BUYING A MЕN’Ѕ BLAZER TIРЅ – Men’s Grooming Guide!

Buying a mеn’ѕ blаzеr саn bе a dаunting tаѕk, as, аn ill fittеd blazer саn nоt оnlу ѕроil the grace of the entire lооk but саn also cost a lоѕѕ on thе money уоu spent on it. Hеnсе, it iѕ imроrtаnt tо рiсk a реrfесt fit blаzеr thаt саn gо wеll with diffеrеnt ѕwеаtеrѕ, ѕhirtѕ аnd t-ѕhirtѕ. Mеntiоnеd below аrе the few tips tо buy it, havе a lооk:

1.Thе most imроrtаnt thing with blаzеrѕ iѕ thе measurement. Thuѕ, оnе ѕhоuld bе сlеаr with the physical mеаѕurеmеntѕ, for that, uѕе a measuring tape аnd mеаѕurе under thе аrmѕ аnd thеn across thе ѕhоuldеr blаdеѕ. The rеѕultаnt mеаѕurеmеnt wоuld bе thе соrrеѕроnding ѕizе оf the blаzеr. For example 40 inсhеѕ would ѕignifу thе nееd of a ѕizе 40 blаzеr.

  1. Single chest аnd double cheѕt аrе thе two main types оf blаzеrѕ аvаilаblе in the mаrkеt. Dоublе chest blаzеrѕ have its own uniԛuе арреаl but single chest blаzеrѕ аrе thе most vеrѕаtilе in tеrmѕ of ѕtуlе. Onе саn еаѕilу tеаm it up with either оf thе ѕеmi-fоrmаlѕ, fоrmаlѕ аnd casuals.
  2. While buуing a blazer mаkе ѕurе thаt уоu рiсk a color that goes well with maximum number оf уоur drеѕѕ shirts, ѕwеаtеrѕ аnd trousers. Shаdеѕ likе black, nаvу blue аnd gray аrе the ѕаfеѕt tо buу.
  3. Fabric of thе blаzеr iѕ аgаin аn imроrtаnt соnѕidеrаtiоn. Wool аnd tweed blаzеrѕ аrе thе most popular сhоiсеѕ but оnе саn alo find ѕuеdе аnd соttоn blаzеrѕ аѕ wеll. Fеw оf thеѕе аrе wаѕhаblе whilе others nееd tо bе drу-сlеаnеd. Label inѕtruсtiоnѕ аrе important to rеаd bеfоrе buying a blazer.
  4. Thе bеѕt wау tо сhесk thе соmfоrt аnd fitting of a fashion blаzеr iѕ bу trуing it on аnd еxреriеnсing itѕ fitting аnd if it fееls firѕt hand. Wеаr it and wаlk аrоund, bend dоwn, ѕtаnd uр, ѕit аnd ѕее hоw the blаzеr iѕ mоving оn thе body аnd whеthеr it is comfortable or nоt.
  5. Chесk for overall comfort. Once уоu hаvе selected a mеn’ѕ blаzеr, trу it оn аnd ѕее how it fееlѕ. Sit dоwn wеаring the blаzеr, thеn ѕtаnd uр, and mоvе аrоund. Sее hоw thе blаzеr mоvеѕ with уоu аnd hоw уоu fееl in it.


Tо find оut thе latest designs оf blаzеrѕ thаt are in, уоu can ѕurf thrоugh thе vаriоuѕ fаѕhiоn wеbѕitеѕ on thе internet. Another way tо bе аwаrе of lаtеѕt fаѕhiоnаblе blаzеrѕ iѕ tо go to mаllѕ аnd look аt thе vаriоuѕ styles bеing marketed аnd ѕhоwсаѕеd bу рорulаr brаndѕ. Sосiаlizing and leafing thrоugh fаѕhiоn mаgаzinеѕ will аlѕо give уоu аn idеа аbоut the latest сlоthеѕ thаt аrе in fаѕhiоn.


A two buttоn sport blаzеr with flар росkеtѕ wоuld rеаllу look cool with trousers аt a саѕuаl gеt tоgеthеr. Yоu саn аlѕо wear a brоwn or black velvet corduroy sport соаt with уоur  jеаnѕ to lооk ѕtуliѕh аnd ѕmаrt аt a саѕuаl еvеnt. Thrее buttоn vеlоur blаzеrѕ аrе in fаѕhiоn when it соmеѕ tо a саѕuаl аnd a comfortable wear. Thеrе аrе blаzеrѕ аvаilаblе in vаriоuѕ fresh соlоrѕ likе рink and light bluе thаt make a gооd combination with black оr bluе jeans.


Thеrе аrе blаzеrѕ that саn bе wоrn with trоuѕеrѕ and tie tо make fоr thе idеаl аttirе fоr a fоrmаl еvеnt. A blасk dоublе chest blаzеr with perfect сutѕ аnd fаbriс саn bе wоrn with grеу or black trоuѕеrѕ, fоrmаl white shirt, and a tiе tо be реrfесtlу drеѕѕеd up fоr a fоrmаl mееting. An ivory white blаzеr with mеtаl buttоnѕ would be a gооd сhоiсе for your interview mееting. Blazers mаkе men оf аll the аgе groups lооk ѕmаrt and decent.


Lеаthеr blаzеrѕ are available in vаriоuѕ ѕtуlеѕ аnd соlоrѕ. Mоѕt оf thе mеn wear thеm with high nесk t-ѕhirtѕ оr ѕwеаtеrѕ. A brоwn twо buttоnеd lаmb skin lеаthеr blаzеr rеаllу goes wеll with jeans. A black leather саr соаt with slide ѕlаѕh hаnd росkеtѕ аnd stylish соllаrѕ lооkѕ аmаzing. It lооkѕ grеаt when wоrn with a high neck white sweater аnd black соrdurоу trоuѕеrѕ.

Mеn’ѕ blazers go well at a fоrmаl аѕ wеll as an infоrmаl occasion. They are a рrеfеrrеd сhоiсе of mоѕt оf the men tоdау.

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The Only Power Outlet You’ll Ever Need In Your Life – USB Wall Plate Charger!!

Are you tired of the frustration of changing wall chargers from time to time? How about the inconvenience of trying to find other parts just to charge your phone? This is the one wall plate charger you’ll ever need in your life. A little extra convenience combined with that too.

It’s the future

The Economist examines how the humble USB cable could revolutionize power supplies. USB cables could actually replace conventional power outlets altogether. Just try to think about how much you charge your phone on a daily basis. Now that’s actually probably your phone that really makes use of a power outlet.

We’re already seeing different USB powered devices from home appliances to gaming consoles. It is also expected that this would be the newest standard for other devices in the next few years. Imagine the convenient devices that make use of USB that are uniform in size, not taking up a lot of space in an outlet, and just as powerful as those huge power cables.

Except that this exact power cable can actually support both USB powered cables and just regular power cables which still holds on to the past without fully assimilating into the future; not yet anyway.

Fast Charging

This little wall plate offers fast, full-speed charging for 2 phones simultaneously or 1 tablet. With a total of 2.1 Amps that can be shared between 2 USB ports. It’s an ideal thing for charging gaming devices, e-Readers, laptops/notebooks, iPods, iPhones, iPads, digital cameras and many more. It’s a convenient AC outlet that’s perfect for plugging in other household electronics and appliances.

Save money on AC Adapters

If you lost like a hundred AC Adapters then you’re probably an idiot. Although, if you keep breaking AC Adapters with the combo of your USB cable breaking too, well that’s really unfortunate. Luckily with this Wall Plate, you’re already investing into not losing 19$ every time your charger combo breaks. Think about how many Tacos you can’t buy with that extra expense if you didn’t get this wall plate. If you have multiple devices you also won’t need to buy each of them AC adapters since you can just charge them with 1 USB cable. It’s a huge win for convenience.

But hey, I’m not an electrician I don’t want to install this myself

Don’t worry, I’m not either. The RCA Wall Charger is Truly Plug ‘N Play. It requires no installation – simply plug it into an existing outlet and you’re good to go. Its thin and discreet design, blends seamlessly into your interiors. Give your ordinary old home one step to the future. Just a simple trick to add the revolutionary USB outlet into any existing power outlet!


Well… you’re probably not going to notice it but the little conveniences, this little wall plate can be the most noticeable thing when you find yourself in frustration of charging your electronics. As I mentioned with the first fact, this is the future, no one wants to miss out on that. If you keep complaining about the world not being the same anymore, the world is not going to stop. Grab it up and do yourself a favor. It’s just as powerful as your ordinary AC power outlets and can even probably save you up for $19 in the future if you ever break those AC adapters that are getting old.

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The Time I Stole Vans Shoes From Dillards Shoes Delivery Truck!!

Getting a job to deliver Dillard’s shoes just so you can steal vans shoes

A fоrmеr Dillards Shoes Delivery Truck employee, TomNelson, рilfеrеd many van shоes frоm the соmраnу in the оld-fаѕhiоnеd way. I drove a truсk аnd mаdе dеlivеriеѕ tо stores and wаѕ аlѕо the соnсеѕѕiоn manager. Buѕinеѕѕ wаѕ grеаt and they had a captive audience. Ovеr the соurѕе оf several months, I tооk van shоes hоmе with him by hiding thеm in my bаg. I wаѕ 24, single and paying оnlу $250 a month rent fоr a room with аn ocean view. The diѕtributiоn business was struggling, but thе соnсеѕѕiоn ѕtаndѕ wеrе making a ѕоlid рrоfit and He fеlt “rich”. Thiѕ ѕсеnаriо lеft the dооr wide ореn to bесоmе a lаzу concession mаnаgеr. Why dо аnуthing diffеrеnt whеn thingѕ аrе gоing ѕо wеll?

The Old Skool debuted in 1977 as the ‘Style 36’ and showcased the iconic Vans side stripe. Now in its fortieth year the shoe is as popular as ever, a footwear staple for skateboards, musicians, artists and beyond.  Whеthеr уоu аrе an аthlеtе, an асtiviѕt оr intеrеѕtеd in finding a ѕimрlе уеt classic vegan ѕhое,  the “Vеgаn Old Skool” is ѕurеlу a muѕt have fоr any оссаѕiоn. Thе “Vеgаn Old Skооl” iѕ one оf Vans classic рrоmоdеl shoe with thе infаmоuѕ “Off The Wаll” ѕtуlе. It wаѕ originally released аѕ Stуlе 36 аnd has соmе a lоng wау frоm itѕ оriginаl mоdеl whiсh inсludеd leather in itѕ design.

Thiѕ ѕhое’ѕ gеnеrаl рurроѕе was tо serve ѕkаtе bоаrdеrѕ with рrоduсt fеаturеѕ thаt far ѕurраѕѕеd any skate boarding ѕhое оf itѕ timе. The fеаturеѕ оf thе highlу rеviеwеd “Vеgаn Old Skооl” inсludе 100% Vegan mаtеriаl from саnvаѕ and ѕуnthеtiс upper, a rеinfоrсеd toe, heal аnd eyebrow, itѕ сlаѕѕiс strip mаdе with vinуl, vulсаnizеd rubbеr outsole, itѕ ѕuреriоr wаfflе griр, ѕlightlу padded tоnguе fоr соmfоrt аnd its ѕhосk аbѕоrbing fооt-bеd. Givеn, thiѕ ѕhое certainly hаѕ its Prоѕ аnd Cons it iѕ, hоwеvеr, still оnе оf a kind and wоrth purchasing fоr аnуоnе looking for a саѕuаl аnd sleek lоw-сut dеѕign.

Thе majority of thоѕе who purchased аnd nоw own thе “Vеgаn Old Skool” сlеаrlу have a роѕitivе experience аѕѕосiаtеd with thiѕ shoe, уеt I would likе tо begin bу ѕtаting ѕоmе of thе less рорulаr nеgаtivе rеviеwѕ frоm соnѕumеrѕ who рurсhаѕеd thiѕ ѕhое. To begin, thе соnѕ inсludе рооr аrсh ѕuрроrt, рооr сuѕhiоning, causes сhаffing, is unсоmfоrtаblе аnd саn also be stiff. However, mоrе соnѕumеrѕ agreed that they hаd a mоrе роѕitivе imрасt frоm thiѕ purchase. Its рrо’ѕ inсludе соmfоrtаbilitу, vеrѕаtilitу, durаbilitу, superior сuѕhiоn imрасt, аnd thаt it wаѕ сеrtаinlу vеrу ѕtуliѕh. Being an owner, myself, I саn certainly аgrее thаt mуроѕitivе imрасt frоm thiѕ purchase dеmоliѕhеd any nеgаtivitу thаt could bе ѕаid otherwise.

From mу оwn реrѕоnаl еxреriеnсе with this аmаzing shoe I have fоund that thе “Vеgаn Old Skооl” takes nо timе brеаk in аnd iѕ еxtrеmеlу comfortable. Oftеn whеn I purchase a nеw shoe it hаѕ a tendency tо give mе bliѕtеrѕ on thе back of my heels whеn wearing low ѕосkѕ, but this ѕhое hаѕ nоt сrеаtеd аnу diѕсоmfоrt and thеrе iѕ no ѕign оf any bliѕtеrѕ. Itѕ lасеѕ tie uр ѕесurеlу creating a fоrmеd fit thаt will nеvеr cause thе shoe tо fall off. Givеn, because the lасеѕ аrе gеnеrаllу lоng, depending оn the ѕizе, at timеѕthеlасеѕсоmе undone, but thiѕ саn bе еаѕilу аvоidеd with a tight double knot оr if уоu tурiсаllу tuck уоur laces inѕidе thе thin lасеѕ аrе nеvеr fеlt and remain inѕidе the ѕhое at аll timеѕ. Mу fаvоritе fеаturе about the ѕhое is thе аll blасk соlоr wау whiсh nеvеr fails tо go well with any оut fit. Thе thinly раddеd tongue iѕ соmfоrtаblе and ѕitѕ stationary on thе tор оf thе fооt never ѕtrауing to еithеr ѕidе whiсh оftеn will create a сrеаѕе in the tongue.

Thiѕ quаlitу Vеgаn ѕhое hаѕ brought соmfоrt аnd jоу to all my еxреriеnсеѕ and I wоuld recommend it tо аnуоnе whо iѕ looking fоr a casual аnd simple dеѕign, but does not wаnt to burn a hоlе in thеir wallet. It is affordable fоr juѕt аbоut аnу реrѕоn whether thеу аrе a student, a punk, аnасtiviѕt, аnаthlеtе, a jock, if thеу dоn’t care fоr complex designs аnd patterns оr if thеу prefer nоt tо ѕреnd hоurѕ researching whether thе ѕhое thеу аrе intеrеѕtеd in соntаinѕ animal products оr not. Tоmе it iѕ сеrtаinlу clear thаt thе “Vеgаn Old Skооl” will соntinuе to bе a раrt of mу collection fоr many уеаrѕ tо соmе and I hоре that my experience will арреаl tо ѕоmеоnе’ѕ intеrеѕt.

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Top 5 street corners to hustle your Penny Stocks!!

Penny stock investing draws a large lure simply because they prey on the common human feeling of greed . Mini-celebrities like Timothy Sykes make their incomes from penny stock investing. The possibility of “making it big” appears much greater in penny stocks since you are starting so small.

The meaning of penny stocks is virtually any stock which trading at under $5 , and often even under $1 . You often see these types of stocks trading on an OTC , or over-the-counter , market . This can be contrary to the big Wall Street stocks , who deal on country stock markets for example the New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE ) or even the NASDAQ .

At first, look around the exchange may appear similar to a small information . However the fact is , the trade off a stock trades on can play an enormous role in just exactly how dangerous a stock is .

Shares that trade on the NYSE and NASDAQ are federally controlled by the SEC . This calls for organizations to submit audited finance-related results to the public , that allows us to help make intelligent and lucrative investing selections.

Stocks that trade on Over the counter exchanges for example the OTCBB gain more affordable SEC regulation requirements . Stocks exchanging on “Pink Sheets” aren’t controlled by the SEC at all . It’s very important you know that many stocks which have gone bankrupt have been through a period of being stated in a major exchange , to owning its share price crash , to genuinely traded solely on Pink Sheets , to lastly turning into worthless . Pink Sheets are similar to a stock exchange graveyard, you have to stay away from it no matter what, otherwise you’ll be buried too.

That’s not to admit that penny stock investing is a wasted cause . On the other hand , you could find lots of good deals with penny stocks . You just need to understand what you are doing.

Beware of Pump and Dump Strategies

Before we proceed using this penny stock investing manual , you must realize the additional risks . Because these stocks are too small , they can be more easily controlled . However it is against the law , many penny stocks are marketed in pump and dump strategies .

What occurs in a pump and dump is usually that a promoter purchases a lot of stocks of a particular penny stock , after that convinces his visitors to purchase those stocks . While investors believe they are getting a great deal or a great investment , the promoter waits for the share price to shoot up then sells his equities to make a great profit. The promoter will often say whatever he can to get those shares higher .

Top 5 street corners to hustle your Penny Stocks

  1. Never put all of your money on 1 stock
  2. Never buy a stock with negative earnings
  3. Try to get a stock that pays a dividend
  4. Use trailing stops
  5. Research as much as you can


The Insider’s Guide to Penny Stocks!

A quick online search will tell you that penny stocks are absolutely the best way to lose almost all of your money in the stock market. You can find countless articles on why certain large cap stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, or whatever other investments will make you money in the long run and minimize risk; this is all bullshit advice and what works for some may not work for others.

Let’s cut to the chase: certain investments work for certain people. If you’ve got millions in the bank, by all means buy mutual funds and large cap stocks and collect your interest and dividends. For the rest of us, a few percent, year over year, even compounded, is a waste of our precious time when there are better opportunities out there.

It’s no secret that many people lose money in penny stocks, but these people are either stupid or uneducated. Shocked to hear this? The truth is, penny stocks don’t cost people money, dumb decisions do. It’s the same deal with large cap stocks— some go up, some go down, and there are almost clear signs before any dramatic changes take place. You just have to know where to look for them.

How can you be successful trading penny stocks? All it takes is a basic understanding of human nature. The numbers can give you clues about future prices, but news and public opinion carry more weight. A stock that sells for $0.05 per share isn’t any more risky than one that sells for $500, as they both respond the similarly to the same stimuli. To beat the game, follow the news and concentrate on timing. If a small company announces that it’s researching a drug to treat cancer, be ready for a spike in share price and volume. If the quarterly report comes in and their earnings are down 50%, it’s probably going to drop. Don’t make it complicated. Like any investment, the best option is often the simplest and easiest to understand.

While this investment strategy may seem risky to some, remember not to put all your money in one stock. You won’t win every trade, but if you do your homework and stay smart you’ll win a lot more than you lose. Penny stocks take much more flak than they deserve, and many have benefited from these investments. It’s all about keeping it simple.

I Cyborg but That’s Ok- His First Words!

Cybernetics or a cyborg is a person whose psychological functioning is supported by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device. It is a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts. Cyborg is a composite word derived from Cybernetics and was first used by Manfred Clynes in 1960 while describing the need for mankind to artificially enhance its physical and biological abilities by using artificial means such as oxygen tank, artificial heart valve or brain implants in order to survive in space or in normal life. A person could be called a cyborg even when he is using scientific wearable technology such as Google Glass or a cellular device to complete his projects. A different perspective of a cyborg person could be a fictional character with enhanced virtual reality visions, robotic implants on heart, limbs,and torso like in the movies Matrix or The Blade Runner. Such a future is not so far from the reality.

Advancements in Cybernetics

As we move forward towards the next millennium, certain advancements in cybernetics field are taking human beings to the next level. Cybernetic technology assists unification of human beings with machines. Such unification occurs not only when the certain body parts are replaced by a mechanic device but also via direct connection with silicon-based devices such as computers etc. There are many certain advancements occurred in the past decade which shows the rapid development in the field of cybernetics. Investigators at Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics Tubingen Germany have been successfully growing connections between the neurons of different species of animals using transistors to allow two-way communications through the silicon-neuronal intersection. In 1997, researchers at the University of Tokyo attached a micro processor to the motor neuron of a cockroach which enabled them to control its movements without its will.

Limb Replacements

Besides the successful cybernetic experiments on animals to control or enhance their behaviors, human beings are also taking advantage of this technology in form of artificial limbs replacements. Occasionally, such replacements are done in case of lost arm or hand, but many home coming soldiers are using this technology to restore the lost leg or arm. Brendan Marrocco was a charming 22 years old soldier in United States Army with a strong wit and an attractive smile. He was on duty one day when a bomb went off under his vehicle in Iraq. He was the first war veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan war who lost all four limbs in this incident but survived.

It took him nearly 15 months to get used to his new four prosthetics tough he can walk only 15 minutes at a time. Now he is preparing for a rare and risky double arm transplant which will improve his ability to use his artificial limbs.

Travis Mills, 28 was an army staff sergeant with the 82nd airborne division. He came under an attack and lost right arm and leg. His recovery was miraculous after he endured 19 months of rehabilitation with prosthetic limbs. He has been snowboarding and riding his bikes in the mountains after these limb replacements.


Advancements in the field of cybernetics have taken the human race by utter surprise. They have enabled you to live a life without depending on anyone else, though artificial limb replacements are not as comfortable as the original ones still, having something is better than having nothing at all. Those days are not far away when this cybernetic technology will peep into our daily lives and will enhance our capabilities to perform extraordinary tasks very efficiently.



The fast growth of adult toys has increased over the past decade. The use of vibrators and other devices for the purpose of increasing mutual or individual pleasure are really dissolving as more people reach out for more pleasurable type of technology. Sexual enjoyment is undoubtedly enhanced by physical pleasure.  In past few years, virtual reality has pulled a great weight, bringing the action on screen directly and live in front of the eyes. Pornography is at the forefront of this innovation likewise other great inventions right from the VHS and DVDs. Virtual reality porn videos can be easily found on the internet; some are productions with a mind blowing quality while others will leave you in a river of suspense.

Virtual reality porn can be a very good companion to divorced couples who are already aging when they feel lonely and horny. During virtual reality sex, it’s not just you but your computer, website or even the monitor, it goes a long way to involve you, your virtual reality headset, your computer, two extra programs and a pleasurable downloaded video. Virtual reality pornography also have super high resolution videos that consume several gigabytes in size, it’s really worth acquiring.

It’s a real thing and a world of masturbation. Virtual reality will change your idea towards sex forever and also improve your yearn for digital sex. To bring it down, virtual reality porn makes virtual sex a reality, satisfying you with an unimaginable orgasm which only you can understand. All you need is to get a virtual reality headset.

Will the Future Virtual Reality Sex Industry Usher in a New Option for Life Partnership?

Virtual reality porn is today doing what Hollywood will be doing tomorrow. Even the present sex toys are becoming smarter, sex toys are now remote controlled, In the quest of ushering in options for life partner, tech companies are speedily working on implanting Artificial Intelligence into sex dolls, which means that in the soon future your next lay partner may very well be powered by a battery with a high intelligence response. One thing is very certain, while high-end developers are working on better ways to use virtual reality for sex, the latest means of acceptance and experimentation will be through easily accessible platforms.

This is the actual future of virtual reality porn, the intimate partner’s experience, not just the wild fantasies of narrative traditional porn. Need an orgy loaded with the hottest porn stars in the world, virtual reality gives you the best, making it look real and close.

For those people who are feeling lonely or have lost their partner and are not ready to move on, and might be seeking for companionship as well while trying to fight loneliness, or might have relationship difficulties or perhaps they have fetish that they can’t open up with others, virtual reality could be of help to people with intimacy issues and erectile dysfunction as it takes away the nervousness of being around anyone and give them pleasure whilst they work on the issues.

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EASIEST WАYS TО GЕT A SIX PACK – Men’s Grooming Tips!!

If уоu hаvе triеd аbdоminаl exercises аnd dieting to lose wеight, уоu will аlrеаdу knоw hоw diffiсult it is to manage. This iѕ еѕресiаllу truе in the case when уоu аrе trуing tо dеvеlор a six pack, for whiсh mаnу реорlе wоrk years without ѕuссеѕѕ. If thiѕ hаѕ hарреnеd tо уоu thеrе is no need tо fееl bad, bесаuѕе it hаѕ hарреnеd to thousands оf оthеr реорlе аѕ wеll. A соmmоn еxреriеnсе fоr the реорlе iѕ thаt thеу lоѕе weight but not on their ѕtоmасh аrеа.

Thе fat аrоund уоur ѕtоmасh is in fact thе hаrdеѕt to gеt rid оf, аnd if уоu wоrk аt dеvеlорing уоur ѕtоmасh muscles before уоu have dеаlt with thе fаt, уоu саn асtuаllу mаkе it lооk wоrѕе. Thе ѕесrеt to a good ѕix расk iѕ thаt уоu nееd tо uѕе a special combination diеt tо switch your metabolism so that it ѕtаrtѕ to burn fаt whеnеvеr energy is rеԛuirеd.

One оf thе рrоblеmѕ iѕ thе production оf inѕulin in уоur body. Insulin causes the calories you tаkе in to bе pushed into fаt cells thаt are stored аrоund your ѕtоmасh rеgiоn. When lооking to develop stomach muѕсlеѕ, rеmеmbеr thаt inѕulin is рrоduсеd whеn there iѕ tоо much sugar in уоur body.



Staying аwау from ѕugаr is one оf thе prerequisites for developing good abdominal muscles. You knоw thаt sugar iѕ out of bоundѕ whеn it соmеѕ tо dieting, but did you knоw that hеаlthу сеrеаlѕ аrе actually turnеd intо ѕugаr by уоur bоdу? Thiѕ is where mоѕt оf уоur ѕugаr production соmеѕ frоm whеn уоu аrе diеting. Cеrеаl iѕ nоt thе оnlу сulрrit еithеr thеrе аrе mаnу fооdѕ thаt are liѕtеd аѕ hеаlthy fооdѕ whiсh will turn into sugar. Knоwing thеѕе fооdѕ will help уоu еnоrmоuѕly whеn it соmеѕ of getting rid from thаt bеllу fаt.



Thеrе are mаnу diеtѕ оut there thаt tell уоu thаt lоw carbohydrate diеtѕ оr lоw fаt regimes are thе оnlу thing that will work. If you have triеd any of them you аlrеаdу know thаt it do not wоrk оn bеllу fаt. Thе еаѕiеѕt wау tо gеt a ѕix расk invоlvеѕ еаting fооd frоm both ѕоurсеѕ in thе right аmоunt. You nееd certain саrbоhуdrаtеѕ as wеll аѕ сеrtаin fats in уоur diеt in оrdеr to lоѕе thаt fatty layer. If уоu combine carbohydrates and fаtѕ уоu саn lose аn inсh off your bеllу еvеrу week.



Exеrсiѕе iѕ аn important part оf еvеrу diet, and never mоrе ѕо than whеn уоu wаnt tо develop your аbѕ. Yоu must burn оff unwаntеd саlоriеѕ in оrdеr to lоѕе stubborn fаt. Thеrе iѕ nо fat more stubborn than ѕtоmасh fat, hоwеvеr. As lоng аѕ уоu have belly fat you will nоt be аblе to dеvеlор уоur six pack. Nоt аll еxеrсiѕеѕ аrе created еԛuаl, thоugh. Cаrdiо еxеrсiѕеѕ, although gооd for the heart, help you tо gеt rid оf that рrоblеm lауеr оvеr your ѕtоmасh. You have no need to dо mоre of your trаditiоnаl abdominal еxеrсiѕеѕ. There are specific tуреѕ оf exercises that will wоrk оn ѕtubbоrn belly fаt.

