When it’s the end of the year, in the last month December, and it’s the time for Christmas as well, the biggest charm is the presents and gifts from others for which you are looking forward to the Christmas very excitedly.
The people you are involved with, they try to surprise you with the best gift for you. This is what CEO and Chairman of WWE Vince McMahon have tried to do and remain very successful for surprising the people connected to WWE.
John Cena to return to WWE on New Year's Day
As it was the eve of Christmas so he knew that a Santa Claus costume for this special surprise would be perfect. And then he announced the biggest news of the time. The superstar John Cena is going to come back again to WWE programming on this New year.
John Cena to return to WWE on New Year's Day
Vince McMahon said that John Cena will appear on the top-rated television shows that are Smackdown and WWE Raw. It’s an amazing gift on Christmas from WWE that the living legend JOHN CENA is going to appear again in front of them.
They had also uploaded a video mentioning it that Jon Cena is returning to WWF. In the video, he said that Santa Claus that was Vince McMahon, need to tell you something which will be the best gift of new year and Christmas and this gift is for every person, the little ones to the elder ones as the news I am going to tell is joyful for all the people around. Then he revealed that John Cena is back!
People have reacted crazily and shown love for John Cena. They are so impatient now and waiting anxiously for the appearance of John Cena on WWF. The official Website of WWF has also, confirmed that John Cena is returning back and it will be going to be the best addition to the two shows, it will put new life to the shows like the one who is coming is John Cena.
Here is the picture of chairman and CEO of WWF in the costume of Santa Claus. He himself was so excited for the shout out of this news. It would be great for both the shows WWF and Smacks Down as it’s said that both the channels were facing viewership issues and criticism from their viewers.
John Cena to return to WWE on New Year's Day
The appearance of John Cena will surely rank them with the difference.
John Cena has also tweeted about this news that he is coming to WWF Raw and Smacks Down this new year. Fans are waiting very impatiently for the day. However, it’s good news for the majority but some people are not happy about it. One person tweeted that bringing John Cena back is going in a wrong direction. Now just the New year can tell whether it would have a good or a bad impact on WWF to bring John Cena back.John Cena to return to WWE on New Year's Day
Let’s wait for it. John Cena will appear in a new haircut with a different look.

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