rumors about FIFA world cup 2022 security in Qatar. Some people say that Qatar requested to Pakistan to send its army to take participation for security. Well, it is confirmed by resources that Pakistan COAS met the commander and other essential army personnel to train Qatar’s security and provide the men-power assistance.
Get Ready for FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

The Budget of FIFA World Cup 2022

To describing the budget, there is still a discussion between the FIFA personnel and the Govt. of Qatar. Qatar is going to offer its eight stadiums instead of twelve originals. To build the infrastructure, Qatar has planned $8 to 10 billion dollars as the FIFA world cup 2022 budget. The CNN claims that Qatar has reduced almost 40-50% of the budget. The Qatari official tells that we ensure the financial responsibility, that’s why we initially set budget and e will reduce it as the market and project become clearer. There are some things yet to be decided.
Get Ready for FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

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