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I am currently on youtube watching the salesforce Einstein Keynote: AI For Everyone presentation. Why am I sitting through an hour of this informative yet un-entertaining content? Not for the guy struggling on the bike trying to throw socks in the crowd while attempting to maintain a canned “sales pitch” with the presenter, I can assure you! I am sitting through this because I want to be a part of it. A part of what you ask? The intelligence revolution.


Artificial Intelligence Is The New Norm

Just as the wonderful lady is mentioning and what pushed me to write this post, “smart” devices and “artificial” intelligence will soon be a thing of the past. Just like the “electric” toaster has now become simply a toaster, artificial intelligence will soon simply be regular old intelligence. Put into perspective. Every single revolution has had it’s defining adjective to differentiate the item of the past with it’s evolved counterpart. This allowed us a society to put our fear of change aside and slowly embrace this evolution.


Get Smart Or Die

This is just an opinion, but I have been feeling disenfranchised by the state of the human being for many years now, and it has gotten much, much worse over the past three years. Our moments are filled with negative emotions. Anger, jealousy, vanity, bitterness. We are on the constant lookout for the individual or group to blame for this deep darkness we feel.

There is no more charity, no more acceptance of the differences that make us special. We do not revel in the beauty created by the variety of our cultures.

This will not go away. We are going full steam ahead towards a mutual hatred for each other from the polarity of our opinions and lifestyles fueled by the accessibility to knowledge fake or real.


We Simply Cannot Make Sense Of The Data

The year my son was born I read an article, that I am struggling to find as source material for this post, that by the time he turns thirty 90% of human knowledge will have been acquired during his lifetime. That was 9 years ago. Do the math, I’ll give you a minute.

I adhere to the theory that Sumerians are the first to have developed a writing system. Therefore humans, as we know them, have been communicating through a structured method of capturing data on lasting material for approximately 5000 years. If you calculated correctly between 2012 and 2040 our knowledge will increase tenfold. Let that settle.

5000 years to get to this point, 30 years to 10x farther. Humanity is already deeply struggling with everything we are learning and adapting to the lightspeed changes in how we live. How will the simple-minded fare with the coming AI, the robotic reality that will fall on them like a ton of bricks?



The Passing Of Time

It used to be that generations would live with the same techniques and traditions as the previous. People born in the early 1900’s who are still alive like my grandmother was born in the heart of post-revolution industrialized North America and have since witnessed the advance in flight, radio, television, space travel, computers, internet, cell phones, th

e portability of HD CGI movies on devices. Imagine that. What has been once considered magic is now the accepted standard. Now she will be living with robots, superhumans and god-like intelligence. She may even have the tech to rejuvenate her youth.

How is anyone supposed to remain sane? We need a tool to make sense of it all.

That was an easy example. The old have a tendency to not care so much after so many decades of disillusionment with the insanity of life has most likely broken their minds or their spirits and death is a welcome event, but think of our children.



God bless our children

To not accept the intelligence revolution is doing them a disservice. In my humble opinion, we are on the verge of not just a revolution but an evolution. We are entering the eon of superhumans and God’s. You will have a choice, evolve or be the next apes that will be studied as the previous evolutionary phase.


That is why I am watching this tube.






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