The Kalashnikov name is inextricably tied to the weapons industry, as they are the makers of the AK-47 rifle. Much of their business is still entrenched in weapons of war. Only a small part of their brand is headed in a very different direction. You see, Kalashnikov has just unveiled the UM-1, an all-electric adventure motorcycle geared toward consumers.

When the first iteration of this bike popped up, it was (you guessed it) designed for the military and police use. Now, however, the gun manufacturer has announced their civilian version — a frankly beautiful dual sport bike. And it isn’t all just looks, either. This bike is set to have a power plant that gives it up to 93 miles of range per charge. It has  a top speed approaching 62 miles per hour. Sure, it’s not a performance or superbike by any stretch. But it definitely hits all the right marks for anyone interested in a fun, economical, and environmentally-conscious form of transportation.

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