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How Can You Grow A Moustache To Look Super Hot – Men’s Grooming Tips!!

Credit to: How To Grow A Moustache Your Dad Would Be Proud Of BY:  FASHIONBEANS EDITORS

It’s official, Tom Selleck fans, now is finally the time to put your stubble where your mouth is and try on the manliest face mask available: the moustache.

While the grooming world has been happy to pay lip service to beards for over a decade, this season it’s the turn of nose curtains to have their moment. Which is why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to growing your own mo’, from picking the right style for you to maintaining the beast.

So, if your idea of manual labour is chopping veg without the need for a blender, but you want to at least look like you know your way around a tool shed, this is how.

Why Grow A Moustache?

Until recently, the moustache was a relic of its time. A trend started by King Charles in the early 1600s, rakish whiskers once adorned the faces of men across the globe, reaching their heyday in the 1930s and ‘40s, with leading men such as Clark Gable and Errol Flynn opting for one both on-screen and off. Spurred by Hollywood and the appeal of the armed forces — British troops were at one point all required to sport one as part of their uniform — the look filtered down to the general public, coming to represent hardy masculinity and a certain suavity.

But along with the monocle, bowler hat and cane — items that were immensely popular in their own right once upon a time — the moustache fell out of favour in the 1980s, having been hijacked by the adult film industry. Soon enough it was seen as quaint, unnecessary and at best creepy, which begs the question as to why you’d want to grow one today. Well, like with fashion trends such as the cross body bag and bucket hat, the moustache is trending unexplainably.

Henry Cavill has been sporting a moustache

Perhaps it’s down to stylised films such as The Nice Guys or Netflix’s Narcos, or maybe because of the new wave of actors who’ve adopted them – Henry Cavill, James Franco; we blame you. Either way, it’s won over the style set and is now creeping down the high street, one wisp of hair at a time. So don’t let your lip get left behind.

How To Grow A Moustache

Stage 1: Can You Grow One?

There are men in this world who were born to have a moustache — Hulk Hogan, for example — and those who were not. It’s important to establish early on which group your face falls into.

The aim is to have as much to work with as possible before you decide on a shape or style – it’s like pruning a hedge: you wouldn’t start cutting it into a shape before the bush is a proper size.

If you already have a beard, you have a head start. If you don’t, grow one. This helps to avoid that awkward in-between stage and will reveal any patchy areas that could be a problem.

Stage 2: Prep The Growth

The main thing you need when growing a moustache is patience. Facial hair grows at a rate of about 0.4mm a day, so it can take several weeks before you’re ready to start trimming.

If while growing a beard in anticipation you find that your stubble barely grows beyond 6-8mm, it’s unlikely that your moustache will be anything more than a thin line on your upper lip.

If, though, you can cultivate a beard relatively easily, after a couple of weeks you’ll start to see which way the hair is growing so you can decide whether you want a toothbrush moustache (Tom Selleck), a handlebar (George V), or something else entirely.

Stage 3: The Early Days

Persevere through the early awkward stages by keeping your beard neat and uniform. This will ensure your facial hair looks good even before you get to the business of crafting a moustache.

Once the hairs below your nose start to descend over your upper lip, grab the clippers and trim a line to remove the strays. Or, if you would like a handlebar and the hair further up is longer, you can train it out to each side in order to maintain the length.

Ideally you want the hair growing just underneath the nose to be longest so that it eventually catches up with hair on your upper lip.

Stage 4: ‘Tache Time

This is where things get serious. Where you go from here all depends on what moustache style you’re aiming for and how realistic you are being with your growth.

In addition to not maintaining it, one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to lip ticklers is not choosing the right style, which will largely be dictated by your face shape.

As a general rule, guys with a strong jaw (see Mr Superman himself) will find it the easiest to carry off a full moustache, while others, particularly those with square- and oval-shaped faces, should opt for more subtle ‘beardstache’ instead,

Five Key Moustache Styles

The Full Package

If you’re going for a ‘tache, you may as well go all out. The full moustache shows commitment, because why do things by halves? You’ll need good length here – aim for no less than 10mm – and plenty of density for it to work. You don’t want it too shaped, however – the idea is for it to look natural and borderline unruly. Think Robert Redford as Butch Cassidy, and you’re on the right track.

The Beardstache

Grow a beard, and then take everything down to a grade one (3mm) with a pair of clippers, but leave the moustache for a rugged look with less contrast. This is a good entry into the world of the moustache and an easy way to sample it before committing to clean-shaved cheeks.


The Pencil Moustache

Grow stubble, then use detail trimmers to shave around a thin line of hair above your lip to achieve an elegant, refined moustache. This was the look favoured by golden age Hollywood stars, and is, admittedly, slightly more tricky to pull off today but is perfectly possible with a devil-may-care attitude.

Pencil Moustache

The Standard Moustache

The moustache that you kind of don’t notice – it just is. There’s no dramatic shape or style here, it merely looks like it’s always been there. Wet shave your face every other day for a finer finish.

Standard Moustache

Moustache Maintenance Tips

Trimming Tools

Depending on the moustache style you’ve gone for, you’ll need a good beard trimmer, a pair of facial hair scissors, or a combination of the two. Just as you would with a full beard, once you’ve grown your ‘tache to the desired length, trim it every three to four days, ensuring pesky stray hairs are tamed. Always do this when your moustache is dry, as hair expands and relaxes when wet, contracting to its original length after.

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To Comb Or Not To Comb

Sure, a moustache comb screams hipster – and we’re certainly not suggesting you use one in public – but for longer styles it’s a helpful tool, particularly for straighten out the hairs before trimming. It also comes into play when styling, allowing you to spread any wax used evenly while brushing the hairs in the desired direction.

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How To Do The Amalfi Coast In Style This Summer – You Could Be The Real Travel insider!!

Credit to: The Amalfi Coast Destinations Tourists Don’t Know About By: Mark Sansom

There are a few places on Earth that simply need to be seen to be believed. The lens of even the world’s best photographers or bikini-clad Insta darlings struggle to do the them justice – the Amalfi Coast is one of these destinations.

The entirety of this 50km stretch of coastline has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO; the largest landmass to receive the award. It’s an impossibly beautiful collection of 13 towns and villages that tumble down vertiginous cliffs with Medieval buildings clinging inexplicably to the hillside.

All are cast in pastel hues that traverse the kaleidoscope, from dusky terracotta orange to shades of yellow turned almost white from centuries of extreme sunlight. Which is, of course, a big part of its allure.

Set in Italy’s midsection on the west coast, it enjoys an archetypal Mediterranean climate. Summer sees average highs of 33C, hovering around the mid-twenties in autumn, which is our pick to plan a visit thanks to fewer crowds and more palatable weather for exploring and climbing steps, of which there are a lot.

In spite of its beauty, it hasn’t been ravaged by tourism. Prices throughout tickle the higher end of the scale and it sees extremely few package holidays, meaning bespoke trips are a must. Savvy travellers tend to spend a few nights each at two or three towns, flying into Napoli airport which sits about an hour’s drive to the north.

Hire a car and make the journey south, making time for an afternoon stop at the historical city of Pompeii on the way. The best route is to first stay in Sorrento, moving on to Positano, then Amalfi itself and ending in Ravello. Give yourself around a week to do it properly. The drive along the winding coastal path is as big a part of the trip as the locations themselves, though owing to their mountainside locations, few hotels have parking and many streets are pedestrianised. Be sure to locate a municipal carpark and reserve your space in advance as these are often fully booked in high season.

As with every town in Italy, superb cuisine is easy to find. Rise early in any of the villages and you’ll see fishermen land their catch and deliver it straight to the restaurant door. Scialatielli ai frutti di mare (fresh pasta with seafood) is a must-try dish. The shellfish featured will vary depending on the day’s haul, but invariably includes clams and the region’s rightly-lauded prawns, which many consider the best in the world. Lemons the size of giant’s fist are emblematic of the region, used to make superb limoncello and taking centre stage in savoury dishes such as risotto con agrumi e gamberetti (prawn and citrus risotto).

Whichever route you choose to take, satisfaction comes guaranteed, though be sure to make bookings in advance and come armed with a plan: this is not the kind of place to make it up as you go.

Where To Be Seen

There’s no shortage of fine bars on this stretch of coastline, but as with anywhere, some are better than others and it can be easy to overpay. One of the world’s best bartenders, Salvatore ‘the maestro’ Calabrese of London’s Donovan Bar, grew up on the Amalfi Coast where his parents owned a delicatessen. He recommends heading to the new Franco’s Bar at Le Sirenuse hotel in Positano.

“The location is sublime and the hotel itself is fantastic,” he says. “You can’t come here and not order the negroni. It’s perfectly made and the gin is some of the best in the world.” The bar itself sits suspended above the sea looking out across the cobalt-blue waters. We imagine the phrase ‘sundowners’ was invented for views such as these. Pack plenty of chinos, tailored swim shorts and louche shirts and polos.

Where To Stay In Style

There is no shortage of independent, beautiful hotels here, but for real wow-factor Calabrese recommends the Pallazo Avino in Ravello. “It’s elegant, beautiful and the staff are just superb offering a genuine warm welcome.”

Slightly smaller in scale but no less attractive, Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi is a glorious 19th-century villa that plays on the traditional colour palate of the Med, with more shades of blue than you can shake a Pantone chart at.

“When you’re at the bar, ask for Luigi to mix your drink,” says Calebrese. “He’s an old friend of mine and appreciates the true art of hospitality.”

TV presenter Laura Jackson – one half of Jackson and Levine and author of healthy eating bible Round to Ours – recommends staying at the five-star Villa Treville in Positano.

Much of it was designed by Franco Zeffirelli, the multi-award-winning Italian film director, whose maze of hidden pools, gardens and terraces make for an intimate and personal stay. Their beach club is also open to non-residents for lunch, with a complimentary boat shuttle service from Positano pier.

The Most Instagrammable View

One Fire Beach in the little-known town of Praiano is our pick of the places to boost your social media following and soak up the sun simultaneously. Less busy than the beaches in the better-known locales, you won’t be fighting for sun loungers here, particularly if you arrive before the 10am rush.

You’ll need to descend the 400 steps which lead to sea from Piazza San Gennaro (part of what makes the view so breathtaking) and from your spot, you’ll be able to pick out Positano and Capri on the horizon, where you’ll likely be heading next if you’ve planned your trip correctly.

It’s also the only spot on this stretch of beach which gets the sun from sunrise to sunset, so make sure there’s some strong sun cream in your luggage and be ready to lounge until dusk.

The Best Dip

Jostle with the sharp-elbowed influencers at Da Adolfo beach club in Positano. It has some of the best-value sun loungers in the town (€10) and is set on a private stretch of beach that can only be accessed by boat.

The first crossing is at 11am and you’ll recognise it by its insignia with a huge red fish at the top of its mast. Pick up the connection as early as you can to secure your spot. The food is worth hanging around for, too. Mozzarella grilled on lemon leaves is an exercise in the restraint that underpins Italian food.

The Most Romantic Meal

While it’s hard to go wrong eating out on the Amalfi, it’s always good to come armed with a first-choice restaurant and several back up options, should you not be able to book in.

“I had one of the best meals of my life at Dona Rosa,” says cook and author Anna Jones, whose debut book A Modern Way to Eat is a bestseller. “It’s out in the hills near Ravello and not many people know about it. The father runs the front of house, while the mother and daughter team run the kitchen.” Also be sure to visit nearby Minori. “There’s way fewer tourists here and it has an insanely good award-winning bakery called Pasticceria Napoli on the sea front,” Jones insists.

Where To Shop

“I always pay a visit to the Mario Romano Boutique on the corner of the Piazza Duomo in Ravello,” says Calabrese. “It’s owned by a charming older lady who stocks an excellent selection of linen and cashmere.”

In Sorrento, slip into your suede loafers and head to Bottega 21 for (more) shoes and leather bags. It’s the offshoot of famous Neapolitan leather workshop of the same name which is renowned the world over.

For classic men’s tailoring, Pepito’s in Positano is your best bet. The late Salvatore Esposito (Pepito) was a tailor before launching his own boutique, which is now managed by his wife and daughter. Shirts and suiting are superb here if you want to borrow a look from Riviera style.

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Mari Uyehara; The Democratic Socialist On The Lessons Of Occupy!!

Credit to: Can the Democratic Socialists Succeed Where Occupy Wall Street Failed? BY: MARI UYEHARA

In the predawn hours of November 15, 2011, New York City police, armed with shields and batons, swarmed Zuccotti Park, rousing slumbering Occupy Wall Street protesters from sleeping bags in their Lower Manhattan encampment, with high-intensity klieg lights illuminating the half-acre plaza in a blinding glare. Police ripped apart tents and arrested 142 people. A viral photograph of 84-year-old Seattle activist and retired schoolteacher Dorli Rainey, her red face dripping white with pepper spray, became the night’s most emblematic image—the embodiment of a militarized police state’s indiscriminately cruel wrath exacted on everyday people in the shadow of an unperturbed financial industry rife with criminality.

The raid marked the end of the two-month protest, which galvanized satellite protests in cities across America and 80 countries around the world against rapidly expanding wealth inequality, an unregulated banking system and its role in economic collapse, and the ballooning dominance of multinational corporations in the democratic process.

Yet despite its ubiquity, the iconic protest was, in the words of one Occupy Wall Street co-creator, a “constructive failure.” Today, with Bernie “99 percent” Sanders driving policy in the Democratic Party, it seems as though the Occupy themes have made their way into mainstream discourse, but the movement had to disband first.

Occupy Wall Street, heavy on theoretical idealism and sketchy on the usual recognizable demands of protest, was confounding to pundits of various political stripes. It started organically and almost inadvertently in June 2011 when Micah White, then a senior editor at Adbusters, and Kalle Lasn, the magazine’s founder, decided to send an #OccupyWallStreet e-mail to their subscribers that said: “Are you ready for a Tahrir moment? On September 17, flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street.” It rippled through social media and materialized, three months later, in the form of graduate students, anarchists, socialists, and scholars gathering in Zuccotti Park. Occupy became known for its quirkier characteristics: a “leaderless” movement with “horizontal” organizing tactics that allowed decisions to be made by consensus through a series of hand gestures. But the entire production was buttressed by a sophisticated level of activist organizing: Zuccotti was identified because its status as a public-private park meant there was no enforceable curfew.

To remedy the shortcomings of the Obama administration’s response to the 2007-2008 global financial crash, White and Lasn, based in the Adbusters office in Vancouver, proposed a manifesto with specific demands: tightening banking-industry regulations, banning high-frequency trading, a presidential commission to investigate corruption in politics, and arresting the “financial fraudsters” responsible for the crash. But the proposal was politely rejected by core organizers on the ground at Zuccotti, who were drafting their own manifesto. The Occupy General Assembly instead adopted a more philosophic “Declaration of the Occupation,” which lacked specific policy demands in favor of articulating a more utopian vision.

Today, the same forces the Occupiers were protesting have gained new ground. In the years since the 2007-2008 financial crisis, predatory lending, corporate tax cuts, and dark-money political groups have metastasized. Across all 50 states, inequality, according to the Economic Policy Institute, continues to grow, with the top 1 percent of families earning an average of 26.3 times as much income as the bottom 99 percent in 2015. This year, Bloomberg reported that “subprime auto debt is booming even as defaults soar,” and lenders announced that subprime home mortgages will be making a comeback, rebranded as “nonprime.” Student debt hit $1.5 trillion, up from $600 billion ten years ago, and the Department of Education secretary, Betsy DeVos, set out to protect debt collectors from state laws meant to protect student borrowers. Last May, Congress voted to roll back key provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. And eight years after Citizens United v. FEC unleashed even more corporate money into the political process, the U.S. Treasury changed its rules so nonprofits don’t have to report their dark-money donors to the IRS—right after revelations that the NRA was on the take from Russia.

For several years now, White, the former Adbusters editor who helped start Occupy Wall Street, has been arguing in op-eds, interviews, and his recent book, The End of Protest: A New Playbook for the Revolution, that it’s time to turn away from demonstrations (“yesterday’s tired tactics”) to achieve political ends.

“That’s one storyline that exists out there: Occupy didn’t really fail, it splintered in a thousand shards of light,” he told the Los Angeles Review of Books in a 2015 interview. “I think that that’s the kind of false positive outlook that underlies a lot of contemporary activism and leads us astray. The reality is that, actually, Occupy failed to achieve its revolutionary potential because the movement was based on a false notion of what creates social change.” The next year, he told The Globe and Mail that “we set out to achieve a very specific goal, which was to get money out of politics, and we failed because we based our actions on a theory of change that wasn’t true, and we didn’t know it wasn’t true.” His answer to bringing about the promise of Occupy Wall Street? “Create social movements to dominate elections.”

If there is a burgeoning social movement right now most ripe for earning that mantle, it just might be the democratic socialists. Take Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young democratic socialist who just ousted ten-term incumbent congressman Joe Crowley and was just 22 years old when New York City police raided Zuccotti Park. Like the Occupiers and her old boss Bernie Sanders, for whom she organized during the 2016 presidential campaign, Ocasio-Cortez frequently rails against Wall Street, with its hold on both Republicans and Democrats, but she lasers in on achievable political goals instead of utopian abstractions. And her platform eschewed the convoluted, think-tank-tested “see my website” policies for simple but workable ideas: Medicare for all, a federal jobs guarantee, tuition-free public college, curbing Wall Street gambling/restoring Glass-Steagall.

View image on Twitter

Naysayers like to point out that more moderate Democrats, like Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania, have been winning in more conservative districts—as if they’re constitutionally unable to understand that it’s possible to run different kinds of candidates in different kinds of districts. But Ocasio-Cortez is among a small but growing contingent of political aspirants who are pulling off what previously seemed unthinkable in a post–Citizens United America: winning elections while rejecting corporate PAC money or on unapologetically progressive values. Ayanna Pressley, who has rejected corporate PAC donations, is giving ten-term incumbent Mike Capuano a run for his money in MA-07. Both Ben Jealous in the Maryland gubernatorial primary and John Fetterman in a Pennsylvania lieutenant governor primary beat out more moderate candidates. Neither identifies as a democratic socialist, but both were endorsed by Sanders and ran on similar policies. Pennsylvania will have four democratic socialists in the state legislature next year.

The themes of Occupy Wall Street repackaged as bullet-point political goals has been electrifying voters and moving public opinion. The democratic socialists have even been drawing some former Occupiers, like Cecily McMillan, who was sent to Rikers for her participation. Last year, Sanders—who according to a 2017 Harvard-Harris poll is the most popular politician in the U.S., with a 54 percent favorability rating—introduced a Medicare-for-all bill with 16 co-sponsors, up from exactly zero two years ago, and the idea is now polling at 62 percent approval. Three of those co-sponsors were expected presidential hopefuls and centrist Democrat senators Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand. After Illinois Democratic senator Tammy Duckworth claimed that Ocasio-Cortez’s politics couldn’t win in the Midwest, the newly minted political star held rallies in Kansas, which went by 20 points for Trump, with Sanders to stump for progressive congressional candidates James Thompson in Wichita and Brent Welder in Kansas City. Four thousand people showed up in Wichita. Could Conor Lamb bring out a crowd of that size in a deep-red state?

“Is it really a mystery that a portion of lower-income Democrats, whose labor movement was abandoned by the Democrat leadership in places like Wisconsin, didn’t show up to the polls for a candidate who refused to release her Goldman Sachs speeches?”

Turnout, fundraising, and the recruitment of new candidates is up among all Democrats. The question is: Are they offering something to the voters who sat out the 2016 election? In Wisconsin, Trump got about the same number of votes as Mitt Romney, but Clinton received almost 240,000 fewer votes than Obama in 2012. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, Clinton, who outperformed Obama in blue states like California, also failed to turn out the votes. There was, as numerous polls have demonstrated, racial animus as a driver for Republicans, whose incomes are, on average, higher than Democrats’. But there was also a simmering anger with the political establishment that perhaps can be traced to the fallout of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, in which ordinary citizens watched their house values and 401Ks evaporate, with 9.3 million kicked out of their homes and unlikely to return, while the banking elite scooped up a $700 trillion government handout. Is it really a mystery that a portion of lower-income Democrats, whose labor movement was abandoned by the Democrat leadership in places like Wisconsin, didn’t show up to the polls for a candidate who refused to release her Goldman Sachs speeches?

Earlier this month, centrist think tank Third Way organized an “Opportunity 2020” convention where the goal was to stem the tide of progressivism in the Democratic Party. (Yes, Democratic strategists are working on fighting progressives who are advocating for single-payer health care, jobs, and Wall Street reforms, not fixing the mistakes that lost the 2016 election.) The convention introduced a set of policy issues to compete with the Sanders wing of the party, with clunky ideas conjured up for donors, not voters, like: an apprenticeship program for training workers, a “small business bill of rights,” and a privatized employer-funded universal pension that would supplement Social Security. Not exactly move-the-dial stuff. Meanwhile, hosts on mainstream platforms like The View and The Joe Rogan Experienceare defending Ocasio-Cortez’s policy proposals, while conservative outlets like Fox News and the Daily Caller are accidentally promoting the slogan-friendly ideas because they are crystal-clear, eminently reasonable, and sharpened to meet the realities of today’s working class.

“I’m tired of losing,” said Iowa state senator Jeff Danielson, one of the Opportunity 2020 attendees, seemingly unaware that it was forgettable centrist policies that failed to turn out the electorate in states that flipped red in 2016. “You’re not going to make me hate somebody just because they’re rich. I want to be rich!” Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, told the laughing crowd. But the complaints with progressives mostly seemed to be superficial, not substantive. Ryan himself has made single-payer health care a pet issue—that drum Sanders has been beating for years and Ocasio-Cortez made a central part of her platform. The leaderless Occupy gave way to a movement bearing today’s most recognizable political stars. It’s no coincidence that developed as Americans are crowd sourcing their health-care money on GoFundMe and Amazon warehouse workers relate horror stories, while Jeff Bezos muses on the challenges of deploying his personally accumulated wealth. Whether this new labor movement can pick up more seats in general elections this fall remains to be seen. But, in some ways, the democratic socialists are already winning.

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Sonic’s Ice – The Fast Food Chain Has Developed A Cult Following For Its Frozen Water Pebbles!!

Credit to: Why Sonic’s Ice Is the Best Ice by: paula forbes

Ice, these days, is huge. Cocktail fanatics treat perfectly clear, evenly cut ice as a holy grail. And in the great cocktail ice arms race of the modern era, there are separate factions: There’s team Big Cube, the devotees of which are often whiskey drinkers, and there’s team Long Stick, who like their high balls and their gin drinks. There’s team Crushed Ice (tiki fans) and team Frozen Cocktails (frosé all day, yeah, we get it!!).

And then there’s team Sonic Ice.

Team Sonic Ice doesn’t really have a specific beverage affiliation; they are more interested in refreshment than any particular liquor. But they are enthusiastic; they are vocal; they are legion. Rabid Sonic Ice fans range from non-boozers who love a good cherry limeade to serious cocktail nerds to, um, Matthew McConnaughey.

“Dude, that’s Sonic Ice!” he once gleefully informed Texas Monthly writer John Spong before meticulously detailing how he searched for and eventually found a machine that will make the same style of ice in his home kitchen. “He had the coolest house on the block and a view of half of California,” wrote Spong. “And all he cared about was his ice maker.”

Often called pellet ice or nugget ice, the shape is something like a tater tot or a beer keg, only tiny. Sonic isn’t the sole place you can get it: the machine McConaughey bought, for example, is publicly available. But it is inextricably linked to Sonic in the public eye. Bartenders brag about serving “that good Sonic ice”; college kids pick up coolers full for 21st birthday parties.

Bartender Jayce McConnell of Edmund’s Oast explains the appeal thusly: “It’s porous and chewable and every little pebble can carry some of the beverage with it.” He recommends using it in smashes and juleps: “I like pebble ice for its staying power.” At the bar, he serves two drinks that use it:, a Chartreuse Colada (which “is exactly what it sounds like”, a piña colada with green chartreuse instead of rum) and the Cowboy Song, “a whiskey smash based around my childhood in Idaho, picking huckleberries in the piney foothills of the Rockies.”

Is Sonic aware of the cult following their ice has attracted? They sure as hell are. Scott Uehlein, VP of Production Innovation and Development says, “We’ve definitely heard of people tracking down the maker and buying our ice machines to keep at home so they have access to SONIC [emphasis his] ice 24/7.” He credits the ice’s high ratio of surface area, as compared to traditional cubed ice, as a primary selling point: “The ice melts at an optimal speed without diluting the drink flavor too much.” The goal is to have some ice leftover once you’ve finished your drink for, um, snacking.

At home, pebble ice is great in all kinds of cocktails from margaritas to tiki drinks to spiked cherry limeade. But, unfortunately, Sonic doesn’t serve booze. (One can dream.) So what’s the Sonic Ice lover to do? According to Uehlein, “Many drive-ins sell Sonic Ice by the bag, depending on their local health department regulations.” (And do note that McConnell advises against attempts to make it at home, without the machine: “Any approach you make at home will basically end up the same: crushed or shaved ice.”) So either head to your closest Sonic, or save your pennies and go the McConaughey route. The only caveat is that, when you make your first drink with the stuff, you have to loudly say “All right, all right, all right!”

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Bermuda Is The Best Place To Find Private Beaches!!

You may also read: Bermuda Is the Best Place to Find Hidden, Almost-Private Beaches BY: ALEXANDER-JULIAN GIBBSON

One day you may be able to afford you own private beach, but it the mean time you can fake it till you make it with these almost-secret beaches.

It’s time we all admitted something that nobody is talking about: beaches can really suck.

On no normal day would I want to spend hours among hundreds of half naked strangers, or be wedged between a random sunburned guy clad in a miniature speedo and tons of over-enthused beach goers kicking around sand in what can only be explained as a ploy to build a sand castle in my mouth. And If you’re not tormented by the views of scarlet red peeling skin or a mouth (and bathing suit) full of sand, just consider the cringe-worthy display of the peacocking “gym guy” that has finally made his way to the beach to show-off the “beach body” he spent the last 9 months cultivating.

But admittedly, stripped of all human factors, a day at the beach is a beautiful gift from nature, even for us skeptics. And even better than a beautiful beach is a beautiful beach with nobody else on it. It’s not easy to find everywhere, but I recently learned that one of the world’s great destinations for secret, hidden, gym-guy-free beaches is Bermuda. Its solo beach opportunities are so excellent that you should actually be booking your flight right now. Get ready to lay out in your tiny speedo, kick up a sandstorm in every direction you can figure, and develop a weird sunburn all your own–this beach is all yours, king.

Once you’ve booked your tickets and and your Airbnb (Bermuda is full of because all of pastel-colored, white-roofed, gorgeous houses), plot your trips to these perfect beaches.

