Credit to: Kara Del Toro’s Super Sexy Legs At The ‘Hotel Artemis’ Premiere By: Aldo-vallon

Great heavens, I don’t see the middle part in the hair being very flattering to many people in this world, but it is certainly working for Kara Del Toro. I guess all you need to make it look attractive is killer bone structure.

I, on the other hand, have such poor bone structure that a doctor once gave me a note of permission allowing me to have my bangs hanging in my face during work and school. The worst part is that I did not even ask for it. I just went in for a physical and he jumped to conclusions. When I tried telling him of his error he simply said, “You’ll thank me later.” And he was right. That was the only thank you note that I have written in my life of my own volition.

Kara Del hot

Kara does not only have bone structure of the face, but of the legs as well, which must be why she is so eager to wear a dress with such a high cut up the middle. Although a dress like that is not very practical, you would not be able to shoplift worth a damn while wearing it, it is quite the crowd pleaser.

Photo Credit: Splash News

Kara Del hot

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