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The latest news for the internet broadband users is Intel, Huawei announces world first 5g interoperability testing under a. The smartphones and the internet have got strong relations. Whether the internet was available on the computers, but with prevailing of smartphones, people felt the need of internet where they are. Mobile broadband internet has become the necessity of time Because you can access everything where the internet is available. However, as it is easy to use mobile and we can use our data anywhere, we want.
So as our mobile converted to smartphones, the smartphones and their smartness provide portability of our data. The technological change brought up demand for the use of internet right at the place where we are. Before going to any discussion about Intel- Huawei 5G test under SA, we should have a glance at the past and recent developments about mobile wireless broadband generations.

Revolutionary Advent of 3G

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The speed of mobile broadband internet has been an issue. The speed was so not fast initially. However, with the advent of 3G, all of the internet worlds was modernized. Before it, the GSM is known to be the second generation of broadband access technology. GSM could deliver voice and other data at 144 kbps speed.   The 3G network was created to meet the standard speed and reliability. It was the demand of time, and the speed requirements were rising with the advent of internet broadband.
The 3G internet broadband brings the 200kb/s The 3G was launched in the United States in 2003. The 3G network made the internet speed so fast as up to 200kb/s.  The difference between GSM and 3G is the GSM delivers the circuit-switched data, and the 3G has to deliver data packet-switched data at a far higher speed than that of the second generation.

4G Access Technology

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4G is the communication standard that works well more than 3G. It is more efficient and faster than the previous networks. After succeeding of internet 3G, 4G is almost available and used worldwide. You also heard about a term 4G LTE, instead of the only 4G. It is referred to as “Long Term Evolution,” represents the specific type of speed that up to 1 times faster than 3G. The new sets also have LTE internet speed. It was widely used in 2016, means now we have almost majority of smartphones that has 4G LTE.

Intel- Huawei World First 5G Test

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We have discussed the access technology and its generations. We started from GSM the second generation and then towards 4G. Now we have a look at 5G. A decade ago, Huawei sent a request to Intel to cooperate in different levels of technology and as well as cloud computing. Like the cooperation in other projects, the Intel- and Huawei took a step further. The story came after the Huawei claim that the Intel-Huawei has completed the “World First” 2.6 GHz 5G New Radio.
The test proved an important turning point towards the ecosystem of the 5G new radio. Both companies completed the interoperability of NR 5G with the support of Intel Mobile Trial Platform (MTP) and Huawei latest 5G new radio with the high speed of with 160 MHz bandwidth.
The companies have not completed it not only for 5G interoperability in 2.6 bands, but also they laid the foundation for large-scale commercial launch. “Intel and Huawei intend to continue tests and verifications. Both will promote the fast maturity of the ecosystem. It will lay a solid foundation for future commercialization of the 5G.

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