Whale Bay

Whale Bay

Apparently Whale Bay is rated as one of the best places for shore fishing in Bermuda, but, ya know, if that’s not really your deal then the beautiful pink sand and calm waters are a good secondary win for this super secluded bay. Another one of the amazing parts of Whale Bay is the large open field at the entrance of the beach, perfect for a nice picnic after a day of lazy beach activities to sit back and enjoy a picture-perfect view of the Bermudian sunset.

Warwick Long Bay

The pinnacle of Bermuda’s pink sand beaches is, at risk of an oxymoron, one of Bermuda’s most famous secluded beaches. Despite being ranked as one of the World’s Best Beaches by CNN, the east end of Warwick Long Bay has managed to remain the perfect spot for relaxing, sunbathing, and avoiding the masses thanks to its steep cliffs and shrub-covered hills.

Church Bay

Church Bay is a personal favorite for obvious #view inspired reasons, but the locals will tell you that Church Bay is also the best beach for snorkeling. (Always trust the locals.) Once you make your way down the beautiful wooden stairs at the tip of this beach you’ll find yourself surrounded by coral cliffs that form a quaint little cove that’ll have you feeling like you’re on your own private beach. You’re likely to even come across some colorful tropical fish like angel, butterfly and parrot fish–just watch out for the jellyfish.

Cooper’s Island

Cooper’s Island, located at the very end of Bermuda, is the mother of Bermuda’s secluded beaches. The island was once a restricted area, occupied by the U.S. military and NASA, which is likely why is hasn’t quite boomed to Horseshoe Bay-level activity.This is any Bermudian local’s favorite spot to get away from the tourist bustle. It’s actually a collection of beaches, all beautiful and void of excessive beach activity. And if you’re feeling adventurous and want to step away from the water, you can visit the island’s nature reserve or take an easy hike up to one the highest points of the island for an unbelievable view of all the beaches and beyond. The Island is a bit far out but well worth the drive.

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Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before

Credit to: Sarah Hyland’s Tits and Ass go the Gym of the Day BY: MONTANA BANKS

We are talking about the stunning beauty Sarah Hyland – a pretty face and a hot look, the famous and heart ruling actress.  If we talk about her performance that is fabulous, she is very talented. You can see her roles, and this will help you in the decision about her performance and acting proficiency. This article also covers the Sarah Hyland tits and many other aspects about her photoshoots, facts about Hyland nude pics, and many more about her.
Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before
Sarah Hyland was born on 24th of November, 1990 I Manhattan, New York. She studied at the Professional Performing Art School.  Here are her acting career starts, where she got a few minor roles in some movies like Annie, Private Parts and Blind Dates.
Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before

Early Life

 If we see her early life, she was a cute girl born in Manhattan, New York on November 24th, 1990.  She was not the first one who came into the film industry and showbiz. We can say that this may be a reason for her push and that’s the reason made her talented and professional. She was the daughter of Hollywood’s renowned actors.
 Her mother was a famous actress named Melissa Canaday, and father name is Edward James Hyland. She is a sister of renowned actress Ian Hyland. She later took admission in Professional Performing Art School (PPAS) in Manhattan. The school was a famous institute to teach the dramas and dance as well as diploma curriculum.
Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before

Sarah’s Career

 As she was brought up in a very filmy family. So acting is her passion. She started her career by taking minors roles in movies like Annie Private Parts and Blind Dates. The role of a character that changed her life was Haley Dunphy on Modern Family. This role brought her to the spotlight and introduced her to the world. Her performance acclaimed and she was nominated for many awards and, four Screen Actors Guild Award for Excellent Performance. Her some roles became her identity these roles from Geek Charming, Struck by Lightning, Scary Movie 5, Vampire Academy.
Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before

Hot and Sexy Hyland

You show off what you have. If you are beautiful and you are looking sexy, this will increase your confidence to come before the people with your completely apparent beauty. So is the case with celebrities. We are discussing Sarah for now. She gave so sexy poses it makes a viewer her lover.
Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before
Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen beforeSarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before
What’s about if she reveals her under-boobs? Yes, I’m talking about Sarah Hyland tits that she revealed. The stories are about the show off of her underboss. Sarah Hyland hot nude pose came online when she shared her pics on Instagram. In which she is wearing a super tiny chain link bikini top. The pics were so sexy and mind-blowing for Sarah’s fans.
Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before
She was happy in these pics while last feeds on Instagram her face was swollen I think due kidney issues. Sarah Hyland’s hot pics revealed that how sexy she was. A person when look at her hotty look, thinks that how a girl can be so sexy and hot.
Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before

Sarah Hyland went to the gym because she can’t afford a gym in her house, you know being on a hit TV show,

She makes a minimum of 100,000 dollars an episode, which is probably closer to 350,000 dollars an episode now that she’s over 18, where Sofia Vergara makes something like 500,000 an episode, while they’ve filmed 232 episodes…

MEANING that on the low end she’s made 23,200,000 dollars…

Sure 20 -30 percent of that goes to management and agents and lawyers…

Leaving her with something like 15 million dollars…

Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before


Then another 45 percent goes to taxes….leaving her 8 million dollars…

That is spread out over 10 years, so profiting 800,000 on the low end after taxes just for that ONE job…

And a bitch can’t afford a fucking gym in her house.

I find that very fucking hard to believe, and just reminds me that she’s out there for attention, to be seen, to be

celebrated, wearing a slutty gym outfit for dudes to say she’s got a hot body because she’s found her sexuality, but not her Kidney…that she’s had removed.

So here she is out there for attention. Acting all annoyed and inconvenienced while done up with what looks like face injections doing her best thirsty Kardashian look…


Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before Sarah Hyland’s Tits -Photos of her that you have never seen before

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A $12 Billion Emergency Aid Package Isn’t Going To Help – Wage Workers Raising Their Voices Against Donald Trump!

Credit to: Donald Trump Continues to Wage One-Man Trade War on American Workers BY: JAY WILLIS

The tariffs aren’t doing what the White House wants them to do. A $12 billion emergency aid package isn’t going to help.

As president, one of Donald Trump’s very favorite discussion topics is trade wars, because it allows him to employ grandiose military rhetoric while burnishing his image as a hard-nosed, bluff-calling maven of the boardroom. “Trade wars are good,” he scoffed when he announced the first round of tariffs earlier this year, “and easy to win.” The promise of this White House is that with a billionaire genius dealmaker at its helm, Americans will see themselves on the winning end of countless expertly-negotiated business deals—the sort of thing to which Washington’s hapless, lily-livered politician class could only aspire.

Four months later, let’s check in on this particular prong of Donald Trump’s multifaceted plan to make America great again. From the Washington Post:

The White House plans to announce on Tuesday a plan to extend $12 billion in emergency aid to farmers caught in the midst of President Trump’s escalating trade war, two people briefed on the plan said, the latest sign that growing tensions between the United States and other countries will not end soon.

After the prices of soy and other commodities plummeted in response to retaliatory tariffs, the administration, says the Post, began brainstorming ways to soothe the fears of angry growers “without backing down on Trump’s trade agenda.” This solution is roughly the equivalent of waking up every morning to kick yourself in the dick as hard as you can, and then after much diligent dick-kicking, announcing that you’ve decided to invest in a state-of-the-art titanium cup to prevent your dick-kicking habit from having any further deleterious effect on your health and happiness. You declined to consider the obvious alternative—not kicking yourself in the dick anymore—because doing so would have been a tacit admission that your decision to start kicking yourself in the dick was a profoundly ill-advised one in the first place.

As is the case with many policies espoused by this president, his eagerness to engage in international trade wars is complicated by his fundamental inability to understand what they are, why they occur, or how they might affect the people he represents. The possibility, for example, that other countries might slap tariffs on American goods in response to his tariffs on their goods—particularly when it comes to countries with command economies, which by their nature are better equipped to deal with tariff-adjacent hardships than the United States—seems to have never occurred to him. In four months, Donald Trump turned the party of principled fiscal conservatism into a champion of eleven-figure, taxpayer-funded bailouts that subsidize crops rendered worthless by his own harebrained policy choices.

Farmers aren’t the only ones getting hammered by his obstinance. Washing machine prices are up about 20 percent thanks to his steel and aluminum tariffs, prompting companies like Whirlpool—which at first applauded the tariffs as a “positive catalyst” for the industry—to revise their profit outlook in this “very challenging cost environment.” In Michigan, a maker of door lock components has scaled back employee overtime as sales slump. A nail manufacturing firm in Missouri says that it might lay off half of its 500 employees by mid-August, and all of them by Labor Day. None of this matters to Donald Trump, who treats every problem like a fight over his appearance fee for another season of The Apprentice, blissfully unaware that every day he holds out forces more of his own people to quit their jobs and look for work somewhere else.

Paris Hilton Wants To Warn You About Instagram – Lets Hear It!!

Credit to: Paris Hilton Is a Woman of the People BY: JAYA SAXENA

In Hollywood Love Story, a new show about the perils of social media fame on Viceland, Paris Hilton is descending a staircase. Sometimes she’s lounging on a divan, or overlooking L.A. from a balcony. She’s always in some sort of sparkly, form-fitting evening wear, her face illuminated by her phone as she talks (in voiceover) about the hardships of “making it” in Hollywood. “Are you really having fun?” she asks. “How far is too far?”

The show is dark as hell, but Hilton floats above it. As we watch young adults struggle to pay rent, to get people to show up at their art shows, to find any sort of support, Hilton seems to watch from a dimly lit heaven, sprinkling rhetorical questions and bits of advice down on the lives of these would-be social media stars.

It’s easy to forget what an idiosyncratic phenomenon Paris Hilton was. For a while, she was everywhere, an easy punchline, all catchphrases and low-cut jeans. A bedazzled cell phone with a chihuahua. A child of privilege who didn’t seem to understand just what had been handed to her. Remember how she signed with Trump Model management and was friends with Ivanka? Remember when she cried “It’s not right!” in court after being sentenced to 45 days in jail for a DUI? Remember how satisfying it was to watch her crash and burn?

It’s also easy to forget that she was 19, and her sister was 16, when photos of the two of them were published by Vanity Fair. Or that her sex tape was released by her ex-boyfriend, and when she said she was “out of it” when it was filmed and didn’t want it released, he sued her for slander (which you have to hope would have been covered with a bit more care and understanding today). She was both victim and oppressor, someone who got fucked over but who could bounce back because of her wealth and fame. She was our first “celebutante,” the first person famous for not doing anything. If you’re mad at the Kardashians and Jenners and Bravo reality stars, blame her.

That was 15 years ago, though. Hilton is 37 now, engaged, and in charge of a $1.5 billion perfume empire. She’s launching a skin care line, she DJs in Ibiza, and gets paid to make appearances. She’s doing just fine. In fact, she wants to be a “fairy godmother” to those up-and-coming in Hollywood Love Story. She wants to teach them a thing or two, to remind them that fame and social media aren’t all there is. Maybe she knows better than anyone.

GQ: How did you wind up involved with Hollywood Love Story?
Paris Hilton: People from Viceland came over and they were explaining the show and said, “We can’t do it with anyone but you. We want you to be the fairy godmother of the show, the voice behind it, giving advice and commenting, since you’re the OG of social media and the start of this whole game. Please do the show, we need you.” There’s nothing like it on TV.

I just feel like The Simple Life was the first of its kind, and now all the shows are just scripted, and fake, and staged. So I really wanted to make a show with real people, real lives, and just showing not only the good side of social media, but also the dark side. They move to Hollywood to follow their dreams, and it doesn’t always work out for everyone.

It definitely shows how a curated Instagram feed can be dangerous. People think “Oh, that’s just what life will be like when I move to L.A.,” and they don’t necessarily see all the struggle that’s behind that.
I’ve been in this business for 20 years, and I’ve seen everyone come and go. I think it’s important for other people, and especially this new generation, to watch a show like this and relate to it. Like, if they’re going through the same thing, knowing they’re not the only one that feels hurt, or rejected, or sad, or lonely. I think everyone always shows the glamorous side of everything, the perfect side. This is showing when you turn your iPhone off and you’re sitting alone in your room, and you’re actually contemplating life, and what your future is, and who you are.

Vice describes the show as a cautionary tale. What’s the main lesson you want people to take away about this sort of hustle, and about the relationship to social media?
It definitely shows a very dark vibe of all of this, and the impression of fame, through social media—it takes over peoples lives. Especially the new generation, they care so much about what other people think. You don’t really take time for yourself. It’s not a way to live life. I said it actually in the Spirit Sisters episode, that it doesn’t matter what other people think. What matters most is what you think about yourself.

I feel like a big sister to a lot of these kids. My fans, they call themselves my little “Hiltons.” I love how I can stay in contact with them. Any time I go to a country, I’ll make sure I get them a hotel, they can come to the club with me, or ride in the car with me, get makeovers with me, and I give them my products, then we hang out. I’m very close with my fans. And I think that’s the thing that I love about social media is having that contact. When I was little, I remember buying YM magazine and writing letters to Beverly Hills 90210 people and wanting an autograph, and that was so exciting. But nowadays, you can text your favorite idol, and maybe get in contact with them.

You’ve been in the public eye for about for 20 years, and you mention in one episode that when you were becoming famous, social media was not what it is. There was no Instagram, no Twitter. You weren’t a Myspace star or anything. Do you wish you had access to social media?
I’m proud that I did this all before all that. I think nowadays it’s very easy. If you have a phone, you have a talent, you have the possibility of building your own brand or even empire. Back then I had no social media, no agent, no publicist, no stylist. I was just going out, being photographed. [I was] just vibing myself, and people would say, “Oh, she’s famous for being famous,” because there was no one who had done that before.

But I’m glad I didn’t have that back then because I feel like life was so much fun, like, I lived just more free. When I used to go out, no one had a camera phone out. There was no TMZ. It would be the best people in Hollywood, and everyone felt comfortable and safe because no one was trying to get a picture of them or sell them out or do something. I don’t go out anymore unless I’m DJing or I’m being paid to be there for an event. I think that kids nowadays don’t know what fun is. I feel like for a lot of these people on social media, it’s very short-lived. It’s not sustainable, and yes, there’s some that are killing it right now but, who knows in a couple years if those videos are going to be funny anymore? What if Instagram shut down? A lot of young people’s lives would be over.

You grew up in a very established, wealthy family. A lot of the people on the show are moving to L.A., living with six roommates, struggling to pay rent. How do you relate to that struggle?
When I moved to L.A. I was 18, and my parents did not want me to leave. I was living at the Waldorf Astoria. They were very strict. They did not want me moving to L.A. by myself. They didn’t want me in the entertainment industry. They didn’t want me to do The Simple Life. They really wanted me to be a businesswoman, in the real estate world or in the hotel world. So when I turned 18, I just left and went to L.A., and I didn’t have anything, and got a model agency [Trump Model Management]. I had lived at an L.A. model’s apartment. I started modeling, and then booking campaigns with David LaChapelle, and then I got an apartment with two of my best friends who I met in L.A. So I can really relate to that story in a way, because my family didn’t want me to come here. I did it on my own because I had a dream.

Obviously I’m very lucky that I came from a prestigious family, but at the same time, I didn’t want to be controlled. I decided that when I turn 18, I’m going to grow up, and I’m going to become an amazing, successful, businesswoman in whatever I do. Because I see a lot of my friends who come from very wealthy families, but they don’t work. They don’t do anything with their lives. They have to get an allowance from their parents. Ever since I was a teenager I knew I didn’t want to be one of those people.

Recently you got a little blow back from referring to yourself as a “self-made” billionaire…

A lot of people disagreed with that because you come from such a prestigious family.
I think I’d landed in from Europe back from Mykonos, and they asked me like, “Are you self-made?” I answered, “Obviously,” because I am. Everything I’ve done, I’ve done on my own. Nobody gave me anything. Everything, I’ve worked for. Every car I bought, every house I bought, everything I’ve done has not been from my family, it’s been because I’ve been working my butt off since I was a teenager in New York. So, I feel like that is self-made. When you work hard and you build something by yourself without the help of anyone, I consider that self-made. If you’re just handed a bunch of money from your parents, and you don’t work, that’s not self-made, that’s just a trust fund kid.

When you were 16, David LaChapelle considered you his muse. He was in his mid-30s at the time. Do you view that differently now that you’re older?
When I met David, I was so excited because I loved his work and all my friends were friends of his. Yeah, I was 16, but I had a fake ID. I was going out to all the clubs. Everyone thought I was 21 because I was just very mature and I’d have the heavy black eye makeup on. No one even knew or cared. I’m also an old soul, I’ve always been that way. When I met him, I was just fascinated, and everybody would say “Oh my God. You guys are literally Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick.” My parents are very strict. I was just a tomboy, I’d never been to a party or hadn’t even really gone to school dances. I’d never been on a date. My mom didn’t want me to wear makeup. Going to the Century City Mall with Nicole, that was the coolest thing to do for me.

But then when I moved to New York it was this whole new world. My sister and I, we had never experienced that before. So, meeting David, it was amazing, shooting with him and being a muse was just, he was a genius. I also owe a lot to him because you gotta think, when Vanity Fair published those pictures, we just blew up. Even though the pictures were so risque. I thought they were just pictures for fun. I didn’t realize that Vanity Fair was going to get them from him. My mom and dad were really mad, and I got in a lot of trouble. But it was worth it.

What’s something about fame that you know now, that you wish you knew 20 years ago?
I wish I knew so many things 20 years ago. I wish I had a big sister like me to tell me everything. I think the one thing, it changes your whole life. [Fame is] so normal to me that I don’t even really remember life before. But it can be lonely sometimes, so you really need to have the right people around you and not be naïve. Not everyone has good intentions. A lot of people will want to use you for the wrong reasons. It’s important just to really look around at who is in your circle, and make sure that they’re all people who you can love and trust. It’s very difficult, you know?

I’ve just seen so much. I think you can’t let it get to your head. Just remain the same person and not ever treat anyone differently. I’ve never said no to a selfie no matter how tired I am at an airport, no matter where I am. I always say yes. I would never want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

One more thing: when is the last time you said “that’s hot”?
Every day. I think I’ll say it forever. Even if something’s not hot and I’m bored. I’ll just say, “That’s hot.” Whatever.

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The Designer And The Brand Are Now Mutually Invested – Uniqlo and Christophe Lemaire Are Collaborating For Success!!

Credit to: Uniqlo and Christophe Lemaire Are Forging a New Kind of Collaboration BY: CAM WOLF

A striking, maybe-obvious truth about fashion in 2018: the fastest way for a brand to go from no-name to always-selling-out is by collaborating. The current environment for collaborations typically dictates that brands grab onto the nearest, biggest star—whether that’s in fashion, entertainment, or sports—and hold on for dear life, hoping some prestige or recognition sticks. Uniqlo seems to do collaborations unlike any other brand, though, by picking partners that really match the sort of clothes it’s already making and generally committing to those people long term. And a report from Business of Fashion that the brand’s taken a stake in the namesake brand of its collaborator Christophe Lemaire is more proof the Japanese brand’s method stands out in a world littered with capsule collections.

The Japanese brand has always worked with designers who share certain thoughtful, understated qualities—Jil Sander, say, or Tomas Maier. Initially, Lemaire fit in the same bucket, pushing clothes in line with his own label’s flowy, relaxed gear. Then Uniqlo gave him the keys to his own permanent collection named Uniqlo U.

Uniqlo also started spreading Lemaire’s talents around the brand. In 2016, a year into their partnership, Lemaire was named an artistic director, and tapped to head up the brand’s development offices in Paris. Uniqlo also got him to design for the brand’s athletes, like Kei Nishikori and Roger Federer.

Uniqlo’s investment in Lemaire’s own brand only makes sense because the pair are now so inextricably linked. It feels fair to say that where Uniqlo U goes Lemaire goes, and vice versa. “For [Uniqlo’s parent company] Fast Retailing, having a vested interest in Lemaire strengthens the ties between the eponymous designer, his partner [Sarah-Linh] Tran and Uniqlo, which has come to rely on his contribution,” BoF writes. While most collaborations are marketing plays, Lemaire is now a designer that Uniqlo relies on. His clothes aren’t housed in some remote corner of a Uniqlo store—they’re actually mixed in with the brand’s core collection in stores and on mannequins. He makes Fed look good, and Uniqlo even hires people from Lemaire’s world, according to BoF.

And it’s not just Uniqlo that’s benefitting from the partnership. Since Lemaire joined the brand in 2015, sales at his own brand have doubled. 2015 was also the year after Lemaire left Hermès to bulk up his brand, but permanently having your clothes in one of the world’s biggest retailers definitely doesn’t hurt.

Today, Uniqlo is signing Lemaire to another five-year deal, meaning he’ll be with the company through at least 2023. Most big-time collaborations between high-fashion designers and mall brands are limited to a single explosive day. Uniqlo, on the other hand, is a sorta-mall brand signing a really talented luxury designer to a long-term deal, hoping to bake his qualities into its own DNA. Lemaire and Uniqlo isn’t necessarily a big splash—although some Uniqlo U items do sell out—but a partnership that will elevate the brand by slowly nudging its clothes closer to perfection.

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Netflix Is Making A Mashup oF Lost and Lord of the Flies!!

Credit to: Netflix Is Making a Creepy-Sounding New Mystery Show BY: TOM PHILIP

Another day, another high-concept development coming out of Netflix’s original programming department. Today, it’s a show being billed, according to The Hollywood Reporter, as “a mix of Lostmeets Lord of the Flies.” Those are both good, creepy things!

The untitled project follows a group of teens who return home after a trip “cut short,” only to discover their town is now completely deserted, and they mysteriously can’t seem to leave themselves. You’ll notice this synopsis mentions nothing about an island, something you’d imagine would be vital to the Lost and Lord of the Flies-ness of it all. It’s 2018 and we still can’t find a better touchstone for drumming up excitement around a mystery thriller than Lost? Anyway, this sounds extremely my shit regardless. “Weird town where nothing is quite as it seems” is one of my favorite genres, and we were all teens once. Who can’t relate?

The show will star Kathryn Newton, an up-and-comer who’s been a bright spot in the hyper-popular Blockers and Big Little Lies. No other casting has been announced yet, but thanks to the Riverdaleboom, there’s no shortage of headstrong adults-who-look-like-teens out there, so I’m sure Netflix will be able to round up a few.

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7 Best Styles Of Jon Kortajarena – The World’s Most In-Demand Model Also Have Some Style Chops!!

Credit to: 15 Ways To Dress Like Jon Kortajarena BY: Richard Jones

There once was a boy from Bilbao, with razor sharp cheekbones, a perfectly coiffed quiff and a subtly arched eyebrow. He was quickly the toast of the fashion glitterati, smouldering at every fashion week party…

The boy’s name? Jon Kortajarena, whose standing as one of the top male models in the world has lasted for over a decade now, and has also seen him edge into Hollywood, taking turns in Tom Ford’s A Single Man and TV show Quantico.

Along with his dalliances in the acting world, Kortajarena is still in high demand in fashion. Versace, Armani, Cavalli – you name them, Kortajarena has fronted their campaign. And of course, a career that requires you to wear top-notch clothing the majority of the time is going to rub off a little on your own personal style.

The Look

Despite being a fixture in an ever-changing fashion world, Kortajarena’s own style isn’t so reliant on what is trending or not. That’s not to say the man doesn’t have range. Trousers flip-flop from skinny jeans to looser and baggier fits depending on the look Kortajarena is going for.

In terms of palette, black or grey is dominant with the odd splash of colour – a red coat or pink blazer being neutralised by the failsafe base. Tailoring is also a go-to – when you’ve worked with the master Tom Ford how can it not? Here, Kortajarena is more experimental, with lavish shawl lapels and wild patterns mixing up his more casual off-duty looks.

Inspiration: James Dean, Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld
Go-To Brands: Tom Ford, Valentino, Versace
Follow Him: @kortajarenajon

Fleece Me

A cool jacket that has the best of the bomber (ribbed cuffs) and the field jacket (double pockets) with a sprinkle of shearling, well, surely that’s a recipe made in smart-casual heaven. We would recommend faux shearling for the ethical reasons involved in the real fluff, but with faux it is best to suss it out in person as opposed to a pic on the internet. Finally some hiking boots complete this roll out of bed and come out impeccably stylish look.

Jon Kortajarena Outfits

Just A Regular Jon

Who says you need anything more than a button-down shirt and pair of dark jeans to look good? Sure, it’s a bit everyday but whether it’s in the office or at the weekend, the look is smart-casual perfection. Ralph Lauren is synonymous now with the look, and both it’s cotton and linen options are breathable, comfortable and endlessly stylish. Jon knows.

Jon Kortajarena Style Inspiration

After Dark

No item of men’s clothing is more likely to guarantee you sex symbol status like the leather jacket. Of course it helps having the cheekbones and designer stubble of Kortajarena, but the leather racer jacket seen here is one of the easiest to get right. If you are of a slighter frame like Jon then go with a thicker leather to bulk out your shoulders.

Jon Kortajarena Best Looks

A Study In Scarlet

A flash of red and a jazzy pattern is enough to grab jealous glances from fellow fashionistos but only as long as it’s neutralised and contrasted with a non-colour like Kortajarena’s favoured black or grey. In terms of shape the oversized duster coat only works if the rest of your outfit is streamlined so slim pleated trousers or skinny jeans will work grand.

Jon Kortajarena Fashion

Lapel Lovin’

Like the globe trotting playboy his looks and job decree, Kortajarena loves a smouldering smoking jacket completed with a dandy shawl lapel. Do bear in mind that shawl lapels work better on those with angular features, as round faced chaps will come unstuck by the rounded lapel’s similarities with their face shape.

Jon Kortajarena Tailoring

The DB Relaxed

Boxy 1980s tailoring (of which the pinstripe suit is king) is creeping back into trend after a period of banishment to the fashion tundra, but in among the thawing don’t forget the basics of a well fitted suit. A medium break on the trousers shows off a more traditional suit cut among the cropped trousers crew prominent in menswear at the moment, while the roll neck always works for a dash of old school glamour.

Jon Kortajarena Fashion Inspiration

The Name’s Kortajarena…

A million hearts have swooned at the sight of a well put together gentleman in a tuxedo. But for every fluttering heart there’s a Savile Row tailor shuddering over your decision to wear a morning suit to a black tie event. So let’s cover the bases by way of Jon – all black even down to the shoes? Check. Contrast lapels? Check. Expertly tied bow tie? Check. A virtuous white pocket square to finish it off? You bet.

Jon Kortajarena Tuxedo

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Men’s Horrible Grooming Mistakes Which Are Bathroom Cabinet Cardinal Sins!!

Credit to: 14 Men’s Grooming Mistakes You (Probably) Don’t Know You’re Making BY: FASHIONBEANS EDITORS

Clutching for life somewhere beneath your epidermis is that fresh-faced man you once were. Over the years, pollution, ageing, stress and grooming mishaps have combined to ensure that looking your best is rarely easy.

Fortunately, that latter reason is, by its very definition, avoidable and, to an extent, reversible. Side-step these toe-to-face faux pas and your appearance will thank you for it.

You’re Not Moisturising Before Bed

An error as commonplace as blunt razors in a man’s bathroom, it’s easy to think that as day turns to night, you can put your grooming regime to bed.

The truth, however, is that things are just getting started for your skin after using your evening face wash. “Cleansing strips away dead cells, dirt and bacteria, but it can leave the skin dry and lacking hydration,” says Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist at London’s Highgate Hospital.

