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It is the part of human nature to look different from other. To look different from other i.e. peers, colleagues, friends, and people from his circle flourish self-respect.  Adopting new fashions is not a novel thing. We see many people around us preferring different styles and adopting a new fashion. Some people have a tendency to adopt a new fashion. The style they choose and the fashion they adopt that suits on them too. Choosing a perfect fashion matching with a personality more distinguish the people from other. On the other side, some people choose odd things that don’t suit them. These things don’t reflect their personality positively.

They buy the strangest things and incongruent to them. These type of choices are not good for personality. By all of these activities the people may have the attraction but for a shorter time not for long, as mentioned such tactics of gaining attention can’t improve any aspect of personality. And have the best and useful items. The items mentioned below are not just for fashion. There are the things we use in our lives.

Top 10 Wearable items of 2018 Which are Being loved by Every Fashion Geek!

We are going to share the share the list of Top 10 Wearable items of 2018 Which are Being loved by Every Fashion Geek! Each of them has a splendid look and a representation of a renowned brand. I’m sure an item can make your personality more impressive and you may have an edge over other with having these items. After all, these are the Top 10 Wearable items of 2018 Which are Being loved by Every Fashion Geek! 

The list of wearable items meets the needs of today and has an edge over the things are adopted by people nowadays. The eye-catching look of the wearable items can astonish the people of your circle. Leave all old-fashioned items and change the way you of your like. The list including wearable items not only make your personality charming and fashion for the people to follow you, but also helps to maintain your health and doing your routine but important works.


The first word comes to mind after hearing the word Ringly is ring and jewelry. It is the famous brand of jewelry items. What makes a Ringly different from that of other rings. It is ring equip with technology. Why should our warbles be connected to our devices? This idea innovated the Ringly. The company is offering many jewelry items along with the benefits of technology. Stay up to date about your message alerts and calls even the social media alerts. The best way to have advantages of technology with the beauty.



After examining the innovations and modernity in the things are used daily life. The idea of digitizing the normal things is very astonishing. A lay person can’t believe that this could also happen in the human life. The inventions and innovations are being introduced in the world the person lived a few centuries ago could not imagine about this happening. One of the inventions is Digitsole.

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Its activity tracker is a very smart feature. That shows the time of walk with the distance covered and to walk this, how many calories have burned?  It has a feature for cycling. Just put it in the shoe while cycling. It will manage and help to paddle. It will make the paddling easy. Digitsole has a smart heating feature. If it is cold outside. So worries out. All you need to connect heated sole to phone and adjust the desired heat.

Jawbone UP fitness tracker

A wristband that is not just a wristband. It is as a complete activity tracker. It focuses and tracks the many activities are related to your health. Jawbone UP fitness tracker tracks the sleep. It has also a feature of the diet tracker that tracks the diet. It encloses the diet effects and the quantity of a diet. Jawbone UP fitness tracker also has an idle tracker. This alert after the fixed idle time.

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Belt adjustment has been a problem for the people who have meal more than the requirement. If there is a sweet dish for the people who like it, they can’t restrain them to eat a lot. During the meal, the belt adjustment becomes an issue and a hindrance to eating the favorite dish. Belty can resolve this issue. It is a self-adjusting belt. No need to be disturb while having some extra. It will adjust itself.

Whistle pets

We used to whistle our pets to call them. It was an old method of calling pets. It has been working for centuries. But the time needs a smarter way to watch our pets. Whistle pets do the same. It connects to the phone to show your pets’ location. It has the feature of GPS that keep a tab on your beloved pets. It is very useful when taking the pets outside like parks or at a picnic.

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Cicret bracelet

If we talk about bracelets we might think of a band in the wrist as a fashion and a style. But Cicret bracelet is not just a bracelet, it’s a great notifying device. From reading mail to show social media notifications, it does all. It has a GPS function that helps in your directions. A weather update is very helpful before leaving the home.

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Apple watch

Apple watch is a smartphone in your hand. A GPS to find the track. Connectivity to the smartphone. This watch has different stunning styles. Stainless steel and aluminum with different colors.

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FITGuard is very useful for the athletes and sportsmen. It is the best guard to save the mouth and especially a head injury. FITGuard is the best support from the injuries and accidents for the players and athletes.

Image result for fit guardTag heuer smartwatch

Tag heuer smartwatch is a watch that has different styles. It is far different from the other. It has features, most of the watches don’t have them. The features include Crystal scratch resistant screen, GPS, Camera and above all Versatility. The look Tag heuer smartwatch adds the beauty to the personality.

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