This article is about Kim Kardashian’s journey from unknown to known who is exemplary for those who are brought up in a comfy environment. Some people think and live differently from that of other. Many of us have got wealth and luxurious without any struggle. They are born in a wealthy family and the people we call a rich by birth. However, they don’t leave the struggling, and they work hard to earn by their strength.
Kim was one in them. She was born on October 21st, 1980 in California. Kim is an American reality TV personality, an entrepreneur and a socialite. She was first introduced as a friend of an actress, American TV personality, model and a fashion designer Paris Hilton. She got popularity after the year 2003. She started a reality TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians on E! The was based on her and her family.
Kim Kardashian

Kim’s Early Life

Kim was born in California. She is a daughter of a lawyer Robert G. Kardashian and mother Kris Jenner a TV personality. The whole family was picked for a reality show Keeping Up the Kardashians. She left the education after graduated from the school. Here the answer to a question in necessary that did she go to college or quit studies?
Well, she did not peruse the college education. If we talk about Kim Kardashian heritage, she was not a poor girl. Kim had no concept of gifted richness. Her parents raised her with the knowledge to how to make for her in life. She told that she was cut off from financial support at the age of eighteen.
Kim Kardashian’s Journey from Unknown to Known -All about Kim

What Is Kim Kardashian’s Ethnicity?

As the matter of Kim Kardashian ethnicity, she is American. The research says that her mother is a mixture of Dutch, English, Irish and Scottish ancestry. Kim’s stepfather Caitlyn has European heritage from English, Scottish, Irish, Dutch, Welsh.
 Kim Kardashian’s Journey from Unknown to Known -All about Kim

Career Starting of Kim

A far as her introduction is concerned, she was introduced first time on media as a friend of Paris Hilton. Paris is an American TV personality, singer and model. It was just an introduction. In 2007 she received notice after her sex tape with her ex-boyfriend was leaked.  In 2007, Ryan Seacrest noticed that Kim was receiving attention and he decided to try a reality TV show about her large family. The show features her, brother, two sisters, mother, then-stepfather, two half-sisters.
Kim Kardashian’s Journey from Unknown to Known -All about Kim
Kim Kardashian’s Journey from Unknown to Known -All about Kim
Kim Kardashian’s Journey from Unknown to Known -All about Kim

Kim Kardashian Boom

After making the reality tv show, the Kardashian came into the spotlight.  The series has been a profitable and popular activity for E! and it opened up the new ways to create spin-offs. Kris her mother tried hard to maintain her daughter’s fame as long as possible. Kim with her mother made a brand named Kardashian. The brand became very profitable in a short time. During her brand recognition phase, she had been doing programs and minor appearance in dancing and sports programs. With the hosting, she also marketed her brand. Now there are several products related to her brand.
Kim Kardashian’s Journey from Unknown to Known -All about Kim

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