Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery – How Her Looks Changed

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery - How Her Looks Changed

With each passing day and aging second of our lives, we change as humans and grow in our own personalities; both physically and mentally. Change is inevitable, it is bound to happen and nor u or I in the power to stop the clock of nature. But some changes are made by the man himself and those related to the face are spotted more easily and quickly as opposed to other internal changes.

Many superstars of today’s times resort to plastic surgery and other treatments available to alter the face structure or any other specific feature. Treatments such as Botox, fillers, and implants are very common sighting these days. There is a long, long list of those stars that have resorted to surgery or other less invasive options to achieve a modified version of them.

Gwen Steffani, is a world-renowned singer, songwriter and actress belonging to the United States. She was born in 1969 and made her debut around 1995 by releasing her first breakthrough albums under the name of the brand, “No Doubt”. She was the lead vocalist of the band and now at 49 years of age and a mother of three kids, she doesn’t just look mature and grown up but she looks CHANGED. Gwen Steffani plastic surgery was the talk of the town.

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery - How Her Looks Changed

When Gwen Steffani entered the industry, she was a young thriving artist at 27 years of age. She appeared to have a much wider nose (as compared to today), thin eyebrows and extremely weird lowlights are done in her hair. At each public appearance she made with each passing year, her nose started to get narrower. Gwen Steffani nose job was much more visible and refined by the year 2004. The nose now in contrast to her initial days was narrower, angular and re-structured.

Apart from her nose, there was something else regarding her face that was different. With a closer look and deeper analysis, one can figure out that her face and eyebrows presented a more “LIFTED” look. Gwen Steffani facelift was getting more visible around 2005. Her eyebrows were significantly raised and skin was absolutely flawless.

Gwen Steffani always overdrew her lips to give the illusion of plumper and fuller mouth, however by 2014, her lips seemed naturally fuller and she stopped over-drawing them. Gwen Steffani lips were fuller and bigger. She definitely went under the knife by this period because, her face was frozen, less feminine, eyebrows were raised and she looked a lot different to her before version. Gwen Steffani then and now have numerous changes and differences.

The image presents a Gwen Steffani plastic surgery before and after. No matter how she looks, she does complete justice to her looks and personality.

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