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The Million dollars was my life-savings earmarked for prime the pump money for my biotech start-up. I am the Gerald Armstrong the owner of Gen Cells Cures Gen Cells Cures is focused on private medical research for the individual. Searching for cures for incurable diseases and aging. Of course, with the best scientific technologies on the planet! With President Bush trying to ride the middle of the road on stem cell research and his rejection of therapeutic cloning. I packed my bags and went offshore. Whenever you go somewhere, leave your all money at home.

Bank Robbery facts

I did a mistake and I transferred the money to a Caribbean island and the local banker stole every last penny. The local government gave me back the money, but in their currency then devalued the currency almost 100% and I walked away almost flat broke. The banker also robbed 2.2 billion dollars of the local folk’s money. He bought himself out of the scandal and is enjoying my million along with the other billions he robbed and his new helicopters and yachts in his home country! I am pretty sure he will show up on the Forbes billionaire list next year. Not a bad business, robbing banks if you have the conscience for it! Don’t worry about the country, the International Monetary Fund stepped in to replace the stolen money, no questions asked. The American Embassy screamed for justice in the scandal but to no avail. This is the one way of bank robbing; there are other multiple ways of robbing the bank without physical presence. This is called hacking bank accounts online. They online hack money from user account without leaving any sign.

After the electric company cut my lights for non-payment I lost all of my cell lines and had to shut down the lab. Chris Reeve had expressed an interest in helping me get back on track before his untimely passing. I had to give up my small-scale philanthropy of giving food to the poor people that I had met on the island. My favorite individual charity was a young lady and her three children whose husband had died of cancer in his early. She and her children are on the street. I have discontinued her support because I don’t have the $200 monthly it takes for her food and housing costs.  I have contacted several billionaires for help in opening my doors again (the biotech and my food charity) while at the same time looking for their future cures. I was turned down flat by the Annenberg’s from Pennsylvania, Jeff Skoll, Pierre and Pam Omidyar and Carl and Eloise Pohlad from Minnesota. James and Virginia Stowers never answered my letter. I was hoping for maybe some hand me down microscopes from their biotech.

Hey but Jim Pattison the owner of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not from Canada is considering us, and Kirk Kerkorian appreciated it, and Richard Branson is keeping us in mind in the event that he needs our services, however, Richard Branson probably has some of the best genes that anyone could ever want living life like a teenager at 54 with all of his famous stunts. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lives to be over 100 years old without Gen Cells Cure help. But a little help from Gen Cells Cures medical scientists could guarantee that he sees 100 plus! Plus! But let’s wait to see what Donald has to say about the idea that is Donald Trump. So far not one penny is back in the Gen Cells Cures coffers.

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