Men’s Skin Care Routine - How to prevent skin related Issues?

Men’s Skin Care Routine – How to prevent skin related Issues?

Contrary to the common belief that prevails in most parts and sectors of our society, men are also supposed to take care of their skin and beauty as much as women. It is a common perception that skin care products, skin issues, and treatments are women-specific, but in reality- NO!

Men encounter a lot of skin and beauty related issues and there are treatments and solution available for them too. Given the texture and roughness of a man’s skin plus the amount of time a man spends outdoor on average, makes a proper skin care routine and skin treatments a pivotal and radical need for every man.

On the most basic levels, the most simple and significant men’s skin care routine consists of four steps, namely: exfoliation, cleansing, application of serum and a good moisturizer.

Men’s Skin Care Routine - How to prevent skin related Issues?

The process of exfoliating the skin helps remove the dead skin cells, hidden dirt and other impurities. Using a good organic scrub or any other exfoliating agent, seeps within the skin and cleans clogged pores, resulting in a fresh, soft and cleansed skin. 

Next cleansing the skin, by using a cleanser helps remove the accumulated dirt and environmental impurities which can otherwise penetrate in to the facial skin and block pores. 

Next step is to apply a good serum. Doing so ensures a super smooth and fresh skin. It has long term effects and stops the signs of aging from appearing on the face. Lastly, a very important step of skin care routine is to keep the skin moisturized. It nourishes the skin, prevents dryness and ensures wrinkle free and fresh skin.

However, a very important factor to be considered is that every individual has a different skin type and the skin care routine and the products should be chosen according to each skin type. Consider for example, if a man with oily skin applies an excessive amount of oil based serum regularly, it will result in oil accumulation, blocked pores and acne. 

Men’s Skin Care

Similarly, if dry skin is excessively and rigorously exfoliated, it can result in dry patches and even thinning of skin. Below are some men’s skin care routine tips to help you choose the right skin care regime, according to your skin type:

  • Men’s skin care routine for oily skin should limit the use of serum and oil based products.
  • Men’s skin care routine for acne should include organic products and targeted treatments for curing acne with added intake of water.
  • Men’s skin care routine for dry skin should include increased water intake with the usage of oil based serum and moisturizer.
  • Men’s skin care routine for combination skin should be customized after consulting a skin specialist.



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