The Fix

At night, the skin switches into recovery mode, and cells start to repair themselves up to three times faster than during the day. To help the process along, invest in a solid night cream containing a higher concentration of skin-saving ingredients like vitamin E. A little of this and you’ll wake up more handsome.

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Maximum Hydrator 50ml - Click to buy Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream, 50ml - Click to buy LAB SERIES SKINCARE FOR MEN NIGHT RECOVERY LOTION (50ML) - Click to buy No7 Men Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Night Moisturiser - Click to buy

World’s Top Luxury Sneaker Brands – The Finest Kicks Money Can Buy!

Credit to: Here’s Why You Deserve A Pair Of Luxury Sneakers BY: JAMIE CARSON

Luxury ready meals. Luxury water. Luxury bleach. The human race has transformed plenty of everyday products into fancy, pointless abominations. But one thing it did get right was turning the humble athletic trainer into a piece of art worthy of a streetwear king (AKA someone with a six figure Insta following).

The high street may be failing, but high-end brands are continuing to flourish – especially those that make luxury sneakers. Brand sales by the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga are continuing to soar, proving that today’s generation of stunting, brand-conscious consumers is investing in premium, well-made fashion rather than wear-once-and-throw-away pieces. And the luxury sneaker is at the heart of it all.

Every brand worth its salt has created one – from traditional Northampton shoemakers to century-old Parisian fashion houses, and it’s been a key contributor to the casual direction menswear is firmly committed to. In short, you need a pair. But if you don’t know your Jordans from your John Lobbs, you might want to get your feet stuck into our guide to the slickest luxury sneaker brands you can invest in right now.

Credit cards/second mortgage at the ready.


The world’s biggest trendsetters kicked off the embroidery revolution about four years ago, and it hasn’t slowed down since. Made in Italy, its most popular low-top white Ace sneakers feature either the brand’s iconic bee emblem – introduced in the 1970s – or a snake in the red, green and gold Gucci colourway.

These much-imitated shoes are the eternally on-trend sneakers that go with virtually everything in your wardrobe, from raw selvedge denim jeans and a plain white tee, to dressing down your summer suits.

The Best Men's Gucci Sneakers


Nice shoes from Stockholm. Surprise surprise. CQP’s (Conversations & Quintessential Products) premium kicks are designed in Sweden, and handmade in Portugal, and certainly fit the bill. You’ll most likely spot its Racquet collection, low tops commonly featuring a canvas side panel, 100% Italian suede toe and tongue, and waxed cotton laces.

Alternatively, there’s the Tarmac line, a smarter quarter-top style made with the same quality suede but with a 100% calf leather lining and arch support with several layers of cushioning. The next best thing to wearing pillows on your feet.

The Best Men's CQP Sneakers

CQP All Black Tarmac Sneakers - click to buy CQP All Blue Racquet SR Sneakers - click to buy CQP white sneakers - click to buy CQP dark brown sneakers - click to buy

Axel Arigato

Some brands stick to one shape and that’s that. Not Axel Arigato. To this Swedish brand, variety is everything.

From the uber casual basketball-inspired Court hi-top, the signature Clean coming in zip-up and laceless options, to the futuristically functional Tech Runner, Axel’s lavish leather-infused lineup is a one-stop shop for all sneaker lovers, bringing art students and sports nuts together in perfect harmony. They did it. World peace at last.

The Best Axel Arigato Sneakers For Men


GUCCI Ace Watersnake-Trimmed Appliquéd Leather Sneakers - click to buy GUCCI Rhyton Logo-Print Leather Sneakers - click to buy GUCCI Major Appliquéd Full-Grain Leather High-Top Sneakers - click to buy GUCCI JBG Webbing-Trimmed Leather And Suede Sneakers - click to buy

Top 10 Lies Women Know Men Tell (As Told By Actress Brooke Burfitt)!!

Credit to: Nick Dimengo

Trust us, we know there are a bajillion dating tips out there that are meant to help men be their best selves when it comes to the opposite sex. Problem is, for whatever reason, guys continue to mess things up, going with their guts and using their egos to try and work their way into a lady’s heart.

Lucky for us, actress Brooke Burfitt reached out to us in the hope that she can change the minds of men everywhere about all those aforementioned dating tips. And, since guys all tell fabrications (or straight-up lies) to women in the hope of making themselves appear more attractive or better, Brooke wanted to list the phrases that men use the most — and that the gals know aren’t true.

Look, we all tell untruths (not always lies, exactly) and exaggerated truths in the hope that it will impress members of the opposite sex. But, there are certain over hacked lines that make all women roll their eyes. What could those be? Keep on reading to see what the lovely Brooke Burfitt says they are — and, if you’ve ever used any of them, take note; the ladies are onto you!

Brooke Burfitt

My Last Girlfriend Was A Supermodel

I have heard this line (and variations of it) more times than I care to remember. Certain men boast about bedding bikini/lingerie/glamour models and they’ve had the most beautiful women in the world chase them. Why are you telling me about your conquests? Why are you sharing this information with someone you don’t know? Is it to tell me that I should be thanking my lucky stars that you are lowering your standards to talk to me? The only men who boast to women in this way are hugely insecure and lying to try and cover it up. Here’s a trick guys; a man who does the exact opposite, and plays down his abilities, will arouse a lot more intrigue.

I’ve Bedded Hundreds Of Women

You may want to exaggerate your number with your mates, but if you’re the type of man who boasts to women about your success rate, you clearly are telling a big fib. How do I know? Because men who are successful with women know the secret. All women want to feel special and be the only one in a man’s universe. So, if you’re telling me about all of the women you’ve bedded to try and hit on me, you clearly don’t have a clue what you’re doing. Plus, the thought of being with someone who has been everywhere with anyone makes me feel a little queasy, and not in the good “weak at the knees” kind of way.

I Am Single

Ouch, this is a nasty one, and I think both sexes have been found guilty of this one. Still, it seems men are a little more comfortable with this untruth. I will assume you are lying until proven otherwise by your availability and being introduced to your friends and family.

I’m Just Going Out For One Drink

We know you’re not having just one drink. And, in fact, this is a silly little line that causes so much more drama than it should. Just be honest from the start! If you insist it is just one drink and we wait up, you will only hurt us. It’s best to say you are out all night, or that you are unsure, and encourage her to make her own plans, then she won’t be at home worrying.

I Never Cry, I’m Not In Touch With My Emotions

It must be difficult for a man to have to appear so strong all the time and be raised to not show feelings, but it isn’t a weakness. We know you cried at the end of that rom-com, but, don’t worry, you can keep saying this white lie to us and to yourself. Bear in mind, though, women don’t want to date the tin man.

I Respect Women Who Sleep With Me On The First Date

Well, it’s a nice try and a smart technique to see if you could get lucky on a first date, but this is clearly a big lie. If you do actually get what you want early on, you see her in a completely different light and start wondering how many other men she gave in to after two glasses of wine.

I’m Really A Straightforward Guy, What You See Is What You Get

Nobody is straightforward. We are all complicated creatures, and I think guys say this because of the stereotype that women are complex, so men are supposed to be simple. We know it’s not true. You can be arrogant and insecure, laid back and jealous, loud and quiet.

I’m Very Close To My Family

Some men try to emphasize how close they are to their family, I think, to impress women with endearing qualities of loyalty. Just like when you say you are single, actions speak louder than words. This lie could come back to haunt you when the woman books a vacation with your family.

I Just Want To Cuddle

Hmmm, we know you like a good snuggle, but really? We know exactly what you mean. This is like a woman saying, “I like watching sports.” We both have ulterior motives here.

You Are The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Well, this is a line all men tell. It’s pretty obvious I’m not the most beautiful girl in the world or even close, but I’ll forgive you. So will she. As long as you treat her like she actually is the most beautiful girl in the world, then keep telling her this beautiful white lie.

All images via Brooke Burfitt.

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Sorry To Bother You Is The Scathingly Clear-Eyed Film About America in 2018!!

Credit to: Sorry to Bother You Is the Most Essential Film of the Year BY: JOSHUA RIVERA

At the start of Sorry to Bother You, Cassius Green (Lakieth Stanfield), is struggling. He doesn’t have a job, and he feels he has to lie about his employment history in order to get one. It turns out he doesn’t, mostly because he’s applying for a telemarketing job, and, as his boss explains, they’ll take anyone. Shortly after starting his new job as a telemarketer, an old hand (Danny Glover!) clues him into the secret that will soon catapult him to wild success: Using his “white voice.” Then things get weird.

If you look at the trailer, Sorry to Bother You appears to be a kinetic satire about a guy who sells out, adopting a voice that sounds like David Cross’s instead of his own (because it is David Cross’s) and rapidly ascending the corporate ladder at the cost of his soul. Cassius catapults from the drudgery of the phone banks to the cocaine highs of white-collar debauchery, a drug-fueled, cash-rich world that’s happy to have him as long as he puts on a suit and doesn’t forget his white voice. And yes, Sorry to Bother Youis that, a story about how escaping poverty in America often demands that you erase yourself in exchange for a six-figure check—that is, if you have the luxury of being able to pass as a white man, at least on the other side of a phone.

As Cassius Green falls down the rabbit hole of white success, the world becomes more absurd, much the way it does when someone from poverty, beset by sharks on all sides, finds themselves among the monied class thrilling to the antics of a grifter named Anna Delvey. Every door becomes a portal to something nonsensically benign (A VIP room in a dive bar that hides a crowded club) or horrific-yet-normalized (a TV show where people just get the shit kicked out of them.)

The world of Sorry to Bother You is drawn with a verve and imagination that seem absurd until you stop and consider that its fictional trappings are the same as our real-world circumstance, just with less bullshit. In Sorry to Bother You, one of the biggest companies in America is a corporation called WorryFree, which offers outsourced manual labor in factories that it provides, complete with free housing (a cot) and meals for its workers—as long as they sign up for life. It feels like a natural extension of the world outside my door, where I can pay a company like WeWork for the privilege of staying in an apartment building with communal living and workspaces, all organized around the idea that what makes us all valuable is our capacity to generate wealth for a corporation that can’t bother to employ me itself—and, of course, the freedom to enjoy a beer with my peers after 5 p.m.

Sorry to Bother You doesn’t just hit harder than any of its contemporaries out to satirize the current moment, it hits further. It’s a work that says no, it’s not enough to just make fun of the rich people who helped make our world such a bizarre corporate dystopia. Silicon Valley does that, and the fact that it’s been running for six years tells you the sort of bite it’s interested in having. It is a comedy of complicity—our willingness to sell ourselves out, to resist organizing, resist valuing our labor, to recognize that America only respects wealth, and a company will command more wealth than any individual ever will—and therefore have its wishes respected, and its crimes forgiven.

Above all, Sorry to Bother You is honest. It is not a cautionary tale; it’s too late for those. For all of its surreality and absurdism, Sorry to Bother You isn’t a movie interested in warning us about calamity; it’s a movie that is standing up, exasperated, to shout that calamity is here, and it’s time to pick a damn side.

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Wildest Menswear Fits from Nerd Paradise – San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Style!

Credit to: San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Style: The Best and Wildest Menswear Fits from Nerd Paradise BY: THE EDITORS OF GQ

In 2018, you’re as likely to see off-the-runway and hyped-up menswear at San Diego Comic-Con as you are a shockingly good homemade Deadpool cosplay fit. The annual West Coast convention has become ground zero for movie studios to promote their latest sourced-from-a-comic-book blockbuster or adapted TV shows which brings a calvary of bold-faced names dressed and ready to meet their legions of dedicated fans. And these days, the men of Comic-Con come dressed to impress. While dress code for SDCC is about the same as the one for your aunt’s last backyard barbecue (as in there isn’t one), there are plenty of of-the-moment fits to be found, from aloha shirts to slick suits to modern hippie threads. Here’s what Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, KJ Apa and more on-screen heroes and villians wore to San Diego Comic-Con 2018.

There Are Plenty of Cheesy Tinder Pick-Up Lines to Send “Hi” !!

Credit to: There Are Too Many Good Tinder Pick-Up Lines to Send “Hey” BY: BECA GRIMM

The most infuriating opening line any man can send is “Hey.” “Hey” is to Tinder what “Can we talk?” is to office Slack. Heys run rampant on dating apps among a particular kind of dude. You don’t want to be this dude. He’s the guy who doesn’t want to waste the brain power to formulate a relevant comment about a woman’s bio—even if it mentions I’m Gemini rising and includes a photo where I’m posing with actual wolves. The opening lines write themselves. (“So I guess you’re Team Jacob, huh?”)

Women receive a deluge of heys when they check their Tinder messages. “Hey” can mean anything from “Weirdly enough, I run a wolf sanctuary and would love to offer you the best job in the world working at it” to “I dated your frenemy eons ago and deeply messed with her head, can’t wait to do that to you!” It can also mean “cool jorts” and “I’m drunk.” Not only does reaching out with a “hey” put all the effort of starting a proper conversation on the recipient, but it gives the recipient zero insight into the messenger’s motives or temperament. “Hey” is the worst.

Still, it remains the No. 1 message I receive from men, even outside dating apps. A few weeks back, an old college boyfriend’s former roommate hit me up over Facebook Messenger with a “hey,” which I fully ignored. Some 30 minutes later, he followed up with “Wow, nevermind, I guess!” I didn’t respond to that either. This is a person with whom I never shared a connection, save occasionally bumping into him in a gross kitchen a freaking decade ago. What did he want? I’ll never know. But honestly, that is fine.

“Hey” is the most cowardly way to kick off a gut check, to see whether the person you’re messaging will guide the conversation from a bare-minimum greeting. Sure, “Hey” could be the beginning of “Hey, isn’t Bob Boilen’s voice the most soothing?” (It is.) I guess I can see how leaving your greeting ambiguous leaves room for the second party to set the tone. But women are growing weary of “Hey.” We know now that a “hey” may be a trap. We may end up stuck in a mundane conversation for an indefinite amount of time.

I also don’t love when men whisper “hey” after boning, but at least in that scenario the hey is a continuation of a previously existing (albeit mostly physical) conversation. If you start an exchange, on any platform, it’s also your job to advance it. It’s Small Talk 101: Questions are a great way to get another human talking back to you. Even if you’re messaging a stranger with zero interesting leads in their Bumble bio, you can always ask them a generic question. Some decent options include: “How are you?” and “What’s up?” and “What are you doing to prepare for the apocalypse?” If you’re on a dating app, surely you are messaging this person because something sparked your interest. Did they graduate from your cousin’s alma mater? Ask about the on-campus dive you drank at while visiting him a couple years ago. Do they have a great smile? Compliment it and add a corny question about needing shades around them. Are you just drunk and horny and swiped right by accident while balancing on the toilet? Stick with “How’s it going?”

I understand that putting yourself out there—composing a question—opens you up to the possibility of rejection. Say you spend a precious ten seconds double-checking the spelling of “Ithaca College” only for someone to slap you back with a whole lot of nothing. You don’t want to look dumb! But you don’t look dumb for giving a damn. Vulnerability is so hot right now. It shows confidence. Hopefully, you’re only speaking to people you truly believe will want to talk back to you, so believe in that. If you’re pretty sure they don’t want to talk with you, then don’t even bother.

Perhaps when my old college boyfriend’s former roommate reached out, he was poised to shower me in both personal and professional compliments so pure that they would cancel out the loathsome fact that I ate corn chips and gummy worms for lunch that day. (More likely, he was probably going to complain to me about a recent breakup—a very popular tactic among estranged men trying to reconnect with long-ago female acquaintances.) The possible outcomes are endless when you give someone an in. A “hey” is not an in. Show a little creativity and put yourself out there.

Still seem too vulnerable for you? Fine. At least add an emoji.

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The Ultimate Back Workout That’ll Help You Lift Bigger!!

Credit to: The Best Back Exercise To Build Muscle BY: AL HARDACRE

We know what you’re thinking. If you can’t see the effects of a workout in the mirror, what’s the point? And that’s understandable — you want gain as well as pain. But this short-sighted ideal could be slowing down your gym progress. If you want a beach-ready physique that’ll also protect you from injury and fix your posture, you need to put your back into it. Literally.

Sure, those chest exercises might look good in changing room, but effective exercise selection for your flipside has myriad benefits. For a start, it will add an inch to your height – finally bringing six foot within reach, no Cuban heel necessary. It’s weak upper back muscles that allow your shoulders to hunch forwards after hours at your desk. Strengthen your back, and you’ll inadvertently pull your shoulders back and down to both broaden and straighten your silhouette and make yourself stand taller.

Weak middle and lower back muscles also make you more likely to experience low back pain, a condition that leads to more than 10 million sick days being taken each year in the UK alone. Target these muscles with heavy metal, and it’s also a condition that can be solved in the gym, rather than with pain medication.

Strengthen the muscles in your upper and middle back, and you stabilise your shoulder joints, which has transferable benefit to every other upper body exercise, allowing you to lift more on chest day. Not only that, your arms will get bigger. Each back exercise centres on a pulling movement and your back works in unison with your biceps to complete each rep and, therefore, will help fill out your T-shirt sleeves. Win-win.

Finally, you may be chasing a pump in the gym, but back exercises will aid you in cutting fat, too. The reason behind this slimming side benefit is that your back muscles are some of the biggest in the body and the more muscle fibres you use, the more calories you burn. Plus, the bigger muscles you have – like the ones you’ll have after four weeks of using the exercises below, say – the faster your metabolism will be. You’ll then burn through belly fat and man boobs while sat on the sofa, basically. Which is well worth gritting your teeth through another set of pull-ups for.

To that end, we enlisted the expert help of Tom Kemp, founder of Farm Fitness and a man whose own V-shaped torso defies physics, let alone biology, to take you through the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the best back exercises for men.

The Best Back Exercises For Men

Wide-Grip Weighted Pull-Ups

How: Hold on to a bar with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width. Contract your glutes and abs to keep your core stable. To begin the rep, pull your shoulder blades back and down, forcing your elbows towards your hips to lift your chest up to the bar. At the bar, squeeze your lats (the large muscles from your shoulder blades down the sides of your back) hard at the top of the movement, keeping your elbows back and down to maximise the muscle activation of the rep. Lower yourself down to the start position slowly – the longer your muscles are under tension, the more strength and size benefit you’ll get from each set. Once the technique is mastered, add weight to the rep by hanging plates from a weight belt, or by holding a dumbbell between your feet.

The best back exercises for men -

Why: “The wide-grip pull up is an advanced bodyweight movement and is one of the most effective exercises to build strength,” says Kemp. However, if you keep at it, you’ll move from completing your first rep to bashing out sets of 10 relatively quickly. If you’re looking to build strength, not size, it’s better to do heavy sets of 3-5 reps with more rest. By adding weight and making the exercise more taxing you’ll be able to work in the lower rep ranges more effectively to make you stronger, faster.

Seated Cable Row

How: Sit at the cable machine and focus on a slight forward lean. Set your shoulder joint by pulling your shoulder blades back and down – this will ensure it’s only your back muscles that take the strain of the rep. Choose a handle with a neutral grip (thumbs pointing up) and pull towards you. Think about driving your elbows down towards your hips. Squeeze at the end of the rep and return to the start under control.

The best back exercises for men -

The best back exercises for men -

Why: “This is a great exercise if you want to target the mid and lower back,” says Kemp. “Just remember to think about the line of the pull – avoid pulling too high towards your chest as this will shift tension off your upper back.” Building strength in your middle back is excellent for achieving good posture and protecting your spine, to bulletproof your body against injury during day-to-day heavy lifting.

Front Banded Rack Pull

How: Position the bar on the rack below knee height. Wrap two thick bands around the rack and attach to either end of the barbell. Grip the bar and set up like a conventional deadlift – feet shoulder-width, hinged forward at the hips with a flat back, holding onto the bar with straight arms. Begin the drive with your feet by pushing hard into the floor. Pull the bar and bring your hips through as the bar travels up. Stand tall with a proud chest while pulling your lats back. Focus on a max squeeze at the top of the rep.

The best back exercises for men -

The best back exercises for men -

Why: You can pump up your upper back, too, you know. “If you are training for muscle hypertrophy [growth] and trying to create maximal tension in your target muscles, then using the bands is an effective addition to any rep,” says Kemp. “Adding bands ensures there’s tension at the top portion of the lift.” This stops you slacking half-way through the rep and taking a breather. The harder your muscles are forced to work, the more quickly they’ll grow.

Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Down

How: Grip the handle outside of shoulder width. Once again, set your shoulder joint with the shoulder blades compressed back and down. Sit up tall and begin the rep by forcing your elbows down towards your hips. Concentrating on leading with the outside of your hands will engage more of your back muscles. Pause at the bottom, focussing on contracting your lats hard while maintaining tension in your abs throughout to prevent you from arching your back. Return to the start of the exercise, focusing on stretching the lats before resetting your shoulder for rep two.

The best back exercises for men -

The best back exercises for men -

Why: This is the perfect exercise to add size and width to your back. “The wide lat pull-down mimics a pull-up, targeting the same muscles,” says Kemp. But the ability to use the lower weights of the cable machine has its advantages. “This allows for greater control on the return phase of each rep,” Kemp continues. More control equals more muscle activation and therefore speedier growth.

Single Arm Dumbbell Row

How: Find your balance with one foot on the ground and a supporting arm on the bench. Set your core and hang the weight directly below your shoulder. Focus on pulling your elbow and shoulder blade back towards your waist. Focus on pausing and contracting the back muscles at the top of the movement. Return to the start position under control – be mindful only to extend your arm and don’t lower so far that you round your shoulders, this will release the tension from your back and make each rep less effective.

The best back exercises for men -

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How To Get An Inch-Perfect Side Parting – Men’s Grooming Tips!!

Credit to: Side part Hairstyles: How To Get A barbershop Finish BY: RICHARD JONES

The world of fashion is dominated at the moment by throwbacks in all their various forms. The 1950s reigns strong with Cuban collared shirts and pleated trousers while boxy 1980s styled suits look set to sweep in soon. When it comes to hairstyles though, modernity still prevails with short, textured crops a la Becks the favoured go to, which sort of goes against all of the vintage vibes given off by our newfound love for dressing like Cary Grant running around at Club Med.

A style that Grant himself was a particular pro at was the side part, with his lacquered waves flowing from the prominent parting on the right-hand side of his do. While the side parting and its associations with timeless elegance are evident (see everyone from Don Draper to Clark Kent), the origins of the style are less clear, but it is thought to emanate from the military.

This high and tight side part style originally fashioned for soldiers picked up again in popularity at the beginning of the 2010s (think Macklemore – remember him?) but it can also be worn less severe and in rotation with other styles, as a side part is less reliant on the cut and more on the products and tools you have at your disposal. Here we trace everything you need to know to perfect it like a Hollywood icon from sitting down with the barber to preparing it right out of the shower.

Cary Grant

In The Barber Chair

“A side parting can smarten up most haircuts, from a skin fade to a tapered scissor cut,” says Dan Glass, a senior barber at the Covent Garden branch of Murdock barbers. The key rule would be to ask for the sides shorter than the top, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be shaven.

A classic 1920s styled combover as sported most regularly and recently by George Clooney requires more hair than the undercut military side parting (see: Brad Pitt). For this more vintage style, have it cut to a grade 2 or 3 on the sides or even just trimmed down with scissors and choose a grade 4 on top for the contrast. You may also opt for a hard parting, which is when a line is shaved to emphasise the parting of the hair – a modern creation that sharpens the distinction between sides further.

When it comes to deciding which side your parting is, according to Tom Baxter, award-winning barber and ambassador for OSMO hair products, you should follow the spiral of your cowlick (that frustrating bit that flies up at the back). If the hair spirals clockwise go left. If it turns the other way choose right. “Personal preference plays a role but if the part goes against your cowlick, it could be slightly harder to style.”

As for how high the parting should sit on the side, Glass recommends placing it at your recession point “where the hair naturally divides between the top and sides”. This section is usually where men first start losing their hair so if you are one of the unfortunate ones bear in mind that a parting here could expand this bald patch.

All hair types and shapes will suit a side part – it’s a very open and loving hairstyle – but if you’re looking for something to sharpen a round face, Baxter suggests you combine it with a fade or undercut to give more structure to the face. “Parting to the temples and close to your forehead will give your face a squarer shape and make it look less round.”

Men's Side Parting Hairstyles

How To Style At Home

You’re going to need a lot of product – we’re talking about more gunky goop than Nickelodeon went through in the 1990s, only less green.

According to Glass, you can whittle the necessary items needed down to four key products. “Sea Salt spray, a hairdryer, either pomade for a sleek classic finish or a matte mud for a more modern twist and a sharp, fine-toothed comb.”

Start with freshly washed hair and spray three pumps of the sea salt spray directly onto the top before scrunching it all in. The sea salt will prevent frizz and give your hair some hold while keeping it from looking greasy.

Then blow dry the hair to create volume if you’re looking for something more natural and carefree or just towel dry it if you’re trying to keep it flat before applying your chosen product.

Both paste and wax are matte and thick so difficult to comb through, but add some much-needed lift and volume to shortcuts and work well with fine hair. You can get a glossy look with gel but it will also go crispy in the day, so not great if you want to keep running a comb through your hair in the day to keep the part on point.

The best option is a pomade, which works especially well with medium-length to longer hair and has a distinctly wet look without all the crunch and clumps you get from a gel. Remember to buy one which is water-based or else you’ll wake up with a terrible mess on your pillowcase. Pomade is also the easiest product to use for the next step – combing the parting into shape.

“Take your narrow toothed comb,” says Glass, “and follow the parting back from the recession towards the rear of your head. Once you’ve created a clear, defined parting, comb the hair on the exterior of the parting downwards and the hair on the interior upwards and across. The more often your barber gives you a side parting in the barbershop, the easier and more naturally your hair will sit comfortably into a side parting.”

And there you have it. For a more natural, less tightly controlled look you can use your hands, but nothing beats a comb for that classic side parting definition. Then you’re just a grey Kilgour suit away from making like Cary Grant. Only watch there are no crop duster planes tailing you in the sky as you head into work.

Key Products

Best Products For A Side Parting Men

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Top 5 Best Face Washes For Every Type of Skin & Budget!

Credit to: The 10 Best Face Washes For Every Skin Type And Every Budget BY: PADDY MADDISON

With a myriad of lotions, potions, ointments and creams out there promising to cure your acne, soothe your dry skin, mend your boiler and do your laundry, it can be a confusing task to pick a face wash that simply does what it says on the tin or, err, tube.

And with cosmetics brands embroiled in a jargon-fuelled arms race, it’s not uncommon for the average guy to find himself scratching his head in the toiletries aisle while haplessly trying to decide whether the invigorating skin cleanser or the exfoliating facial gel would best suit his needs.

Which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves at FashionBeans to sort the wrinkle-preventing wheat from the chai tea-infused chaff and bring you a carefully selected edit of the best face washes for men and the reasons they’re worth investing in.

Buying Considerations

Obviously, a good face wash should, well, wash your face, but the perfect one will also keep it in tip-top form too and help manage unwanted skin conditions.

“For healthy-looking skin, you need products that not only clean but hydrate as well,” says Claire Fynn, brand manager of skin cleansing at Unilever. “The right product will do exactly that, leaving you with healthier and stronger skin in the long run.”

