The Joker Is The Real Hero of The Dark Knight

The Joker is the real hero of the Dark Knight Batman movie. Period.No one can argue. I mean, yes, as usual Christian Bale kills it as Batman. The best ever in my opinion, although I can make the case that depression era Ben Affleck has done a great job as the brooding billionaire. Some can argue that Batman movies are about Batman, but in our opinion a risk was taken and the gamble paid off when producers made the joker as the real hero of The Dark Knight by focusing the main plot on his relationship with all the other antagonists. The Joker became the hero of the dark knight from the beginning by being portrayed as a sort of anti-hero protagonist, taking on the collective force of Gothams crime family by himself. Even going as far destroying their true source of power, money, by lighting a 4th of July sized bonfire of the paper.

The Joker is the Real Hero of the Dark Knight

One thing is for sure the jokers role as anti-hero in Batman: The Dark Knight is a glaring contrast to the above. The first joker portrayed visually was heavily inspired from the early comic books which showed a post detective comics Batman with sidekick Robin in a much more kid friendly light. Product sales were the clear driving factor, since Batman, Robin and their villains became a consumer success at the cash register.

The Joker is the Real Hero of the Dark Knight

Watch it again: Batman (1989)

The Dark Knight Changed It All

When at first we get in the movie we, see a wounded, retired Bruce Wayne. Gotham appears to be risk-free and serene (up until Bane turns up); the city which does not require any vigilante justice to maintain it risk-free. Joker reveals the mistakes of Batman’s methods, although he does so in a disastrous method.  

Until the The Dark Knight Rises was released, Joker’s creation wasn’t completely valued.  

-Eric Liboiron

In the end, Gotham is in fact a tidy city. Harvey, who passed away prematurely, plays a role as a saint rather than a symbol of excellence. In addition, Batman had nothing to do with this success either. Gotham was risk-free because the Joker had actually tidied up the roads. He removed the corrupt authorities, he ruined arranged criminal activity monetarily. Moreover, he boosted Gotham’s spirit and eliminated the flying bug which was damaging Gotham. He also states himself as the “Guard of Gotham”.

The Joker is the Real Hero of the Dark Knight

Gordon’s promo proved to be a significant solution for Gotham. I assume a lot of individuals take the Joker’s slapping throughout Gordon’s promo scene to be ironical. However, I really believe that Joker relied on Gordon, despite the pressure of a handful of cops. Joker knows he can not eliminate Batman, for that would certainly make him a saint. So instead, he concentrates his interest on Dent.

The Joker’s Role As Hero In The Dark Knight

So, currently Joker has a straight course for ending the Organized Crime issue as well as the corrupt authorities problem. However, the Vigilante issue continues to be. In the start of the movie, Batman was motivating various other vigilantes. Consequently, it hinted that vigilante culture cannot stand when each guy takes his own justice. This was a sign of concern and unchecked revenge. According to Joker, it was important to silence the culture instead of ending it. If the Joker was eliminated, he would simply become a saint. As a result, Joker’s actual symbol will perish.

The Joker is the Real Hero of the Dark Knight

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The Dark Knight Batman Movie Begins And Ends With The Joker

The Dark Knight begins with the famous burglar scene,  which we’ve all seen. Mafia members were in-control of the robbed institution. Before the Joker, Gotham was a mess. Major parts of the city were shut off because of insanity, widespread organized criminal offenses, and extreme corruption of essential city authorities. The city also endured a vigilante that ran around using a rubber fit. (Okay, shield and also carbon fiber. However, they do not recognize that).

Initially, we see Joker robbing a mafia managed financial institution. He ends the en group of professional financial institution burglars who aided him to draw it off. Obviously, the break-in was not about the cash, it was about drawing Lau out of hiding. Ideally, family’s loan and raging criminal activities were supposed to do the job.

The Joker is the Real Hero of the Dark Knight

Impressive Method Acting As The Joker In The Dark Knight

General Zee has claimed all of it as a normal movie story in which Joker is acting incredibly; killing bad guys and corrupt authorities that can aid shielding those on top. Harvey Dent really stands for shielding the guys on the top in order to clean up the roads from less important bad guys. However, Joker understands that it will not operate in the lasting. With Batman and Gordon’s assistance, Joker works to root out corrupt authorities. The damage also ends a few of those authorities later on in the movie.  

Joker  recognizes that Dent shall see the death of a loved one, like the state or Rachel, to lose his mind. He understands what Rachel’s death would do to Harvey emotionally, and Batman would have no choice but to end Harvey. This breaks Batman emotionally, as well as makes him a bad guy; a real bad guy – the kind which leaves his own concepts. Batman, currently has no choice, but to go away. To leave his memory discolor right into something of urban myth by the time “The Dark Knight Rises”.

The Joker is the Real Hero of the Dark Knight

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The Joker is the Real Hero of the Dark Knight
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