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Men’s Horrible Grooming Mistakes Which Are Bathroom Cabinet Cardinal Sins!!

Credit to: 14 Men’s Grooming Mistakes You (Probably) Don’t Know You’re Making BY: FASHIONBEANS EDITORS

Clutching for life somewhere beneath your epidermis is that fresh-faced man you once were. Over the years, pollution, ageing, stress and grooming mishaps have combined to ensure that looking your best is rarely easy.

Fortunately, that latter reason is, by its very definition, avoidable and, to an extent, reversible. Side-step these toe-to-face faux pas and your appearance will thank you for it.

You’re Not Moisturising Before Bed

An error as commonplace as blunt razors in a man’s bathroom, it’s easy to think that as day turns to night, you can put your grooming regime to bed.

The truth, however, is that things are just getting started for your skin after using your evening face wash. “Cleansing strips away dead cells, dirt and bacteria, but it can leave the skin dry and lacking hydration,” says Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist at London’s Highgate Hospital.

The Fix

At night, the skin switches into recovery mode, and cells start to repair themselves up to three times faster than during the day. To help the process along, invest in a solid night cream containing a higher concentration of skin-saving ingredients like vitamin E. A little of this and you’ll wake up more handsome.

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