Keeping your face nourished is just as vital as keeping it clean, meaning you should take a few minutes to consider a few factors before slapping any old gunk on it.


The skin on that delicate little face of yours is much thinner than on the rest of your body and is therefore is generally more sensitive, so it pays to know what you’re putting on it.

Parabens are a family of chemicals used to increase the shelf life of grooming products such as body washes and shampoos. While there’s no definitive research to show that they’re dangerous, some studies suggest they can wreak havoc on that handsome mug of yours, particularly if you’re prone to dermatological issues such as eczema or psoriasis.

If you do fall into that camp, sulphates (commonly listed as sodium lauryl sulphate), synthetic fragrances and artificial colours are also best avoided. Your face will thank you for it.

Skin type

Whether you’re no stranger to dry skin, breakouts or more than your share of oil, the natural characteristics of your face should dictate what kind of cleanser you choose.

Those longwinded descriptions on the bottles may be confusing, but most of them are there for a reason. Using the wrong type will only exacerbate whichever faced-based issue you are trying to fix.

Look for products that are specially formulated for your skin type – oily, dry, sensitive or combination – and let that guide your decision.

Special Features

Sure, some of the claims made by cosmetics companies are straight up snake oil. But some, on the other hand, are actually worth taking into account.

Added extras in your face wash such as exfoliators, SPF or one that can double up as a deeper cleansing mask can help save time as well as cabinet space, all while getting you ready to face the day.

The Best Face Washes For Men In 2018

Aesop Fabulous Face Cleanser

Aesop’s visually appealing grooming products aren’t the cheapest options available, but they’re easily more handsome than anything else you could stick on your bathroom shelf.

Packed inside an apothecary-style bottle, this one has a subtle bergamot aroma and is specially designed to clean your face without stripping it of essential oils needed to keep the face moisturised.

AESOP Fabulous Face Cleanser 200ml

L’Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte

If the sheen on your forehead creates an infinity mirror effect when you look at yourself in the bathroom mirror, it might be time to think about de-oiling.

This miracle fix from the experts at L’Oreal uses a non-greasy formula packed with exfoliating microbeads to leave skin mattified and free from spot-causing build-up. The perfect way to get your mates to stop doing their quiff using the reflection on your chin.

BUY NOW: £5.00

L'Oreal Pure & Matte Deep Exfoliating Gel Wash

Dove Men+Care Face Wash

Skin that’s drier than a week-old cracker in the Sahara Desert is no man’s friend because it can lead to cracking and increased sensitivity. Luckily, your choice of face wash can provide a solution.

Dove’s Men+Care range is formulated with the same lipids naturally present in your skin. Which means you can keep the flakes and the spots at bay in one fell swoop.

BUY NOW: £15.10

Dove Men Plus Care Hydrate Face Wash 150 ml

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Credit to: Kiara Mia’s Porn Popularity Skyrockets After Jimmy Garoppolo Date BY: TMZ STAFF

The debate is over … 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo‘s very public date with porn star Kiara Mia is a tremendous move, financially speaking — for her, anyway.

According to 2 leading porn sites — Pornhub and xHamster — Kiara’s searches ass-tronomically spiked after TMZ Sports broke the news about her date with Garoppolo in Bev Hills.

PH tells us the already sought-after Latina adult star racked up 200,000 searches in just 24 hours — a massive 2,309% increase over her daily average.

It’s a similar story for Kiara on xHamster, which says searches for the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” porn spoof star more than doubled the day after her rendezvous with Jimmy.

The VP of the site tells us they’re looking to cash in too with a new project for her called, “xHamster’s in the Endzone with Kiara Mia.” She hasn’t accepted the offer yet.

NFL fans have been debating whether Jimmy will lose endorsement dough, but there’s no question the QB’s giving Kiara a major boost.

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James Gunn Was Taken Off The Project Of The Guardians Of Galaxy 3 After Offensive Tweets!!

Credit to: James Gunn Fired From Guardians of the Galaxy 3 BY: TOM PHILIP

James Gunn, the filmmaker behind SlitherSuper, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, has been fired from Guardians Vol. 3 and his working relationship severed with the studio. This comes after a trove of old offensive tweets making light of subjects like rape and pedophilia were posted by The Daily Caller, a vile website run by idiots which I will not link to.

The tweets dug up range from “gross” to “kinda a stretch” in terms of their offense. The uncovering of the tweets appears to have been a somewhat co-ordinated effort amongst conservative media types with the goal of at least disrupting Gunn’s appearance at Comic Con, in which they have succeeded.

Is this the right call? Some of those tweets are awful, and there’s little Disney can do in the face of documented (however disingenuous) accounts of underage sexual assault from one of its most high-profile collaborators. Or is there? Get this: We already fucking did this six years ago, and Gunn apologized and everyone moved on. What’s different this time? The weaponization of bad-faith outrage from conservative and right-wing Twitter personalities, one of whom was instrumental in the insane “pizzagate” conspiracy theory.

We all said dumb stuff online ten years ago, but we’re also not in charge of a multi-billion dollar franchise. For his part, Gunn released a statement/apology of sorts, saying in the beginning of his career he had been “making movies and telling jokes that were outrageous and taboo,” which is not untrue. The discourse around what constitutes and protects “jokes” is astoundingly different from how it was even a couple of years ago, let alone back in early 2011, and it would be disingenuous to suggest any of these tweets represent anything other than a dickhead trying his hand at some really bad blue comedy.

Still, he’s out, and more than anything this is a solid case for the evergreen advice of delete your fucking tweets you idiots. All the time. I guarantee you don’t remember every damn thing you’ve ever posted, and I guarantee some of it was fucking disgusting. James Gunn is fired now, most of all because he made it so fucking easy for right-wing virgin trolls.

Scared Games Is The Best Netflix Original In Years!!

Credit to: Sacred Games Is the Best New Show on Netflix You Aren’t Watching BY: LINCOLN MICHEL

The new Netflix show Sacred Games opens with the horrifying yet surreal image of a white dog falling dozens of stories to the street. “Do you believe in God?” a voice says. “God doesn’t give a fuck.” From the beginning, Sacred Games wants you to know that it’s going to be both bloody and beautiful. And it is! Developed by Netflix India and featuring several major Bollywood stars, Sacred Games is thrilling noir show set in contemporary India and one of the best Netflix original show in years.

The central story of Sacred Games is one you’ve seen before: A down-on-his-luck but honest cop (Saif Ali Khan as Sartaj Singh) gets a mysterious phone call. The caller says that Singh has 25 days to stop everyone in the city from dying. Soon, Singh is sucked into a world of femme fatales, corrupt politicians, seedy movie stars, and murderous gangsters as he tries to solve an increasingly labyrinthian case. In a parallel story, the caller—a notorious Mumbai gangster with a god complex named Ganesh Gaitonde (played brilliantly by Nawazuddin Siddiqui)—tells the story of his bloody rise from the gutters to Godfather.

The dark, godless world of hardboiled noir might seem like an odd match for the bright colors and religious tensions of Mumbai. But these familiar tropes are given a whole new feel from the show’s setting and themes. The Mumbai of Sacred Games is a sweaty and chaotic place filled with bright silks and colorful paint. The dark underbelly is decorated with jewels and glittering in the light.

Religion is largely absent from the American noir of Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett, but the sacred and profane are woven through every scene of Sacred Games. The show looks at the longstanding religious conflicts of India through the lens of crime. Gaitonde gets his start working at a Hindu restaurant that “made purity into a business,” but learns that “to become a tough guy, you have to sin.” (In a fantastic early scene, Gaitonde slips cow meat into the dishes of devout Hindu diners and strolls out in slow motion as the restaurant riots.) This is a hardboiled world where the muscle is described as someone who “Prayed five times a day. Worked out ten times a day.”

Like the 900+ page novel that it is based on, Sacred Games is the kind of Dickensian thriller with so many plotlines and characters that’s it’s impossible to keep track of if you don’t watch closely. Luckily, the show always looks good—it clearly had a big production budget—and the cast is great. In addition to the aforementioned male leads, there are strong performances by Kubbra Sait as the gun moll Kuckoo and Radhika Apte as an Indian intelligence officer with a chip on her shoulders. Almost every shot is beautiful to look at, even when it’s a gigantic mounds of garbage being set aflame. You’ll want to keep your eyes on the screen.

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Janelle Monae Said, Black Sci-fi Is Bigger Than Space Operas And Action Movies!!

Credit to: Janelle Monae Explains the Power of Black Sci-Fi BY: LUKE DARBY

Janelle Monae has been slowly positioning herself to conquer the world for years, and with her latest album, Dirty Computer, and the sensational videos for it, she’s at the top of her game. But while Dirty Computer is more ambitious, more extravagant, and queerer than any of her earlier work, there’s still the overarching theme that connects it all: sci-fi.

In an appearance on The Late Show on Friday, Monae talked about the influence science fiction has had in her life with Stephen Colbert, a famed genre himself, saying the fascination went all the way back to her childhood: “My grandmother would watch me. I had a young mom and so my mom would want to slip out of the house at night and go party. She’s gonna kill me for saying this. But my grandma used to watch me and one of the things we shared was the love of The Twilight Zone, and we would watch it every night.”

Generally, the best science fiction is deeply political, and Monae has never shied away from that. But, Colbert asks, is her sci-fi more dystopian or more hopeful?

Well, it has started out dystopian, and, you know, I try and give hope through those dystopian worlds. But I love writers like Octavia Butler. She’s incredible, she’s a black woman, and I love that lens. Because I am a black woman and I grew up in the middle of America, I love writing through my truths, and through the lens of a black American woman, and I think movies like Black Panther have deeply inspired me. And Afrofuturism is a term that allows us as black people to see ourselves in the future and know that we make it, know that we’re not the first people gone when something goes down.

Fittingly, Monae closed out her appearance with a performance of the final song from Dirty Computer, “American.”

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The Godzilla; King Of The Monsters – Is this the best thing out of this year’s Comic-Con?

Credit to: The Godzilla: King of the MonstersTrailer Seriously Kicks Ass by: The Editors of GQ

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us, which means it’s trailer season. And so far, maybe the best one has been Godzilla: King of the Monsters. (Why they don’t just call it Godzilla: Monster King, I don’t know.) It’s strangely quiet—some light piano music, a Vera Farmiga voiceover—for a bit, until we meet some motherfuckin’ monsters. Take a look!

The cast features lots of people you like: Millie Bobby Brown, Thomas Middleditch, Kyle Chandler, Zhang Ziyi, Sally Hawkins, the guy that places Tywin Lannister.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is out next summer. In the meantime, why not watch Shin Godzilla, if you want your monster movie to be strangely smart and bureaucratic?

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Beat The Heat With Lessons From Some Of The Best Dressed Men In History!

Credit to: 9 Timeless Summer Looks From Men’s Style Icons BY: FASHIONBEANS EDITORS

Men have long been dogged by our clunky approach to summer dressing. Too much of the wrong thing, too little of the right, and don’t even get us started on the moves blokes break out on foreign shores.

Of course, we’re not all in the same boat (especially when it comes to JFK and his yacht). So here, with the help of eight timeless men’s style icons, is how to nail every look you could possibly need this season, all without breaking a sweat.

Preppy Harry

Clint Eastwood

It’s a safe bet to assume that none of us are (or ever will be) even half as cool as Clint Eastwood, but that’s no reason not to try.

Although perhaps best known to millennials as the guy that spawned a Gorillaz song, in his heyday the Man with No Name made summer dressing look more good, than bad or ugly.

Take a leaf out of his book and play preppy the right way. That means no fire engine red chinos or loose-fitting powder pink Oxford shirts with upturned collars. Instead, pop on a a slim-fitting polo in a colour that hasn’t been tainted by Rahs, and wear with regular-fitting trousers to skillfully walk that smart-casual line. Cool, clean, classic.

Get The Look

The best men's polo shirt and chino combinations

5 Style From The 1980s That Still Look Great Today!!

Credit to: How to dress 80s: The Men’s wear decade That won’t quit. BY: TOM BANHAM

When historians look back on turn-of-the-millennia style, they’ll mark the last few years as the point went things got fuzzy, when the pace at which menswear trendscycle in, then out, then are reappropriated, has accelerated into an indistinguishable blur. Blame the internet, blame irony, but it used to be that a look spent two decades in the wilderness before it was re-evaluated. Now, everything’s up for grabs all the time.

At last count, every style since the war has permeated modern menswear in some way. The ’40s, in Kent & Curwen’s spin on the Austerity Olympics’ sports kit. The ’50s, in Cuban collar shirts and pleated trousers. The ’60s, in Easy Rider Americana. There’s Gucci’s spin on ’70s fashion, everyone’s take on the ’90s and, in some quarters, even the ghosts of 2000 have been summoned. And now the ’80s are back. But even stranger, so is the decade’s take on the ’50s, and the noughties take on the ’80s, a self-consuming kaleidoscope of acid jeans, boxy blazers and swept back hair.

“It feels like the ’80s have been in-and-out of fashion for about 10 years now,” says Simon Chilvers, men’s style director at MatchesFashion. “The mashing up of various decades simultaneously just seems to be part of the way fashion operates right now.” Which could be exhausting. Or, if you embrace the madness, could lend your wardrobe an anything-goes energy in which stylish sits alongside so-ugly-it’s-stylish, where the delineations between smart and casual collapse and style becomes equal parts forward-thinking and nostalgic. In other words, where we’re going, we don’t need rules. So strap in and swot up on these five trends from the 1980s that still look great today.

The Hair

Kurt Cobain

Think ’80s hair and you probably think perms, mullets and flat tops. All of which are coming back, with varying degrees of irony. But all of which are also tricky to pull off.

You could slick it back Michael Douglas-style, or bleach it in homage to ’80s Kiefer Sutherland. Rather easier is the look of a man whose style would define the ’90s, but who fomented his look in the decade before: Kurt Cobain. “Grunge is definitely making a comeback,” says Denis Robinson, creative director at barbershop mini-chain Ruffians. “Think Kurt when he founded Nirvana in 1987, and for a modern update, the surrealist R&B Kiwi Connan Mockasin.”

Other long hairstyles, whether you find your inspiration in Queer Eye‘s Jonathan Van Ness or a samurai topknot, tend to demand a lot of upkeep. The great thing about grunge hair is that it mostly takes care of itself.

“Ask your stylist for a shattered bob with perimeter length layers,” says Robinson. “For the ultimate version, don’t wash it too often. To style after washing, apply salt spray and dry until it’s still a bit damp, with the hairdryer pointing top to bottom so as to dry flat.” Work through a little matte paste with your fingertips until you get that authentic Cobain stringiness, then tie your check shirt around your waist and forget about how your hair looks.

Men's 1980's Grunge Hairstyles

The Sportswear


The 1980s was the year leisurewear first went mainstream, driven by the explosion of gyms, fitness videos and a growing sense that the body inside was at least as important as the clothes that covered it up. Not so different from today.

Of course, back then the divide between sportswear and the rest of your wardrobe was still stark – you could wear a full tracksuit, as hip hop’s pioneers did, but best not try to pair your joggers with a blazer. Today, those distinctions have largely disappeared. In fact, mixing up with down is the best way to avoid looking like a Run DMC tribute act.

“You want to wear something that’s both modern and relevant,” says Andrew Brines, a buyer at designer menswear e-tailer Oki-Ni. “For instance… a bucket hat would be a good shout.”

It’s also good to update your references. “Pull the ’80s look off by wearing something that’s not directly grounded in the ’80s,” says Brines. That means looking to new brands rather than leaning on the ones that defined the look first time around. Your look should be inspired by the ’80s, not from the ’80s.

80s sportswear trend for men

urban outfitters new look river island tommy hilfiger

Testosterone Booster Supplements To Get Stacked – Men’s Grooming Tips!

Credit to: Do Testosterone Booster Supplements Actually Work? By: Tom Ward

Anyone with a passing knowledge of biology knows that testosterone is the male growth hormone. It kicks in during puberty and is what makes blokes taller, stronger, hairier and generally moodier than they otherwise would be without it.

In men, testosterone levels generally remain fairly high until around the age of 30 when they start to lower (women also have testosterone, but in smaller amounts). It is responsible for fertility, bone density, sex drive, muscle strength and development, fat storage, and the production of red blood cells.

But testosterone’s applications don’t stop there. In the word of men’s fitness, testosterone boosters in the form of tablets, supplements or injections, can help signal our bodies to build muscle mass. Which sounds ideal if you’re tired of wolfing down turkey steak and chicken breasts in an attempt to add some size to your frame.

“Testosterone is associated with increased energy, fat loss, muscle gain, and improved mental function,” says nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner Steve Grant. “And who doesn’t want more energy, better body composition, increased strength and recovery and better cognitive performance?”

So if testosterone is such a wonder-drug, it makes sense that the more we can get in our systems, the better. Not so. While there have been countless scientific studies proving the benefits of testosterone, many of the wider effects are still up for debate. What’s more, the testosterone market is absolutely brimming with misinformation, from self-accredited experts documenting their bulking journeys on YouTube to websites selling an alarmingly broad range of unapproved products.

Man taking testosterone booster pills

Scientific studies have for the most part been inconclusive on certain key questions around testosterone supplements. For instance, does upping testosterone provide you with this plethora of health benefits, or does being healthy simply promote increased levels of testosterone? A study published in the medical journal JAMA Psychiatry, for example, noted that men with depression also have low testosterone levels, but could not definitively say whether low testosterone levels cause depression, or depression causes low testosterone levels.

There are also various conflicting studies regarding testosterone and competitiveness among males. Typically, it’s believed that the more testosterone pumping through your veins, the more of an alpha male you are. Thankfully, Swiss researchers put paid to such outmoded thinking in a study that found that men with increased testosterone levels acted more fairly in negotiations than those with lower levels.

Men negotiating at work

Not only that, but abusing testosterone supplements may even have fatal side-effects. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that boosting testosterone levels may lead to an increased risk of heart attack. Meanwhile, there are growing concerns that an over-reliance on testosterone can even induce strokes. So, what’s in it for you?

Do You Need To Boost Your Testosterone?

The question to start with is whether or not you actually need to boost your testosterone levels. Testosterone has been used as a clinical drug since 1937, but with little understanding of its use. Today we know more, and many men are prescribed boosters. In fact, men’s testosterone levels are believed to have dropped 20 per cent in the last two decades to the point where one in four men is supposed to have low testosterone levels.

“Testosterone can impact almost all areas of a man’s life – people with low levels can start to experience weight gain, baldness, low sex drive and low mood,” says a GP speaking on behalf of online consultation service Push Doctor. “By trying to boost their body’s amount of testosterone, someone who suffers from low levels might see improvements in their muscle mass, libido and hair growth.”

Man with depression

However, according to US medical school Harvard Health, what actually constitutes low testosterone levels in the first place is open for debate. Testosterone levels in the body vary from day to day and take into account a range of temporary factors from diet to the time of day, making obtaining an objective measurement difficult. The article also warns that some general practitioners are concerned that an increase in testosterone levels can promote the growth of cancerous prostate cells in older men.

“To complicate things further adequate testing is required to guide what might actually be causing low T levels,” explains Grant. “There are many, complicated causes of low T, so the results of any test are always going to be hit and miss because supplements and compounds associated with increasing T levels do so in many different ways. It’s a bit like standing at a dart board, throwing a dart and hoping it hits the bullseye.”

“A lot of men think that using testosterone supplements will provide a quick fix for their problems – but it won’t. It’s not recommended to take supplements without a doctor’s advice, as it’s a long-term process that needs monitoring correctly,” adds the Push Doctor spokesperson. “Taking, or having, too much testosterone can have negative side effects too, like anger, acne and shrunken testicles.”

Man and woman arguing

In fact, while lower testosterone levels is a relatively common problem, it’s also a part of ageing, and mostly impacts men over 40. By 45 almost 40 per cent of men may have low T levels and by 65 over 50 per cent of the male population have low T. “It often isn’t something to worry about unless it’s having serious effects like erectile dysfunction or low libido. Otherwise, healthy men usually do not need to undergo testosterone therapy,” says the Push Doctor representative.

“Low T is something that I am seeing more frequently, even in younger males,” says Grant. “I suspect a lot of this is caused by reduced sleep or sleep quality, higher stress levels, under or excessive exercise, restrictive or indulgent eating habits, increased exposure to environmental toxins, alcohol consumption, excessive body fat levels and perhaps way too much screen time. If you do have low T levels, then there is a benefit in trying to get those levels up. However, if you think you are going to be able to approach this by taking a pill for an ill, you will likely be mistaken.”

Steroids And Testosterone

If you were looking to boost your testosterone levels, chances are you’d start with something called TRT, a product that can be implanted in the body, or administered via a patch, gel, cream or course of injections. This last method draws parallels to the use of steroids, which are often (but not always) abused by those wishing to get ripped, and have, on a few occasions, been linked to the death of the subject.

Anabolic steroids are essentially synthetic versions of testosterone, designed to mimic its growth-boosting effects in the body. They work by speeding up the production of muscles and the breakdown of proteins into amino acids – the building blocks of the body. In fact, one study found that athletes taking steroids increased their strength between 5-20 per cent.

Man injecting steroids

But, put simply, there’s no need for the average man to use them, outside of a prescription from a GP for a specific condition. The NHS warns they can lead to addiction, and be tied up in issues of body dysmorphia and anxiety disorders, as well as leading to potential problems such as high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, baldness, reduced sperm count, and acne. Which probably isn’t the look you’re going for.

Testosterone Supplements

So, if injections are out, and the use of lotions and potions questionable, what’s left? Well, there are a number of natural testosterone boosters out there, which neither require a drastic lifestyle change nor overcoming your fear of needles.

Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D

Many men suffer from low zinc levels, and it’s also a vital ingredient in testosterone production. The same can be said for vitamin D, and to a lesser extent, magnesium.

“All three of these nutrients are crucial for T production and may have a place in your supplement regime, especially if they are shown to be low,” says Grant. All three can be taken in pill form and should offer gradual improvements.


DHEA, or Dehydroepiandrosterone, is a precursor to testosterone and is generally believed to benefit those with low libido and to fight the signs of ageing. In the body, DHEA is produced in glands above the kidneys. It can be taken externally as a pill made from soy or wild yam. The problem is that scientists are not yet sure of everything it does, and studies around its usefulness are split.

According to the National Institute on Aging and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, there is not yet enough evidence to recommend DHEA supplements. “DHEA, while bought over the counter in the US, is not for general sale in the UK and is seen as a controlled supplement,” explains Grant. “Excessive DHEA supplementation can cause side effects, so I suggest the UK’s more restrictive approach is probably a good one.”

DHEA 50mg 60 Capsules - Click to buy The Dhea Breakthrough Paperback - Click to buy


Necessary for the biosynthesis of proteins, D-AA, or D-aspartic acid, is a naturally existing amino acid linked to the regulation of testosterone production and has been used as a treatment for infertile men.

Tribulus Terrestris

Also known as bindii, tribulus terrestris is an invasive plant species often found in North America. The dried tablet form of the plant is supposed to increase testosterone, but some studies point to an increase in libido, and little else.

Grant isn’t convinced. “The evidence for compounds like tribulus, maca, tongkat ali, deer velvet etc. is inconsistent and weak, hence is not something I typically utilise.”

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Tribulus Terrestris 6500mg - Click to buy Holland & Barrett Vegan Tribulus Terrestris Extract with Zinc 250mg 90 Capsules - Click to buy


Credit to: Eric Dickerson Says Patriots Would Be Great Fit For Le’Veon Bell BY: TMZ STAFF

Eric Dickerson‘s got the perfect fit for Le’Veon Bell when he inevitably bolts from the Steelers after this season … and it’s going to make Tom Brady VERY happy.

“The Patriots would be a good team,” the NFL legend tells us.

Bell and the Steelers missed the deadline (again) on Tuesday to sign a long-term deal … and all signs are pointing toward the running back leaving Pittsburgh in 2019 for a team that WILL pay him.

Sooo … Dickerson says the Steelers’ loss should be Bill Belichick‘s gain!

There’s more … E.D. also says Bell’s contract demands are going to eventually pay off for guys like Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliott — and you gotta hear the Hall of Famer’s reasons why.

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Credit to: Faith Evans and Stevie J Apply for Marriage License, Have Quickie Vegas Wedding BY: TMZ STAFF

9:55 AM PT — It’s a wrap … Faith and Stevie have already done the deed. Multiple sources at the ceremony confirm they tied the knot in their hotel room Tuesday night … around 10:30 PM.

Pass the champagne!

Faith Evans and Stevie J are THIS close to becoming Mr. and Mrs. Jordan … TMZ’s learned they’ve applied for a marriage license in Las Vegas.

According to docs, the singer and producer filed for the license in Clark County on Tuesday. The clock’s now running, they have one year to tie the knot. But it seems like they won’t need that long — Stevie tweeted Tuesday, “I love you Faith Renee Jordan,” and Faith replied, “I love you back Steven Aaron Jordan.”

The couple had broken up last year — but, you know what they say, break up to make up.

The news comes on the heels of a steamy clip Stevie J posted last week from a music video he and Faith shot for their track, “A Minute.” They had also been flirting on Stevie’s show, “Leave It to Stevie” … but this is a big turnaround for him.

TMZ broke the story … Stevie avoided going to prison for failing to pay child support. He’s on the hook for over a million bucks. He also battled a nasty child custody case with his ex, Joseline Hernandez.

This would be Stevie’s first marriage and Faith’s third — she was previously married to the Notorious B.I.G. and Todd Russaw, whom she divorced in 2011.

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Guide To The Bolo Tie – Mens Grooming tips!

Credit to: Never Underestimate the Bolo Tie, Baby BY: BRETT & KATE MACKY

My family has roots in New Mexico going back for centuries. I have ancestors on my dad’s side of the family that immigrated to New Mexico from Spain back in the 1600s when the area was that country’s colony. Lots of Sanchez’s and Chavez’s in my lineage. Other ancestors of mine from Switzerland, France, and Nova Scotia also settled in New Mexico in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

My mom’s parents transplanted to Albuquerque when my grandfather took the position of Regional Forester of the Southwestern Region of the U.S. Forest Service. They lived there for over 30 years.

Needless to say, I spent a lot of my childhood in New Mexico. I love that state. The scenery, the smells, the food (green chili on all the things!), and the art. The state’s tagline is quite apt: it is indeed the land of enchantment.

Grandpa Hurst in one of his signature bolo ties.

One thing I noticed on my visits to New Mexico is that a good number of residents sport bolo ties. My Grandpa Hurst regularly rocked one himself and amassed an extensive collection of them over the course of his career as an Albuquerque-based forester. There’s a reason for the prevalence of bolo ties in New Mexico: it’s the state’s official neckwear. As it is in Arizona, too. American Indians living all over the desert Southwest are famous for making and wearing bolo ties.

For most of my life, I associated this unique type of neckwear with old men, New Mexican politicians, and the 1980s. Even though as an Okie the bolo tie isn’t foreign to my state, I never thought I’d personally sport one.

That all changed at my grandfather’s funeral.

When we laid him to rest, each of his grandsons who served as pallbearers sported one of Grandpa’s old bolo ties.

I picked one from his collection that stuck out to me. It’s a silver keystone with an oval piece of turquoise inlaid in it. Simple, but distinguished.

I was wearing a pair of dark jeans, cowboy boots, white shirt, and brown sport coat. It’s a getup my grandpa would have worn. Rugged, yet refined.

I put the bolo tie on and gave myself a look in the mirror. I was expecting to feel awkward and self-conscious wearing it, but to my pleasant surprise, I thought it actually looked quite sharp on me.

“With that mustache and bolo tie, you look like a character from a Cormac McCarthy novel,” said one of my cousins. Since I’m a fan of McCarthy’s Border Trilogy, that was a nice compliment indeed.

When I got home, I put Grandpa’s bolo tie away in my treasure box. I had no intention of ever wearing it again because young guys just don’t wear bolo ties.

But one Sunday, a few weeks after his funeral, I was putting on my charcoal suit for church and reaching for my regular necktie, when the thought came to me: “Wear Grandpa’s bolo tie.”

I pulled it out of my treasure box and put it on. I thought it wouldn’t look very good with a traditional grey business suit.

“Well I’ll be damned,” I thought, echoing one of my grandfather’s catchphrases as I looked in the mirror. “This is a good look. A great look.”

I walked out to the kitchen to get Kate’s opinion. I thought she’d giggle and think that I looked dorky or was trying to be ironic.

“That looks way, way better than I thought it would,” she said.

The Mrs. was sold on the bolo tie too.

At church, I got all sorts of compliments from folks. And it gave me a chance to talk to them about my grandpa. The bolo tie was a big hit.

Since that day, the bolo tie has become a regular part of my wardrobe. They’re a great way for me to express my New Mexican heritage and remember my grandfather, and they definitely set me apart from the pack. Nothing makes a man stand out like wearing a piece of braided leather string held together by a piece of metal. It’s a statement piece, par excellence.

The bolo tie is not to be underestimated, my friends, and I think it’s due a comeback.

If you’ve been thinking about sporting one, but always felt a bit sheepish about it or weren’t sure how to do it without looking like you’re attending a Western or 1980s-themed party, consider this your guide to the way of the bolo.

A Bolo Tie By Any Other Name Is Still a Bolo Tie

A bolo tie consists of a braided leather cord with silver or metal tips. The cord is threaded through a slide or clasp made of metal, wood, or beads. The clasp is typically decorated or made in the shape of Western designs and motifs like bears, thunderbirds, horses, and cattle skulls. The clasps are often inlaid with turquoise or other precious stones. Some are embellished with Indian beading.

Bolo ties go by different names. Bola tie, cowboy tie, and string tie have all been used interchangeably. As long as it’s a braided cord clasped together and worn like a tie, it’s a bolo tie.

The History of the Bolo Tie

The exact origins of the bolo tie have been obscured by the desert sands of the American Southwest. Some historians say it was inspired by bandanas that Zuni and Navajo Indians wore around their neck and kept clasped together with a silver scarf slide. Someone got the idea to substitute a piece of a leather string for the fabric and boom! The bolo tie was born.

Historian Bill Krammer literally wrote the book on bolo ties: Bola Tie: New Symbol of the West. According to him, the origins of the bolo tie can be traced back to a serendipitous moment Arizona silversmith Victor E. Cedarstaff experienced while chasing wild horses in the 1940s. While on the chase, Cedarstaff’s silver-clasped hatband slipped off, causing his hat to fly away. He salvaged his hatband and slipped it over his neck for safekeeping. His companeros noticed and complimented his new “tie.” The rest is southwestern style history.

Cedarstaff created a line of ties inspired by the incident. He braided leather, placed silver tips on the ends to keep them from fraying, and then joined the strands with a turquoise stone to be used as an adjustable clasp. He applied for a patent, calling his creation the bola tie, named after the boleadoras cords used by Argentinian cowboys.

While the exact origin of the bolo tie is uncertain, we do know it indeed emerged in the American Southwest sometime during the 1940s. It’s served as an artistic medium for American Indian artists and Southwestern silversmiths ever since.

Bolo ties became Western style staples during the 1950s and 1960s. Businessmen and politicians living in the Southwest wore bolo ties to work in lieu of traditional neckties.

The bolo tie jumped the pond to the United Kingdom in the 1950s and became a favorite style accessory among “Teddy Boys.”

The Boss got in on the 80s bolo tie trend, rocking it on the cover of his 1987 album.

During the 1980s, the bolo tie became a nationwide fad in the United States thanks to rockabilly revivalists like Brian Setzer and the Stray Cats, and New Wave artists who wore them in music videos on newly minted MTV. Bolo ties could also be seen around the necks of several television and movie celebrities during this time. For example, before he was the nerdy dad in Two and a Half Men, Jon Cryer was a hot 1980s movie icon thanks to his breakout role as bolo tie-wearing Duckie Dale in Pretty In Pink.

Like most things during the 1980s, the bolo tie was worn in excess and soon became a tired fad. During the 1990s and 2000s, it went back to being a style piece worn mainly by cowboys and Indians living in the American Southwest.

But in recent years, the bolo tie has been popping up again. San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers caused a stir and bolo tie shortage in San Diego when he started wearing them to press conferences. Bruno Mars is a fan of the bolo tie. Hell, even Snoop Dog will rock a quasi-bolo every now and then.

Where to Get Bolo Ties

Of course famous photographer Ansel Adam wore a bolo tie — the guy had an eye for aesthetics.

Bolo ties come in a wide range of prices, from a few bucks to a few thousand dollars.

If you’re just stepping your toes into the world of bolo ties and don’t want to spend too much money, thrift stores and eBay are your friends. There are tons of affordable, vintage bolo ties there. What I think happens is some old man who had a considerable collection of bolo ties dies. None of his kids or grandkids want them, so they get sold in an estate sale or donated to Goodwill.

The bolo ties you find online or at thrift stores will be a mixed bag. Some will have authentic turquoise made by Indian artists and craftsmen, while others will be Made in China pieces from the 1980s bolo tie craze. At this point, don’t worry about the authenticity, just buy the ones you like.

You can also find new bolo ties at most Western clothing stores in your area. These will be a mixture of handcrafted and mass-produced ties.

You may find that your bolo tie itch has been scratched by these affordable ties. But should you catch the bolo tie bug and want something much more primo, you’ll need to make a trip to the American Southwest where you’ll find craftsmen who create these ties as real works of art. They hand shape and hand pound the silver for the clasp as well as use authentic turquoise from the area. Instead of silver, some make clasps from intricate weaving and beading. You’ll find both new and vintage pieces made by famous artists in most jewelry stores in the Southwest. Expect to pay a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for these pieces.

How to Wear a Bolo Tie

So you’ve got your bolo tie. How do you wear it so it actually looks good? Here are a few tips:

Own it. Bolo ties are controversial. They’re like bow ties or seersucker suits: People either love them or hate them. So if you’re going to wear a bolo tie, you got to own it — people’s opinions be damned. If you look embarrassed or sheepish wearing a bolo tie, it’s just going to look goofy on you. Wear it boldly!

Consider your geography. Bolo ties are an American Southwest style staple, and are associated with cowboys, Indians, industries like ranching, oil, and gas, and more rural, frontier areas. If you have a connection to one or more of those things, the bolo tie will look more natural around your neck.

If you live east of the Mississippi and don’t have these connections, the bolo tie will look more out of place.

Westerners have a lot more freedom to wear bolo ties on a regular basis and even at formal occasions like weddings and funerals. If you want to sport a bolo tie on the regular, take advantage of that liberty.

Easterners are likely limited to wearing a bolo tie to a club or a night out on the town where being a bit fashion forward and breaking the style rules are accepted. Even then, unless you have some sort of connection to the American West, the tie will likely come off as ironic rather than sincere.

Wear with Western or buttoned-down shirts. Because of their rugged and casual appearance, bolo ties are best matched with a more casual dress shirt like a Western dress shirt or any shirt with a buttoned down collar like an oxford or denim shirt. Add a sport coat with some texture and you’ve got a real sharp look.

Some folks have taken to wearing bolo ties like a necklace, sporting them with t-shirts. In my opinion, this strays too far from the bolo tie’s classic Western roots and just looks weird. Stick with shirts that have a collar.

Wear it like a regular necktie for a more formal look. The bolo tie was originally made to be worn exactly like a necktie. Button all the buttons on the front of your shirt, including the top collar button, and then slide the clasp all the way to the top of your neck. Button down the collars to your shirt.

Keepin’ it loose.

Wear it looser for a more casual look. If you’re pairing the bolo with a more casual get-up, unbutton the top button of your shirt and wear the bolo a bit more loosely around your neck.

Wear it with a suit, if you wish. Can you wear a bolo tie with a suit? You bet. It takes some chutzpah to do so though, because of the casual nature of the bolo tie. You don’t need to pair a special Western suit with the bolo. You can wear one with a traditional suit that you already have. Just wear a buttoned-down oxford, and you’re good to go. A bolo would look really weird with a spread collar.

My go-to look for the bolo tie: A pair of dark denim jeans, white button-down oxford, a brown sport coat, and a pair of cowboy boots. Simple. Classic. And the perfect combination of rugged and refined.

That’s what I like. Experiment to find what works for you. And never underestimate the bolo tie, baby.

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15 Of Childish Gambino’s Best Outfits – Donald Glover Style!

Credit to: This Is Donald Glover – 15 Of The Renaissance Man’s Best Looks BY: RICHARD JONES

Not since Michael Jackson and his iconic Thriller has a public been so entranced by a music video. But in four minutes Donald Glover under his musical moniker Childish Gambino stopped the world on its axis and (for a brief period) stole the mantle of most talked about Donald.

A slot hosting Saturday Night Live followed the ‘This Is America’ vid, as did the release of blockbuster Solo: A Star Wars Story in which Glover had a starring role as beloved fan favourite Lando Calrissian. For a good couple of months, you couldn’t load YouTube or take a gander at Instagram without seeing Glover boogying around a warehouse topless in sharp grey slacks or charming his way through an interview.

Glover is a Renaissance Man who mixes acting, music, comedy and activism into the working week. And as his career has matured, his style has evolved accordingly. Breaking into public consciousness as fresh-faced Troy Barnes in gawky comedy Community, Glover was all bright tees and ill-fitting jeans. Now there’s a distinguished beard to frame his face and an array of super-luxe tailoring options (try and catch him without his beloved Gucci) to adorn the shoulders of a man who has become one of the biggest and most current entertainers around. Oh, and in 2017, we named him the best-dressed man on the planet.

The Look

For an artist who tackles such profound and serious conversations like racial politics and police brutality, Glover in contrast doesn’t take his style too seriously. You’re not going to see any pouty red carpet poses in all-black turtleneck and suit combos here.

That’s not to say that Glover is a slob living in ketchup stained sweats. Instead, Childish Gambino’s style is done with a knowing wink, using a wide ranging and nostalgic colour palette with tailored suits in the earthy orange and brown tones of 1970s fashion or the lurid purple and reds of the 1980s. The choices would look comical were it not for the details – contrasting lapels to break up a suit, tapered fits, pinch rolls on trouser hems to show off a bounty of plush loafers.

Jeans are strictly off the menu, as Glover much prefers a pair of pleated trousers or some slightly tapered chinos worn with slip-ons minus socks. Knitted polos are also worn on the regular, as are a couple of gold chains. Think Alain Delon, if the French new wave star was a whisky-doused second saxophonist for Funkadelic with a penchant for sultry love making and even saucier saxophone solos.

Inspiration: Alessandro Michele, Otis Redding, Harold Melvin
Go-To Brands: Gucci, Band of Outsiders, Dolce & Gabbana
Follow Him: @childishgambino

Toto, I Don’t Think We’re In Atlanta Anymore

A jet-setting life flitting between headlining festivals and meetings with studio execs is a far cry from a youth spent in suburban Atlanta. And when everyone wants a slice of you, it’s time to buy a suit befitting your man-in-his-prime stature. A double-breasted suit tends to fit this bill but Glover is a creative – the slicked back city boy DB won’t work here. Instead of pinstripes, he goes textured in a lighter shade than navy. Wear with a crisp white shirt and some fancy, yet understated shoes and you’ll be the talk of (tinsel) town.

Donald Glover Outfit Inspiration

You Talking To Me?

While Glover’s facial expression might look a little fazed by all those red carpet camera flashes, his outfit knows exactly what it is doing here. While it’s quite a muted piece of tailoring for Glover, again the texture running through adds some sophisticated interest. Wear with a flouncy, printed shirt for another way of making the look appear more debonair (John Legend is the master of this) while deep brown shoes work well with pretty much every suit colour.

Donald Glover Style

A Thumbs Up From Donald

Donalds have been getting a bit of a bad rap lately but let’s not forget the OG – Mr Duck – who is getting some lovin’ from his namesake here. But just how do you get away with adorning your wares with a kid’s cartoon when you yourself are well into your thirties? Well, the 100 per cent wool cardigan by Gucci helps, especially because it utilises an opulent and grown-up shade of red. Also don’t fight fire with fire when a neutral black tee will cool that cardigan down, while some beat-up, retro sneakers keep the quirkiness running through the outfit without compromising on style.

Childish Gambino Fashion

The Purple Patch

Yes, there is something troublingly Austin Powers about Glover’s get-up here but take out the blouse that looks like a doily, trim the cut around the waist and shoulders and break things up with a classy contrast peak lapel and you can actually look groovy in a purple suit. It’s also proof that there’s a great deal of power when you keep everything neat and tidy. Note how exquisitely tied the bow tie is, how delightfully shiny the shoes are, how the suit is pressed to perfection. Mum was right you know – you won’t get anywhere in mucky clothes.

Donald Glover Wearing A Purple Suit

Sea You Later

If you’re looking for a gateway into statement menswear, an extravagantly patterned shirt is the easiest way to go. Pair with smart chinos or tailored trousers and a laissez-faire shirt tuck, for a look that lets the shirt do all the soapbox shouting. Although, we would suggest having the trousers cut a little tighter and with a crop, if only so you could see Glover’s beloved Gucci horsebit loafers more readily.

Donald Glover Gucci

Chewing The Fat

The knitted polo shirt and tailored chinos look is the perfect outfit choice for the after-work beer garden with the boys, even if their self care game ain’t quite up to yours. (Chewy we’re talking about you here – ever heard of tweezers, mate?)

Donald Glover Solo Premiere

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How Can You Deliver A Killer Best Man Speech!

Credit to: How To Give A Killer Best Man Speech BY: TOM FORDY

Wedding season is here. Which that means while both brides and grooms worry about whether the other one will show up, men everywhere are waking in cold sweats over the thought of giving a best man’s speech. And no, it’s not just you – every best man gets the pre-speech jitters.

The question is: what makes a great best man’s speech?

Should it be funny or sentimental? Does it need to be just about the groom, or will that upset the bride? How long should it be? What’s a safe amount of tequila to drink before? What stories can you tell without giving an elderly great-aunt a heart attack?

For some proper advice (by which we mean, from a professional who knows what they’re talking about – not the lads’ WhatsApp group), we turned to Kye Harman from online resource Simply The Best Man.

“Keep your speech well timed and sincere,” says Kye. “Mix the jokes with kind comments, but most of all make it fun, everyone is looking to you for some light relief in what can often be a drawn out part of the wedding, they’re on your side and what you to be good so relax and enjoy it.”

In case you’re still panicking, here’s a more detailed guide to making a great (and stress-free) best man’s speech.

Keep It Short and Sweet

It’s no secret that for the average non-immediate family guest, weddings can be a slog – half an hour of standing outside the church, an hour of the vicar droning on, father of the bride boring everyone to death, and more faffing about before you can get stuck into the free booze, food and disco.

There’s no need for you to drag it out any longer. In fact, the best man’s speech is your chance to perk things up.

“A good speech should run for around seven minutes,” says Kye. “That’s plenty of time to give the groom the comedy roast he deserves, land a few blows, give some sincere words and fit in the embarrassing story of how he got that tattoo without boring people. It is just a speech, not a stand-up comedy routine. To get the timing right practise saying your speech out loud and leave pauses for the laughs and standing ovation.”

Wedding Guests Laughing

Learn Your Lines

Practice, of course, really is key. Because let’s face it, knowing what to say in the best man’s speech, or how long to talk for, is scary enough, but the thought of forgetting what you’re supposed to be saying, freezing up while everyone points and laughs at you, or fainting out of pure nervous tension mid-speech, is the stuff of actual nightmares.

Famous speeches are effortless, so learn the material, rehearse it, and just when you think you’ve got it down, do it all again. “Practice, practice, practice,” says Kye. “The more you practise your speech out loud the more familiar it will become and the more comfortable you’ll feel. Also read it to someone else to get feedback.

“Print or write your speech on small cards rather than one sheet of A4 – they’re easier to hold, they won’t shake as much plus it’s easier to remember each small card than a hold speech. And never underestimate breathing – yes, you have been doing it for years and rarely forget to do it, but controlled breathing can reduce adrenaline which causes nerves.”

Do Your Duty & Keep It (Mostly) Clean

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First up, you need to know exactly what should go into the speech – the kind of things you should talk about, formalities to include, and the type of jokes that will be acceptable. And don’t forget, as best man you do have some official duties beyond organising the stag.

“As best man it’s your role to reply on behalf of the groomsman and bridesmaids for any thank yous or gifts from the happy couple,” Kye says. “At the end of your speech you should read any messages/emails from people who couldn’t make it on the day – check with the groom for these.

“And most importantly, don’t ****ing swear! What is funny to the groom and his mates won’t go down so well in front of a mixed age group with children present so keep it clean.” Four-letter rants, strip club memoirs, and Amsterdam adventures are definitely off the table.

Bride And Grooming Laughing

Don’t Drink Too Much

It seems like basic common sense, but it’s all-too-easy to glug down alcohol when you’re feeling nervous. Before you know it, you’re half-cut, inhibitions lost (not in a good way), and dangerously loose-tongued. You can get away with a pint at best, or one glass of complimentary champagne (it’s free after all), but that’s your lot.

“Alcohol can actually dry out your mouth, stick to water while giving your speech,” says Kye. “While a few glasses of scotch might feel like they’re settling your nerves they could actually make you feel a bit too confident. Save the drinking until after your speech, then you’ll truly have earned it.”

Champage Reception At A Wedding

Have A Killer Opening Line

No pressure, but you need something funny to open the speech – something to let guests know you’ve got the charisma and gags to hold their attention. We asked three comedians appearing at the Edinburgh Festival for some speech opening one-liners that would knock ‘em (not literally) dead.

Ben Pope

“I’m the Best Man. At the wedding. But also generally.”
“A good marriage is like an over-80s tennis match: endless love.”

Robin Clyfan

“I love weddings, you spend years planning the day, and pour thousands of pounds into getting your mates wasted.”
“Love is rare and special unless you’re [the groom] in which case it’s something you give away in a toilet after half a shandy and a packet of crisps.”

Joey Page

“[The groom] said I have done such a good job as best man that I can definitely do it again at his next wedding.”

Stand-up comic Chris Washington offers some general tips too. “Always start by complimenting the bride to get the away fans on board (but don’t go overboard, so it looks like you wish she was marrying you instead). Don’t go in too hard early doors. Take out any ‘you had to be there’ stories, because you probably had to be there. And finally, no matter how good of an idea you think it might be, a PowerPoint presentation containing pictures from the stag do will never, ever be a good idea.”

Wedding Guests Laughing

Finish On Form

It’s all good fun up front, but there’s nothing like a rousing, ceremonious end. “The best way to end your speech is to ask everyone to, ‘Please join me in raising a glass to the bride and groom, to [bride’s name and groom’s name]. It is neat, fitting and lets everyone know your speech is over.”

At which point it’s safe to forget the nerves, safe in the knowledge you don’t an incredible job as the better… sorry, best man.

Wedding Toast

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Famous Summer Style Everybody Can Adopt From The World’s Best-Dressed Men!

Credit to: 8 Summer Style Moves To Steal From The World’s Best-Dressed Men BY: LUKE SAMPSON

Killer summer style moves are hard to come by, unless you consider too-short shorts or a radioactive sunburn a means of bagging menswear kudos (FYI, they’re not).

If, however, you’re able to drag your weary eyes away from summer’s interminable procession of angry-looking T-shirt tans and knackered flip flops and instead lock your gaze on some well-dressed celebrities, you’ll find plenty of style nuggets worth swotting up on.

Each offering their own way of dodging the sweat-soaked style bypass that currently constitutes as dressing for the heat, here are eight men that it’s worth getting schooled by this summer.

The Master: Johannes Huebl

The Lesson: Rethink Your White Jean Aversion

The male population is by and large trusted to exercise good judgement on matters sartorial. This is mostly without serious calamity, except in the case of white jeans. Club promoter chic, skin-tight swole showcasers, identikit lads holiday uniform: the list of serious misuses is way too graphic to detail in its entirety.

Instead think of Johannes Huebl and his consistently correct application of white denim: he’s basically the walking embodiment of the all-too-rare white jeans outfit that doesn’t end in disaster.

Huebl’s not particularly concerned about showing off his leg gains and usually opts for a denim fit that follows the shape of his legs, but doesn’t cling on to his flesh for dear life. This genetically blessed German doesn’t do muscle fit up top either. Loose chambray shirts and slightly oversized T-shirts make excellent companions for Huebl’s tailored white jeans, and they’ll do exactly the same for you should you choose to follow his lead.

Johannes Huebl Lookbook

The Master: Virgil Abloh

The Lesson: Perfect The Art Of T-Shirt Tucking

As anyone who was forced to wear a school uniform will instinctively know, tucking a shirt in isn’t cool. In fact it’s a notorious murderer of swag, only permissible at work or formal events. The T-shirt on the other hand, has been deemed totally tuckable by the coolest man on the planet, Virgil Abloh. So, if your tee is currently hanging loose, start gathering at your waistband.

Although Abloh’s T-shirt tuck may seem like one of those things that aloof menswear types can suss out instinctively, making like Abloh is actually just a case of following some simple sartorial science which works on the law of balance.

A buttoned shirt is already smart, so when tucking you’re doubling up on formality. On the other hand, the T-shirt is a casual staple so any time you wear one during summer, you’re at risk of looking like you picked up a few things from your bedroom floor. By tucking your T-shirt into your trousers you’re subtracting sloppiness and adding formality. Abloh, we’re onto your game.

Virgil Abloh Summer Lookbook

The Master: Donald Glover

The Lesson: Don’t Underestimate The Printed Shirt

This guy’s a Renaissance man, one of those annoying guys who can turn his hand to seemingly anything without even trying. Under normal circumstances this would have us turning a WhatsApp shade of green. But, taking into consideration all of the positive PR that Donald Glover has generated for the printed shirt and the fact that he’s serving up unreasonably large amounts of wardrobe fire consistently, it’s hard to stay too salty.

Most men have just about wrapped their heads around wearing printed shirts in winter, with lashings of black serving to steer even the gaudiest examples into safer territory. The printed shirt for summer however comes with that crass, comedy barbecue uniform thing strongly attached.

Not for Glover. He has successfully divorced the printed summer shirt of its lame rep by demonstrating that bold but wearable prints do exist and by styling the printed shirt in a way which crushes the cringe factor. If you’re going to do a bold shirt this summer, make like Glover and go open at the collar, keep the colours to a limited palette and don’t double up. Childish Gambino levels of lyrical confidence wouldn’t go amiss either.

Donald Glover Lookbook

The Master: David Gandy

The Lesson: Learn To Love Linen

Inexplicably, David Gandy is a man whose appearance inspires slack-jawed awe and simultaneously jolts us into thinking that we could be a little more Gandy if only we had access to his wardrobe. This assumption is risky: only the DG himself can pull off miniscule budgie smugglers on a yacht for D&G, and even then he does so by a whisker.

Linen, however, is a handy Gandy style move that doesn’t discriminate between a model bod and a dad bod, so everyone’s safe to proceed without caution. Before you scoff at the thought of creased Miami Vice cast-offs, summer linen comes in many guises and it’s also your best method of staving off oil slick skin.

Take a leaf from Gandy’s book this summer and wear mismatched colour linen tailored separates (worn with a T-shirt or an open collared linen shirt). Or go off piste by copping a linen field jacket which will work well with denim down below. Sure, you’ll spend a bit more time getting to know your iron, but that beats a wet back in public right?

David Gandy Summer Lookbook

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Cissy Houston Reportedly Disowned Son Gary After He Admits Shocking Sexual Molestation Claims In New ‘Whitney’ Doc!

Credit to: BET Staff

The family of late music legend Whitney Houston has been shaken by a slew of tragedy and controversy in the wake of her 2012 passing. Most recently, the singer’s mother, Cissy Houston, has been accused of disowning Whitney’s brother Gary Houston following the release of the new Whitney documentary.

According to Radar Online, the family feud emerged after Houston revealed that he and his super star sister, Whitney, were both the victims of sexual assault at the hands of their cousin Dee Dee Warwick in the doc.

A source close to the family claimed, “Cissy called him and told him ‘I’m cutting you out of my will,’ and hung up the phone,” in a statement to Radar.

“Gary never brought up these accusations before and the family doesn’t believe him… They think it was used to just drum up publicity for the film,” the source added.

Released on July 06, the documentary followed family members and friends as they opened up about Houston’s tumultuous life and circumstances that led to her drug addiction and subsequent death in 2012.

Cissy Houston and Dee Dee’s sister, Dionne Warwick released a statement expressing the “difficulty” they had in believing Gary Houston’s comments.

Calling out the film for airing out never-before-heard accusations, Houston’s mother said, “Although she spoke about her struggle with drugs, the interventions, her daughter Krissi and issues in her marriage, she never publicly spoke about her father’s stealing from her or revealed any claim that she had been molested. IF she was molested I do not believe she would have wanted it to be revealed for the first time to thousands, maybe millions of people in a film.”

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Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day to Akira, Kanye West’s Favorite Anime!

You may also read: Happy Birthday to Akira, Kanye West’s Favorite Anime BY: JOSHUA RIVERA

The groundbreaking film turns 30 and it’s just as good as ever. (Oh, and it’s streaming on Hulu.)

Akira is one of those anime films often recommended by people who are ashamed to say the word “anime.” They talk about it like they would any other movie, using words like “a science-fiction classic” to describe it, which is both accurate and very funny because a giant mutant baby is a very important plot point and that’s the kind of thing you can only get from anime (and perhaps Mass Effect 2). This is also depressing, because the high/low culture divide actively works against people discovering works as sublimely weird and rich as Akira.

The story of two biker punk friends in Neo-Tokyo in a dystopic vision of Tokyo rebuilt following a nuclear bomb going off in the city 30 years prior. (The Bomb is at the forefront of the film’s themes, which weigh heavily on power and humanity, and how the former always corrupts the latter in horrifying ways.) Akira takes a hard left turn into bizarre, unsettling territory when one of its central pair—Tetsuo—develops psychic powers. As his faculties increase, he becomes unhinged, and his friend Kaneda must choose between trying to help him or putting him down.

If you haven’t seen Akira, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot—it’s currently streaming on Hulu. It genuinely lives up to the hype, and it’s one of the most provocative and unsettling films you can readily stream. It’s the sort of film that lingers in your head long after you’ve seen it, a story with an edge so sharp it makes you reconsider all your old favorites, making you wonder why they suddenly seem so hollow.

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Who Wants To Join OZYFEST – The Sizzling Hot Festival for Folks Who Love Coachella and Neoliberalism!

Credit to: What Is OZYFEST? The Sizzling Hot Festival for Folks Who Love Coachella and Neoliberalism BY: ALEX SIQUIG

It was an ordinary day on Twitter, which is to say, the worst day on Twitter since the day before. A low-key cursed image began making the rounds, eliciting no small amount of sincere confusion. This image was putting the free world on notice. A revolution was coming in the form of a two-day festival in Central Park called OZY Fest. Maybe you saw it and the subsequent and relentless owns and sick burns it spawned, gleefully doled out by people simply seeking to understand what the fuck they were looking at. Imagine a cut-rate Coachella lineup poster headlined by a few heavy-hitters of the outdoor all-ages summertime circuit, acts like Passion Pit, Young the Giant, Grouplove, Common, and record-scratch freeze-frame Hi, you’re probably wondering how I got here Hillary Clinton!

But that’s not all! Also waiting in the wings: Malcolm Gladwell, the baseball man A-Rod, the fatwa’d Salman Rushdie, Martha Stewart, Jemele Hill twice, your Twitter pal Taye Diggs, conservative Burning Man fanatic Grover Norquist, and a conservative fanatic who should be a burning man, Karl Rove. Karl Rove! You know, one of the most morally reprehensible bipeds on planet earth, getting paid actual money to mumble his garbage for a bit before nodding his big stupid head to the seductive summer anthems of Young the Giant.

In short, the poster promised a weird hot Dada mess of Hillary’s Shadow Government throwing a party at the park. How could this not just be some extremely gentle ribbing perpetuated by one of those Weird Left Twitter rascals, having a go at #TheResistance libs and their not so secret desire to make any public event into a TED Talk entitled “Hey! I’m Being Civil Here!”

Now, despite the histrionics that followed the unveiling of the latest OZY Fest lineup poster, many pedants were quick to point out this wasn’t OZY’s first rodeo. In fact, if you are a New Yorker who is vaguely familiar with the pulse of summer events, this is all probably old hat to you. This is the third OZY Fest, which means quite literally there have already been two OZY Fests. That’s just a fact based on logic, reason, and rigorous empiricism. This has already happened twice. 2016 featured Corey Booker, will.I.am, and the Broad City girls, while 2017 upped the chaotic ante with the addition of Jason Derulo (Jason Derulo!), Jeb Bush (JEB!), and Katie Couric, a woman who once retweeted me in 2015. Malcolm Gladwell was there too. Malcolm Gladwell is always there.

The tagline is literally:

“Think. Eat. Rock.”

An earlier draft:

“Think. Eat. Rock. Maybe Abolish ICE. We’ll Think About it.”

Look, I come not to praise OZY Fest, nor merely to attempt to smugly bury it. I cannot bury something so well financed. How does one go apart dismantling the wet dream of a policy wonk? I’m just genuinely bewildered by it all. In the spirit of understanding what the fuck is going on besides the powers that be using alchemy to transmute centrist finger-wagging into a music festival, I find it incumbent upon myself to help you make sense of it all, should you plan to attend what is quickly shaping up to be the Most Important Event in the Age of Trump.

What the hell is OZY?

It’s possible you already know about OZY Media. Perhaps you work there. Maybe you read their website from time to time because you enjoy its bludgeoning yet anodyne design. OZY is an “international online magazine” launched in 2013 by former MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson. It purports to be “news for the insatiable.” Some of the contributors to their website that will probably not surprise you in the least include Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and Condoleezza Rice! Insatiable!

Here’s a telling quote from OZY founding father Carlos Watson: “When I was a kid, I’d always open the refrigerator door 100 times because I kept hoping to see if anything new or different had appeared.” Well anyway, that’s the guy who is throwing this festival.

line of rich people who think it would be just rad if Condoleezza Rice ran for president. Why? I don’t know, maybe because she likes sports and thinks Trump is bad. You know what? A lot of people like sports. A lot of people think Trump is bad. Most of them didn’t start the Iraq War. Unfortunately for all the Condi Heads, the possible war criminal won’t be “performing” at OZY Fest this year. However, it seems almost certain that she’ll be headlining in 2019, joining a hypothetical lineup that I’ve already decided includes Paul Wolfowitz, Death Cab for Cutie, the cast of Game of Thrones, the Black Keys, Eric Garland, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Henry Kissinger (even if he’s dead), Wilco (twice), Guy Fieri, David Frum, Piers Morgan, Ice Cube, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Should I go?

Well, my first inclination is to say no. You should stay home and watch Star Trek on Netflix. However, in the interest in the acceleration of decay and heightening the contradictions, then yes, of course you should go to OZY Fest. How many people got a chance to see Rome burn? How many people were allowed on that last helicopter out of Saigon? What must it have been like to be left off of Noah’s Ark? You have a duty to humanity, to progress, to yourself. Should you go to OZY Fest? Yes. Will it be stupid? Of course! But could it actually be a fun enough thing to do if you relax and stop wondering if we’re all just in some giant Panopticon? I mean, I’ve heard like six Passion Pit songs, and you know what? One of them was not bad. As for the biggest draw, it’s likely Hillary will almost certainly want to avoid old hits like “Super Predators” and “Hard Working Americans, White Americans” in favor of her newer, lo-fi experimental stuff. The humbler quiet stuff that sounds best while wearing a Patagonia fleece.

And when else will you have the opportunity to walk up to Dana Bash and say, “Dana Bash, why are you here?” And it’s never too late to make sure that Sanaa Lathan knows that Love and Basketball changed the course of your life. Go for it. It’s only $134 for a two-day pass.

How does one get to OZY Fest?

I don’t know. I don’t live in New York. Central Park is pretty big but it seems likely that if you simply follow the hordes of sweaty people you’ll probably find the stage and perhaps even bump into Mark Sanford, to whom you could say, “Hello Mr. Sanford, what is your talk going to be about? Will it be about how to vanish to Buenos Aires for six days because you are horny for your mistress while juggling the responsibilities of being the governor of South Carolina? Or something else?”

What should I wear?

Yo, wear normal clothes! This is not Burning Man. It’s not Coachella. It’s not even Warped Tour! You do not have to dress like Sitting Bull or a tween who just escaped from Arkham Asylum. Bespoke pantsuits, lanyards, shirts with Robert Mueller’s face featuring the now iconic phrase “It’s Mueller Time!” sunglasses of risible size, baseball caps that are not red, dad jorts, flip-flops that reveal your ivory toes, bedazzled FitBits.

A few of my favorites are going on at the same time. What should I do!

The world has proven to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is not perfect and you don’t always, and mostly never, get what you want. You can’t expect to show up and wing it, like the DNC did in 2016. Despite your best intentions, it will be hard to catch both Common and the jejune Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez. If you want to make the most of your stay, plan in advance. Learn which “thought-leader” is speaking where and when, and make priorities. These are not Pokémon. You can’t possibly catch all these slippery “influencers”, but with proper planning, and an insatiable desire to listen to millionaires explain that Trump’s hands are small, you can get close.

What’s the food situation like?

Marcus Samuelsson and Roy Choi are cooking I guess? That seems cool!

Prepare for the Worst

Even the best laid plans occasionally go awry, such as was the case in the 1992 film Of Mice and Men. This is often the case during sprawling open-air festivals. There are simply too many variables, too many possible darkest timelines. Remember to pack sunscreen, to drink plenty of fluids, to label all your personal belongings with your name and email address in case you lose them (things tend to get fucking insane in the pit when Kristen Gillibrand is on the bill), and to remember that under no circumstances should you get into a discussion about vaping or literally anything else with Grover Norquist. I don’t care if Grover Norquist is your dad. Just get out of there.

In conclusion, there is always something dangerous about violating what is precious to someone, so to the people who swear by Young the Giant, Passion Pit, Common, and unencumbered capitalism, I apologize. If your idea of a swell time is watching Malcolm Gladwell freestyle about broken windows in swamp-ass weather, well then, please, go with God.

And if someone wants to front me the cash for a VIP Two-Day Pass, please Venmo me $306. I do think Michelle Wolf is pretty cool.

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Pete Davidson With A Wild Hair Cut – The Comedian Put His Own Spin On A Summertime Buzz Cut.

Credit to: Pete Davidson Got a Wild New Hair Cut BY: LIZZ RAISS

Unless you live off the grid (and if you live off the grid, you’re not reading this), by now you’ve heard about Ariana Grande’s engagement to Pete Davidson. The petite ponytailed pop star and the SNL comedian’s relationship has taken over headline space usually occupied by a Kardashian sister (or two) and already spawned a meme, Big Dick Energy, which has already gone totally off the rails.

But this isn’t about Big Dick Energy but rather its inspiration, Pete Davidson, and his style. Historically, Davidson’s aesthetic could best be described as “coolest sophmore”, which has its place in menswear today but isn’t exactly aligned with the conventionally stylish leanings favored by the famous Ryans (Gosling, Reynolds) and their leading man ilk. Davidson wears bad hats and bad college sweatshirts and ratty sweats, and—this is important—seems infinitely comfortable in that identity. Which is why are infinitely comfortable with him in that identity.

Sometimes fame comes at you fast, and while Davidson may have been well-known before, he is now officially a name known in middle schools across the world. And that surge of attention seems to have inspired our boy to step up his sartorial efforts (or, more likely, to have hired a stylist). He recently stepped out, Ariana on his arm, as Pete Davidson 2.0: out of the box Reeboks, blue Palace sweatpants, a pink Wu-Tang long sleeve, a Supreme cross-body bag, and, most noticeably, a major dye job. Rumor has it the follicular overhaul is for an upcoming movie role, but any change this drastic is bound to be grouped with the comedian’s newfound global fame.

Elder Ordonez / SplashNews.com

Davidson has taken the plunge pioneered by Frank Ocean, Jonah Hill, and Jaden Smith, buzzing his hair and bleaching it blonde. Although the bleached blonde buzzcut has roots that run deep in the veins of teen boys. A recent #tbt he posted makes it clear, to anyone with eyes and vague knowledge of the ‘90s and ‘00s, that young Davidson was 100%, no question, a fan of Eminem. (The Shadiness of Davidson’s new look has not gone unnoticed to more than a few commenters on Upscale Hype). The bleached blonde buzz feels familiar and nostalgic. It’s right at home on someone who once wore chains with a tank for a picture from a disposable camera. Frank Ocean paved the way and made it cool for weirdos like Davidson to adopt the look, but he’s certainly making it something all his own. Maybe it’s that (sorry) BDE.

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How Can You Gain Weight And Add Muscles Without The Extra Fat – Men’s Grooming Tips!

Credit to: How To Gain Weight The Healthy Way BY: TOM WARD

Fitness is on what you might call a bulking phase. As of May 2017, there were almost 10m Brits sweating away at the gym every month, according to market aggregator Leisure DB, an increase of 5.1 per cent on the previous year. The same report also values the UK gym industry at a staggering £4.7 billion. In the US, over 55 million people had a gym membership in 2015, with figures no doubt continuing to climb in the years since the data was collected.

Whichever way you look at it, fitness is big business. Bolstered by the trend for wellness, calisthenics, yoga, CrossFit, and a generally more holistic outlook, more and more men are joining the local sweat box. But, for some – dare we say, the majority – deep down, a single desire remains: the desire to bulk up, gain weight, build muscle, and fill out those T-shirts for a summer body.

Of course, for some, how to gain weight is simple: you eat a lot and lift heavy weights. For others, it can be more difficult. Hitting the gym five days a week and seeing no gains? Knocking back 4,000 calories a day, to no avail? Tried every protein powder on the shelf but nothing’s working? A number of factors could be at play (try cutting out the cardio, for example – you don’t want to burn off muscle mass if you’re trying to grow). However, Luke Grahame, muscle-bound trainer at London’s high-end private gym Roar Fitness, has one particular bugbear:

“Show me a skinny guy who can’t put on weight and I’ll show you a skinny guy who doesn’t eat enough,” he says.

“Whilst genetics, exceptionally high metabolisms, and extreme ectomorphic (skinny) body types do exist and have a part to play, the number one reason that some people struggle to gain weight is simply that they don’t eat enough. It’s a common trait of so-called ‘hardgainers’ to grossly overestimate what they eat, and inversely underestimate how much food is required to build genuine muscle.”

Well Built Man Versus Skinny Man

Let’s unpack that. First of all, ‘ectomorph’ refers to a person with a naturally svelte physique, like Russell Brand or Jarvis Cocker. The other body types to be aware of are ‘endomorph’ and ‘mesomorph’. The former describes a pear-shaped body with a tendency to store fat.

Think: Jack Black. The latter describes a muscular and well built body with a fast metabolism and muscle cells that respond quickly and efficiently to exercise. Think: Zac Efron. Knowing which body type best describes you (and being honest about it) is a good place to start.

A ‘hardgainer’ meanwhile, is a person who practises bodybuilding techniques, but finds it difficult to gain weight. Naturally, their opposite number is the ‘easygainer’. And if the latter describes you, you’re reading the wrong article.

Of course, any attempt to get fitter is great. According to NHS figures, in 2016, 26% of UK adults were considered obese. Meanwhile, in the US, obesity rates have reached 35% in five states, with the lowest instance at 22.3% in Colorado. And we needn’t tell you that carrying all this extra heft around can have significant and fatal consequences now and in later life.

Overweight Man Being Measured

Building strength and (although not necessarily) muscle mass, is a side-effect of any exercise, and the focus should always be on a balanced approach to working out, and your own functionality. What’s the use of having arms the size of fire hydrants if you can’t lift them over your head?

Likewise, it’s not exactly healthy seeking self-worth in how your body looks. Mind, the mental health charity, classes body dysmorphia as a mental health disorder, which can lead to a whole host of secondary problems from depression to alcoholism. Similarly, relying on steroids to add muscle mass may seem like a short cut, but alongside immediate side effects like acne and aggression, some steroids have also been show to lead to heart attack, stroke, and death.

To help you safely navigate the pitfalls of bulking up, here’s how to gain weight naturally, and in a way that won’t compromise your health or happiness.

In The Kitchen

You’ve worked out which body type you have, have a rough idea of how much weight you want to gain, and how many calories you take in each day. Now what? Most people think it’s a good idea to work out your resting metabolic rate (or RMR) – how many calories you burn when you’re resting in front of Netflix. Grahame disagrees:

“Forget about calculating RMR (it’s likely inaccurate anyway). Track what you eat for a week by logging in a calorie tracking app (you know the one…) and take the average. This is what currently maintains your bodyweight, and therefore it’s not enough. Add another 500 kcal on top of your daily intake. If you gain weight, keep eating the same amount of calories. If you don’t gain weight after three weeks add another 250 – 500kcal to your daily intake. Repeat until the gains start to come.”

Man Eating A Healthy Meal

This might sound a rather slap-dash approach, but remember, the aim here is to gain weight, not to carve out a six-pack. If that is your aim, you can reduce calories safely and gradually once you’ve attained the weight you’re looking for. As such, there’s no point splitting hairs at this point about specific macros.

“When looking to gain weight, don’t overanalyse finely detailed macronutrient splits. You need proteins, carbs, and fats, and you need lots of them. Set protein at a minimum 2g per kg bodyweight. For example, a skinny 70kg male would need 140g protein minimum. Split the rest of the calories between carbs and fats – the ratio is unimportant at this point, just make sure there’s lots of them,” says Luke.

“In terms of meal frequency, the most important factor is getting all the necessary food/calories in by the end of the day. With this is in mind, and factoring for the hardgainers’ notorious lack of appetite, it’s worth noting that five meals of 600kcal average a day are likely easier to stomach than three meals of 1000 kcal average a day (based on a daily caloric intake of 3000 kcal).”

Healthy Diet For Weight Gain

So what should you be piling on your plate? Fad diets like Atkins advise sticking to a low carb diet. This is the antithesis of a bulking diet, as carbs replenish your muscles energy stores, helping you work out again the next day, and giving you a fuller, more rounded look. The GOMAD diet, however, suggests you drink a gallon of milk per day.

Which, while packed with calcium and protein, really doesn’t make much sense. Not only that, if you’re mixing your protein shakes with milk, you’ll take on an additional 400 calories per drink. And while you’re trying to up your calories, 400 extra calories that you aren’t keeping track of will quickly contribute to your belly – the wrong kind of bulking. Stick to water and some energy sups instead.

According to Grahame, if you stock the following items in your kitchen and consume them as per the ratios outlined above, you won’t go far wrong (note the lack of chocolate and ice cream – we aren’t interested in the ‘dirty bulk’. Sorry):

  • 15% fat steak mince
  • Chicken thighs
  • Oats
  • Rice
  • Eggs
  • Green vegetables

Pain & Gain

As almost any gym-goer will know, gaining weight isn’t as simple as rocking up to the local gym and going hell for leather with the dumbbell exercises. Nor is it about spending every session working your chest. Balance is key, and compound moves that bring in all areas of the body will help you build size quickly. As such, the bench press, squat, and deadlift are essential to your arsenal.

Whatever your exercise plan, time under tension is important. In other words, slowly lowering each weight before quickly pushing/pulling it up again. Because your muscles have to struggle under strain for longer, they’ll be forced to adapt to handling heavy weights. When it comes to weights, start with a manageable one, and aim to up the weight each week.

“Rather than splitting the body parts up into arm days or shoulder days, my advice to skinny guys looking to get bigger is to train the whole body every session – hard, heavy, and frequently – using big compound movements. Blunt trauma rather than fine needlework,” advises Grahame.

Two to three sets of 6-12 controlled reps is better for muscle growth than pumping out 15 quick and messy reps. Sure, you could do this, but it’d only lead to imbalances, which will immobilise your progress further down the line. Train everything slowly and evenly, and your triceps and biceps, glutes and thighs will work in tandem, as they were designed to do.

With that in mind, here’s Grahame’s beginner workout. Complete this circuit three times per week with four sets of 9-11 reps per exercise. Perform it at a tempo (three seconds decline, one second push). Most importantly, use your rest days for growth and repair, not cardio.

The Full-Body Weight Gain Workout

1. BARBELL FRONT SQUAT rest 90 seconds

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How Can You Wear The Same Pair Of Classic Black Jeans For Years!

Credit to: Men’s Black Jeans Outfits: 7 ways to wear the most versatile thing you own By:  SARAH-ANN MURRAY

‘How to rock a look’ – it’s an utterly overused phrase in the fashion world and one that often seems out of place, but when it comes to black jeans, the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll wardrobe staple, it definitely applies.

Just like a leather jacket, black jeans come pre-packaged with a certain amount of attitude – perhaps it’s the music connotations or maybe just the colour. Batman, the Terminator, Johnny Cash – they all wore black. Either way, there aren’t many garments that are as versatile or as hard working as a pair of black jeans.

British designer, Oliver Spencer agrees. “Black denim is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down making it super versatile and therefore a basic essential in my eyes.”

Black jeans both embrace trends and transcend them – they’re office-proof and festival-friendly. They’re trans-seasonal. You can wear them as part of a streetwear-inspired get-up or pair them with a blazer and expect to get into a fancy restaurant. There aren’t many utility players like it.

The key is to find a shape that works best for your physique and a shade that helps you create the most appropriate look for where you’re going. Depending on how you style them, you can wear them every day of the week, any time of year – even in summer. Below, we’ll show you how.

But first you need a pair. Black jeans are at their best when they’re relatively slim so look for a cut that hugs your legs without being overly restrictive.

Virtually every brand out there produces its own take, so whatever your budget you’re bound to find a pair that works for you. At the lower end you can’t go wrong with Uniqlo, which uses a 12oz selvedge stretch denim for added comfort, or, if your wallet allows, go for an investment pair from A.P.C. or Acne Studios which are both renowned for their jeans.

Play It (Smart-)Casual In Separates

Black jeans work well across almost all dress codes, but they shine when used in a smart-casual outfit. With this in mind, keep it simple and maintain the successful monochrome combinations of grey, black and white. Try pairing either a dark grey or clean white T-shirt (depending on skin tone) worn underneath a grey jersey-fabric or cotton blazer, which will complement the jeans below.

A smarter alternative to a T-shirt is a long-sleeve cotton polo sweater, which has a collar for some formality and can be worn in the office without the jacket. The jacket should be a separate blazer rather than taken from a suit, and ideally should have a bit of texture in its fabric to work with the hardiness of denim. A more casual version in jersey material from Uniqlo works well, but for a slightly smarter take opt for non-stretch cotton.

On your feet, go for smart-casual trainers that help you walk the line between comfortable commuting and the 9 o’clock all-hands.

How To Wear Black Jeans With A Smart-Casual Outfit

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Credit to: President Trump’s Summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin Cost Over $300k BY: TMZ STAFF

President Trump‘s historic summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin didn’t come cheap … U.S. taxpayers are on the hook for more than $300k … TMZ has learned.

According to federal docs — obtained by TMZ — the State Department made tons of new purchase orders specifically for Monday’s Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki, Finland. For hotels alone, the bill was $128,681.39. Tech support was a cool $100,972.50, and that included $12k alone for laptop/printer rentals.

And, as much as Trump hates the “fake news” media, he still fed them pretty well. Catering for the press cost $52,703.38. The Secret Service’s ballistic glass installation and removal alone cost $15,913.35. There’s also a $56k airport hangar rental fee. All in all … the U.S. Gov dropped $302,124.62.

By comparison, Trump’s face-to-face meeting with Kim Jong-un ran about $162k.

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Credit to: Barack Obama Visits Kenya for Sister’s Charity Event BY: TMZ STAFF

Former Prez Barack Obama got in some QT with his Kenyan fam, and showed some love for a new sports training center at the same time.

Obama’s half-sister Dr. Auma Obama‘s charitable organization built the center, and Barack showed up Sunday for the grand opening. This was his first visit to Kenya — his father’s native land — since leaving the White House. He was last there in 2015.

Barack and the good Doc greeted children at the center, and he also met with Kenya’s Prez.

The Obamas are all over the globe. He and Michelle can compare notes this week: who did the weekend better?

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Skip the beer, and do something a little more – The Best Drinks for Poolside Drinking!

Credit to: The Best Drinks for Poolside Drinking, According to Bartenders BY: PAULA FORBES

The beach is all well and good, but a pool is a haven for the truly lazy: no sand to constantly brush off various parts of your body, no three-hour drive or train ride, no public bathrooms. It’s also an extremely fun place to have an adult beverage, preferably enjoyed with your feet in the water. And it’s a fun place to experiment past your standard American lager. Below, bartenders from across the country recommend their perfect poolside pairings.

Piña Coladas

This is the ultimate pool drink, and for good reason. “I love a classic piña colada,” says Maxime Heitz of Le Coq Rico in New York. And Juan Coronado of Bresca in Washington, DC likes a variation called a Miami Vice: “The marriage of the world’s two best cocktails—the piña colada and the strawberry daiquiri—is something magical.” Put your blender to work.


“Rosé all day,” says Rodney Jenson of the Hyatt Centric in Miami. And no, it’s not just a slogan on a corny tote bag: “It’s bright, refreshing, and perfect for lounging by the pool.” And yes, you are completely allowed to put ice cubes into your wine, if that’s your thing. If you’re looking for something a little bit more celebratory, go for sangria. Brian Floyd of the Line in Austin likes “cutting up whatever fruit I have and making a big pitcher of sangria to share.” Lindsey Alvarado of the Playa Largo in Key Largo also likes sangria, and usually adds a mix of citrus, herbs, fruit and wine in the biggest pitcher you can find. “How can you go wrong?”


These are always a hot weather favorite. Adrienne Miller of the Halyard at Sound View on Long Island likes a variation: “Cava with some Suze and club soda.” She calls it “sweet, bitter, bright, salty, and easy to drink; a requirement in a poolside beverage.”

Mai Tais

“My favorite pool drink is a 1944 Trader Vic Mai Tai,” says Rupert King of the Park MGM in Vegas. This tiki all star features rum and citrus for a poolside treat that Christopher Longoria of Che Fico in San Francisco calls “very delicious and refreshing. Hands down: a proper Mai Tai would certainly be my choice.” It takes a little more effort (and a few more ingredients) than a jug of sangria, but it’s a fun project that doubles as a reason for a pool party in the first place.

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? will embarrass some of the most powerful people in the country and galvanize their most passionate defenders.

Credit to: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? Is a Nightmare Show for These Nightmare Times BY: SCOTT MESLOW

I was not allowed to tell you anything about Who Is America?—including how I felt about it—until after the first episode had finished airing. Which turned out to be fine, because I needed a few days to decide how I felt about it. It’s rare that a “comedy” show has filled me with so much despair. I didn’t laugh at Who Is America? I just sat in silence and felt the queasy knot in my stomach get bigger and bigger.

That’s not necessarily an indictment of Sacha Baron Cohen or his satirical mission (though I’m not exactly convinced this is a smart or responsible show to be making in this heightened political climate). But it is not a good look for his subjects: Various powerful cultural and political figures who were duped, under varying pretenses, into saying and doing various awful things on camera. And because we live in the country that enabled these cultural and political figures to become so powerful in the first place, I guess that makes it an indictment of all of us, too.

In broad strokes, the structure of Who Is America? is similar to Cohen’s Da Ali G Show, which saw him assuming three different (and extreme) personas to mess with his unwitting interview subjects. The first episode of Who Is America? introduces four Cohen characters, all of them new: an Alex Jones–esque right-winger named Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., a Portlandia-esque left-winger named Nira Cain, an ex-Mossad gun nut named Erran Morad, and an ex–con artist named Rich Sharron, who paints with his own shit and blood and semen.

Cohen’s broad cross-section of characters seems, at first glance, to indicate that he intends to lampoon both sides of the political spectrum. To conservatives, Cohen would play a cartoonish liberal; to liberals, Cohen would play a cartoonish conservative. In that version of the series, the object of satire would be our collective willingness to believe every stereotype Cohen presents about the other side, no matter how bizarre or egregious.

And maybe that was the original intention. But in reality, the two sides of the political spectrum are not the same. Faced with Cohen’s right conspiratorial nut-job, Bernie Sanders is basically just confused and kind of sleepy. But when Cohen’s gun fanatic proposes an insane program to arm children as young as three years old, a series of current and former congressmen—including Dana Rohrabacher, Joe Wilson, Joe Walsh, and Trent Lott—film enthusiastic video endorsements for this “Kinderguardian” program.

It might be funny if these weren’t the people who have such an outsized influence over so many lives. These are the moments of Who is America? that make you feel sick: the scenes when conservative politicians—either full-blown nutjobs or cynical, mercenary assholes, and either way in lockstop with our know-nothing white supremacist president—get cajoled and emboldened by Cohen’s ridiculous characters, drop the standard political rhetoric, and state what they actually believe. Or laugh about, say, spousal rape—apparently under the assumption that this “friendly” journalist won’t use the footage in the final cut. (It’s the uneasiness of these segments that makes you wish Cohen had cut the softer targets altogether—with subjects like these, did the soft and shallow pretensions of the art world really need more lampooning?)


Why Riviera Style Should Be Your Go-To Summer Look – Mens Summer Guide!

Credit to: Men’s Riviera Style Guide BY: FASHIONBEANS EDITORS

Most holiday style guides stop at suggesting a few T-shirts, a pair of swim shorts and some sunglasses for your travels. And we get it, all three are essentials when hopping across borders. But what if you skipped arm day, have no desire to take a dip and actually enjoy forcibly squinting at the sun? The point is that this approach overlooks one very important (and one very stylish) way of getting dressed abroad.

As practical as it is good-looking, Riviera style remains as relevant today as when it first took shape almost a century ago. Emerging as one of the first modern resort areas in the late 18th century, the list of those who visited the French Riviera reads like a who’s who of stylish cultural tastemakers (Messrs F. Scott Fitzgerald and Pablo Picasso were particular fans).

From the 1920s onwards, Europe’s most affluent flocked in their droves to cities like Nice, Marseilles and Cannes, as well as Portofino and San Remo on the Italian equivalent.

Riviera style itself began as a means of translating European elegance for a hotter-than-average locale where daily activities included little more than sunbathing and maybe some yachting for those feeling energetic. While fashion has changed over the years, the fundamentals of men’s Riviera style have remained the same.

Of course, you don’t just have to be on the Côte d’Azur to channel this simple, laid-back style. Whether you’re keen to cut a debonair figure on the coast or just recreate a little of the Riviera back home, here’s what you need to know.

The Palette

Accurately channelling the Riviera aesthetic is as much about the sensibility as it is ensuring your wardrobe is appropriately stocked, and colour plays an integral role.

At the core of the Riviera palette you’ll find light neutrals like white, beige, stone, tan and ecru, all of which, helpfully, look their best in sunny weather and combine easily with most other hues while keeping you cool by reflecting rather than absorbing light.

For interest, nautical reds and blues are worth adding, as are pastels like mint green, sky blue, pale yellow and lavender, which provide the perfect accents to a low-key base.

The Polo Shirt

The polo shirt is an indisputable Riviera must-own. Coming collared – unlike a T-shirt – it protects your neck from exposure to direct sunlight while providing a solution to looking refined in the heat while also being more lightweight than an Oxford shirt.

Traditional cotton piqué styles are inarguably classic and will serve you well for years to come, but it’s also worth exploring other fabric options like lighter weight Egyptian and Sea Island cotton for guaranteed comfort in Côte d’Azur temperatures.

Alternatively, keep an eye out for unusual textures in the form of knitted polos, which hark back to the mid-century style icons who first made the destination famous, and towelling, which is especially useful for wear post-swim.

Layer yours under a lightweight blazer, or try wearing it alone with chinos or tailored swim shorts for a relaxed yet spruced-up finish.

Riviera polo shirts

Key Pieces

suitsupply ss17 carolina herrera ss17 burton ss15 massimo dutti 2016

Do You Want To Look Suave? Then You Need A Lounge Suit – Men’s Guide!

Credit to: The Lounge Suit Dress Code: A Complete Guide By: DAVID EVANS

There are some who’ve predicted the demise of the lounge suit and even those who say it’s already dead, but don’t get the menswear defibrillator just yet. This old-timer has a pulse. Its strength is its adaptability; the lounge suit is a constantly evolving menswear staple and should provide us with stylish formalwear options for some time yet. But how is this the case, and what exactly is it anyway?

Nowadays, the term ‘lounge suit’ is usually only seen on invitations, signalling a reasonably formal dress code – in plain English it translates as: a suit with a shirt and tie. However, this belies the real flexibility of the modern lounge suit. Depending on fabric choice, it can be at home in the boardroom, perhaps as a dapper grey flannel creation, or on the streets of a summer holiday destination in the guise of a cool tan linen suit.

This versatility has allowed the lounge suit to keep ticking over then, as Eric Musgrave, author of Sharp Suits, notes. “There will always be a significant number of men (and a few women) who choose to wear a tailored suit, who enjoy wearing a suit, and regard wearing a suit as an expression of their personalities. In his 1994 book The Englishman’s Suit, the Queen’s Savile Row couturier Hardy Amies wrote: ‘Men wear a suit because it’s the gear of the gentleman the world over’.”

It can’t be denied that the popularity of the common suit as we know it is dwindling, but it will never truly die – not according to these style dignitaries – down to its adaptability, lasting appeal and the simple fact that people still enjoy wearing them.

The lounge suit represents an expression of style, a preserver of standards and is still often seen as a sign of a gentleman. However, to avoid perishing it has become more suited to a casual look in line with wider men’s fashion trends, and is carving a fresh future for itself – as you’ll see in our comprehensive guide to the lounge suit below.

What Is A Lounge Suit?

How To Wear A Lounge Suit

suitsupply carl gross kiton corneliani


Credit to: Stormy Daniels Performs at Strip Club One Day After Arrest BY: TMZ STAFF

Stormy Daniels didn’t let her arrest and potential security concerns ruin a night out for her fans … hopping onstage and performing a set at a local Ohio strip club.

As we reported, Daniels was arrested Wednesday night at Sirens in Columbus, Ohio after she allegedly motorboated — something she regularly does in shows — an undercover cop during a strip show. The charges were later dismissed — as Stormy wasn’t a regular dancer at the club — and the police chief has apologized for the arrest.

Daniels was supposed to dance again at Sirens Thursday night, but switched venues to Vanity Gentlemen’s Club due to security concerns.

Reports say at least 100 people showed up for Stormy’s 20-minute dance … and there was a strict no phones and no touching rule put in place.

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Credit to: Madison Beer and Boyfriend Zack Bia Still Together After Fight BY: TMZ STAFF

Madison Beer and bf Zack Bia are giving their relationship a fighting chance just a few days after they got into a huge fight outside The Nice Guy.

The couple left Delilah’s Thursday night holding hands and insisted there’s no trouble in paradise — despite the very clear video of them screaming at each other Monday night. It got so intense, she was crying. But, the singer told us she and Zack are better than ever.

Madison and Zack started dating last year … after she broke up with Brooklyn Beckham. Tough shoes to fill, for sure, but outside Delilah he seemed up to the task.

They were smiling and hand in hand as they got into Madison’s whip. Time — as in, 4 days — heals all wounds.

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The Avengers Actor Scarlett Johansson Dropped Out Of The Project Rub And Tug!

Credit to: Scarlett Johansson Will Not Be Playing a Trans Role After All BY: TOM PHILLIP

Well, that didn’t take long. After it was announced Scarlett Johansson would be playing Dante “Tex” Gill—a trans man—in Rub and Tug, the backlash was swift. Johansson had already flirted with insensitivity in Ghost in the Shell, in which she played someone called Major Motoko Kusanagi. Believe it or not, these two movies have the same director in Rupert Sanders, who seems on a personal mission to piss off as many decent people as he can.

After an offensive and flip response to the criticism, in which a spokesperson for Johansson said those with concerns “can be directed to Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto, and Felicity Huffman’s reps for comment,” it seems enough was finally enough for ScarJo, and she’s now pulled out of the project altogether thanks to, it must be assumed, the vocal public’s lack of civility.

Good move, Scarlett! Maybe don’t take so long next time. Also, please don’t let there be a next time.

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The Simple Tricks That’ll Open A Whole Can Of Puberty – Men’s Grooming Tips!

Credit to: How (And How Definitely Not) To Fix A Patchy Beard BY: FAHION BEANS EDIOTRS

Through thick and thin, the beard has maintained its spot as style’s manliest accessory (the spot right on the chin, that is). But not all men can grow a full face of fuzz. Indeed, patchy growth, weak connecting lines, and an inability to squeeze out so much as a whisker on the cheeks are the same of would-be beardies everywhere.

It’s a cruel fact of life that some chaps seem (Brian) Blessed with cheeks that erupt like Vesuvius, who must shave morning and night or start to look like a Victorian cricket captain, for others, facial hair hits puberty then halts, leaving beards as patchy as a Christmas tree in June.

There should be no shame in it, of course – it doesn’t make you less of a man (or does it?) – but there’s no doubt that being able to grow facial hair in great voluminous abundance can leave those who can’t green with envy.

Fret not though, smooth-cheeked men, because there are solutions. Before you start googling beard transplants (they exist, and the pictures aren’t pretty), here are some savvy tips to help you turn a barren beard lush.

Grow Long

If you’ve always baulked the minute your face starts looking a bit like professional scruffbag Keanu, then step away from the razor. This isn’t for you. But if you’re dead set on a full beard, it’s worth persevering.

Yes, there’s going to be an awkward month or so where your beard looks so patchy it’s like someone’s ripped off whole squares of hair with duct tape. But once you graduate from teen fluff and hit fisherman-level length, the fulsome zones should cover any holes. It’s the beard equivalent of a comb-over. And if that doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to work smarter.

Grow your beard longer to help fill patchy parts

Keep Things Trim

“Some patches you can get away with,” says Denis Robinson, artistic director of award-winning barbers Ruffians. “But if they fall in the middle of your cheek, trim your beard with a low-grade clipper helps lessen the contrast.” Which means it’s time get creative by shaving to the level of gaps high on your cheek, or low on your throat, to create face-flattering angles.

The length you’re shooting for is tomorrow’s five o’clock shadow. Set your clippers to grade two and let loose all over your face and neck. It’s short enough for holes not to seem so barren, long enough that you don’t look like you’re late for school.

Clippering your beard will make it look more even and full

Get Some Edge

If true lushness is an unattainable dream, dial up the contrast. Your sideburns and neckline may grow like the Eden Project, but if you let them run wild, you’ll only make those bare patches seem even more barren. A better method is to chop them back and add sharp edges.

That means putting your clippers through the fur, then a razor beneath your Adam’s apple and – as high as your patchy fuzz affords – on your cheeks. It’s essentially an exercise in high definition. “This can create the impression of a more angular bone structure,” says Robinson.

Create definition in your beard to make it look fuller

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

If you’ve tried everything, but your facial hair still won’t play ball, a decent beard trimmer can create order amongst uneven, unruly growth. “You can do a sort of contouring, where you figure out which bit of your hair grows thicker, compared to the bits that are patchier,” says Robinson. Trim the long bits back to match the short and, when it grows out, everything should be even.

It’s a tricky self-operation, so you might want to visit a steady-handed barber. But once everything comes up uniform, it’s easier to manage at home.

Trim your beard to give appearance of even growth

Treat It Right

Okay, so slapping some moisturisers on your face isn’t going to make those bald spots suddenly sprout thick hair. But if there’s one thing guaranteed to make a patchy beard even patchier, it’s wiry, dry, or dirty-looking hair. So take care.

Treat the whiskers all the way down to the follicles with an alcohol-free beard oil and beard balm. Using an exfoliator to get rid of dead cells will also help stimulate the skin underneath, aiding growth and producing a thicker, fuller appearance.

Recommended products for strong beard growth

Eat To Grow

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Things About Bad Break Ups Which Are Harder On Men!

Credit to: 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Bad Breakups (And Why They’re Harder On Men) BY: AMIS LEWIS

There’s no two ways about it, breakups are rarely an enjoyable experience. Even if you’re breaking free from a particularly toxic partner, or when instigating the split is entirely your own move, from actually doing the deed (like a band aid is our best advice) to those first few weeks flying solo when all you’re trying to do is fight back the tears, quell the anger, or just get used to the fact that your person is no longer always there, breakups are pretty much always a rough ride.

The toughness of a breakup may have less to do with how long you actually spent in loved-up coupledom and more to do with how you left it.

Saying that, some are way worse than others. According to recent studies, the level of respect the ‘dumper’ displays for the dumpee’s sense of self during the split, can have a bigger effect on the emotional fallout than anything else.

The real difference between a hard and an easy breakup actually lies in whether your partner ‘endorses you’ on the way out

This is something which may go a long way in explaining that searing punch-in-the-face-delivered-by-an-amped-up-Dwayne-Johnson-heartache you felt after being dumped by somebody who, if you’re really honest, you hadn’t actually spent that much time with yet, compared to the fleeting hurt you experienced after splitting with your long-term college love where marriage was on the table.

“Research indicates that the real difference between a hard and an easy breakup actually lies in whether your partner ‘endorses you’ on the way out,” explains Marianne Vicelich, relationship expert and author of Destruction: Free Yourself From The Narcissist.

“For instance, our confidence is deeply affected when we receive a ‘character assassination’ of sorts by our former partner, or when our self-esteem is strongly aligned with how we feel our ex perceives us.”

The real vindication to be had here, however, may lie in the researchthat backs up the idea that breakups are indeed worse for men. Sure, if we follow the rom-com guide to life (bad advice for both ends of the gender spectrum, obviously), the story goes that women cry into a bucket of ice cream while men line up tequilas at the strip club, the former feeling the effects of a breakup far more intensely than the latter.

But if you’ve ever bumped into an ex three months post-breakup and wondered just how on Earth they’ve got their life together so quickly – Queer Eye-worthy makeover, new love interest waiting in the wings, generally healthy outlook on life etc – you’d be right for suspecting that quite possibly, women handle breakups better than men.

Why Are Some Breakups Worse For Men?

While the initial pain of a breakup is likely just as acute for both parties, the way in which men generally tend to deal with emotional upsets can mean they eventually end up suffering the most. Why? Because men don’t talk as much.

iStock / Tzido

Respondents to the survey by mental health charity The Lions Barber Collective found that men are often utterly useless at actually going through official channels of any sort when in need of mental health help. When sh*t hits the fan, only 54% bother to see a medical expert or build up any dialogue with a psychologist.

According to Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart, a marriage consultant and family lawyer: “Men and women approach and process relationships in very different ways, and this is the same when it comes to breakups. In general, women tend to be more open about their feelings with their support network of friends and family and will talk about their breakup more freely.

“In contrast, men tend to suppress their emotions and often feel embarrassed to show their true feelings to anyone, particularly other men.

“They usually carry on with a bravado, insisting that they are not overly affected by the split and as a result, they often experience a greater inner turmoil following the end of a relationship.

“In short, many men try to move on quickly convincing themselves that they are fine, while not dealing with their true emotions.”

The Worst Breakups Are The Most Personal

We don’t mean personal as in you managed to do it face-to-face, rather than leaving a Post-It note. Rather, it’s largely agreed on by experts that the most damaging breakups come as a result of feeling that you’ve been rejected due to who you essentially are as a person.

When a sense of personal rejection is involved, it takes much longer to pick yourself up

“In my view, breakups are indeed worse when people feel that they have been rejected for who they are and due to their personal flaws, rather than accepting that a breakup happened as two people were just not right for each other – for example due to differences in their values, life goals or compatibility,” explains Mackintosh-Stewart.

iStock / fizkes

“When a sense of personal rejection is involved, it takes much longer to pick yourself up as your own self-worth and confidence has been badly dented.

“Such rejection can cause destructive thought patterns, triggering feelings of self-doubt and lower self-esteem as people ask themselves ‘Am I good enough?’ and ‘What’s wrong with me?’

“This can not only knock people’s confidence in themselves, but also make them wary of forming future relationships for fear of being rejected again.”

Cheating May Cause The Most Long-term Damage

Perhaps as expected, when affairs, infidelity or a betrayal of trust is at the root of your breakup, this can result in the deepest emotional scar tissue.

“Infidelity often makes splits very bitter as deep feelings of hurt and betrayal tend to lead to emotions of wanting to punish your former partner in the form of obstructing behavior,” confirms Mackintosh-Stewart.

“These actions benefit no one however, and can be extremely damaging where children or shared finances are concerned. The emotional baggage and trauma of infidelity commonly results in difficulties surrounding trust issues in subsequent relationships too.”

Intense Relationships Always Leave A Mark

Given that intense relationships are often packed full of passion, fireworks and tangled emotions, it’s perhaps only logical that these rank pretty high among the worst of breakups.

When the attachment to another person is incredibly strong it can often be coupled with a lot of insecurity and anxiety

According to Dr. Elena Touroni, Clinic Director of The Chelsea Psychology Clinic, this all down to the science behind what attracts us to a particularly intense relationship in the first place.

“When the attachment to another person is incredibly strong it can often be coupled with a lot of insecurity and anxiety when the relationship is ending.

“There is a complex psychological theory behind this called schema chemistry, which essentially refers to the vulnerabilities we have in early life that make us more prone to be attracted to particular partners,” explains Dr. Touroni.

“When we couple-up with these types of partners, although we can develop very intensely powerful relationships, they are often fraught with anxiety, and in their nature are very explosive, unstable and insecure.

“When these types of relationships come to an end, because the nature of the attachment is amplified by our own vulnerabilities from early life, we’ll often find the recovery process much harder.”

You’ll Need Time To Grieve

Thankfully your partner hasn’t actually died, they’re just leaving you, but according to psychologists there’s still a vital grieving process to be had in the wake of a bad breakup, especially if it occurs later in life, or with somebody you’d already mapped out a future with.

Suddenly the rug has been pulled out from under your feet, leaving an incredible sense of loss

“Splits can be made even worse if you have been married or committed to each other for a long period of time, building a life and future together. Experiencing a split much later in life meanwhile, can not only seem more unexpected, but also more devastating,” says Mackintosh-Stewart.

Alexis Skyy Rants After Haters Question Her Baby’s Father!

Credit to: Trap Queen? Alexis Skyy Lashes Out At Haters Claiming That Fetty Wap Didn’t Father Her Baby BY: BET STAFF

Alexis Skyy has a message for those who keep questioning who the father of her child is, “I don’t have to prove sh*t.”

Recently the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood  star took to her Instagram Stories to give a PSA announcement to haters who don’t believe the father of her infant daughter, Alaiya Grace, is rapper Fetty Wap.

Sick of the constant rumors and scrutiny, the 23-year-old reality star posted the following:

“Y’all so worry about who my child’s father is. I never met so many bothered nosey people. Worry about who y’all daddy is. Mind your f*cking business I don’t have to prove sh*t. Answer sh*t. So y’all keep giving my baby a new dad every other day. Y’all sad AF…lame AF.”

Fetty Wap has yet to respond.

ICYMI: This comes after reports claiming the 27-year-old “Trap Queen” rapper posted on an alleged personal Facebook page claiming he only has five children, excluding Alaiya.

SMH, we hope at some point there is clarity for the sake of the child.

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Beyonce’s Responded To This Fan’s Bejeweled On The Run II Mask In The Most Perfect Style!

Credit to: Beyonce’s Reaction To This Fan’s Bejeweled On The Run II Mask Was Epic BY: PAUL MEARA

Beyonce is often considered unapproachable, but she isn’t higher than giving her fans props when due.

That’s what happened recently when a member of the Beyhive went over the top and dawned a self-made bask she created, similar to the famous black bask Bey has been wearing during her and Jay-Z’s On The Run II tour.

During their stop in Warsaw, 18-year-old Julia Czapkowksa became the luckiest fan in all of Poland when Bey acknowledged and smiled at her. All it took on Julia’s end was fishnet tights, $1 plastic crystals, and a glue gun to recreate her version of the look. Beyonce even blew a kiss at her!

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I made this OTRII Beyoncé mask and her reaction was the cutest, the best moment of my life? #OTRIIWarsaw #OTRII

“It felt unreal since I have been a fan of Beyoncé since “Sweet Dreams”, and she has always felt so unreachable,” she told Teen Vogue. “I knew that her site posts pictures of fans in her costumes sometimes, so I lowkey hoped for that. But Beyoncé herself not only smiling at me, but also blowing back a kiss and making a mask with her hands was totally unexpected.”

Wow. This is really awesome! Beyhive continues to represent! Congrats, Julia!

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The Styles You Need To Build A Complete Shoe Wardrobe – Men’s Guide!

Credit to: 7 Essential Shoe Styles Every Man Should Own BY: Jessica Punter

There are two simple rules for owning a small shoe collection that is versatile enough to cover all bases. The first: forgo fashion and hotfoot it to classic styles. The second: spend as much as you can. Think quality, not quantity because the old adage is true. Your shoes are often the first thing people notice about you, especially if they look like they’ve been round too many blocks.

Since this is about having as few pairs as possible, there’s one more rule: be brutal. Some of our favourite styles are not included below because they’re not absolutely essential if you’re on a budget or trying to save space. Chelsea boots? Hiking boots? Nice to have, not need to have. The same goes for monk straps, pool sliders and even high tops.

But whatever your look, whatever your budget and whatever’s in the diary over the next 12 months, if own a pair of well-made shoes in each of the following styles, you’ll have just about every social situation – from office to gym to bar – stylishly shod. You need never put a foot wrong again.

For Anytime, Anyplace: Minimal Trainers

Chunky trainers might be having a fashion moment, but the minimalist sneaker is the real wardrobe hero. Based on a retro tennis shoe, this simple sneaker has become an essential component in most of our outfits in recent years and it should be in yours too. The real deal is devoid of any obvious sports logos or branding, thick treads or air cushioned soles, are made of leather (real or imitation), and are never to be confused with plimsoles.

Consider these your go-anywhere kicks because their USP is versatility (especially in white). Wear them day-to-night with tees and chinos, jeans, shorts and informal tailoring. However, they do have a use-by date: that moment they start looking past their best, relegate them to loafing about the house or doing chores.

Never wear them for exercise and keep them as box fresh as possible – be sure to pop some deodorising insoles in on day one. Common Projects, Axel Arigato, C.QP and Adidas Stan Smiths are some of the best versions around.

axel arigato

For The Smartest Occasions: Black Oxfords

The black Oxford shoe is your classic ‘school’ shoe: it’s strictly for work and formal occasions such as weddings, funerals, christenings and job interviews. Basically, whenever you’ve got the good suit or black tie out. It’s often viewed as the shoe for ‘professionals’ – in fact they used to be a dress requirement for jobs at banks in the city. A little boring, perhaps, but also a safe pair of hands (or feet) and the work horse in your footwear collection if you have a job that requires daily smart attire.

Ostensibly, the name comes from a type of half boot that became popular at Oxford University in the 1800s, but today most Oxfords will be found in shoe format. In technical shoe-geek terms, these are ‘close-laced’ shoes, where the inside and outside quarters are stitched under the vamp (the piece of leather that makes up the front of the shoe) and the tongue is stitched in separately. A high-quality pair is a worthy investment because they’ll never not work for smart occasions. Some of the finest examples are made in England by Crockett & Jones, Church’s, Loake, Tricker’s and John Lobb.


For The 9-5 And Beyond: Derby Shoes

The Derby shoe is the Oxford’s chunkier cousin. It’s an ‘in-between’ shoe, and the ultimate in smart casual footwear. They can sharpen up raw denim as well as they loosen up a suit and are practically standard issue for flat white-carrying creatives.

The technical difference with an Oxford is in the construction; the tongue is part of the vamp (not stitched on separately) and the quarters are stitched to a tab point either side of the vamp – this is known as ‘open lacing’.

The sole is another key component with the Derby: these can be leather or rubber for extra grip and durability. Either way, these are often Goodyear welted. American Charles Goodyear patented his welt technique in 1871, whereby the upper is stitched to the leather strip known as the welt, which is then stitched to the insole of the shoe. This game changing method made shoes waterproof and today, Grenson is a go-to brand for its triple welted Derby.

For those reasons, Derbies are practical shoes that look good with pretty much everything. The simpler the model (without brogue details, single welt) the more versatile the shoe will be. On a practical note, the shape of the Derby is also more forgiving to wider feet with a higher in-step.

Grenson Derby

For The Dinner Date: Leather Slip Ons

This type of shoe covers a range of styles including the penny and tassel loafer. The slip on has American heritage and is synonymous with the preppy ‘Ivy League’ look and Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk. George Henry Bass, maker of the original penny loafer, founded G.H Bass & Co. in Maine in the United States in 1876. His famous ‘Weejuns’ are still the most notable style today and were based on the Norwegian farm shoe.

Going with the preppy vibe, loafers and chinos are a classic combination. If it feels too stuffy, it’s acceptable to wear loafers with and without socks – here’s an opportunity to experiment with different prints, patterns, colours – with a rolled-up cuff. It’s an easy, versatile shoe, hence its adoption by everyone from bankers to outdoor sports enthusiasts to punks and Ivy League frat boys. Today, under Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s horsebit loafer has regained the top spot as the most desirable slip on.

For The Weekend: Work Boots

Northampton is the capital of the British shoe industry and much of its centuries old success is down to outfitting British armies and workers. Infantry needed boots on a mass scale, as did the thousands of workers toiling in factories during the industrial revolution. Most British shoe brands originate from this English county – the village of Wollaston, for example, is the original home of Dr Marten’s.

And for anywhere with inclement weather, work boots remain an essential type of shoe for tricky terrain and wet conditions, the smarter equivalent to wellingtons. The laced Derby work boot is a double-lined extension of the shoe version, and a smarter relation to the hiking boot. It looks excellent with heavy weight fabrics such as wool or tweed trousers, cropped above the ankle. Incidentally, Daniel Craig, as James Bond, wore Crockett & Jones’ Radnor boot for scenes in SPECTRE so you can be sure that in a Derby boot, you’re ready for anything.

Dr Martens

For The Beach: Espadrilles

The oldest type of shoe on this block, the espadrille has been knocking around Europe since the 14th century. The term espadrille is French, but the origins come from esparto, the Greek name for a tough type of Mediterranean grass used to make rope, rugs, baskets and the plaited soles of this type of shoe. It’s a common form of footwear that can be picked up inexpensively from markets around Southern Europe, but pricier, designer versions abound too.

Sturdier and more versatile than flip flops, espadrilles are fairly comfortable for short distances and suitable for sandy shores and beyond. Which means you can wear them from beach to bar and then take in the sights of the old town. The canvas uppers are breathable and cover the front of the foot – a bonus if you forgot to tidy your nails. Espadrilles go well with linen, beach wear, shorts, chinos, light jeans and can even go with a summer suit on the right occasion – a pool side wedding for example – but never, ever with socks.


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How Can You Look Like A Style God In Waistcoat!

Credit to: How To Actually Look Good In A Waistcoat BY: LUKE SAMPSON

We, being in the business of menswear, are usually able to spot a trend at a thousand paces. Our spies are out there registering sightings of a piece of clothing before it goes viral. Then, when things get a bit overkill, the trend usually gets sent packing and away it goes until us fickle humans have had enough time to cease being painfully bored by it.

Every so often though, something gets catapulted to stardom overnight, and that’s exactly what’s happened in the case of the waistcoat, which in record time has gone from leaving people severely unbothered to absolutely rabid. All it took was England football manager Gareth Southgate and an unassuming Marks & Spencer navy waistcoat to launch the movement during this year’s World Cup tournament.

The importance of Southgate’s touchline tailoring shouldn’t be underestimated: #waistcoatwednesday is doing the rounds, calling the country to arms to rally around the waistcoat. It’s a thing, and not just because it’s wedding season.

So, whether you want to mimic England’s newest national hero or recruit this overlooked piece of tailoring as part of your permanent line-up, we’ve rounded up the best waistcoat brands and will explain just what it takes to pull off this divisive garment.

How To Wear A Waistcoat

Despite being a timeless piece of menswear, the waistcoat comes fraught with dangers. Take the last decade as a cautionary tale: every manufactured boyband worth their salt was sporting some kind of waistcoat, accompanied by a ludicrously low-cut T-shirt and ill-advised beads in most cases.

Style crimes aren’t all you need to look out for though, technicality is important here too. Find a design too tight and you’ll look like an overstuffed sausage, go too loose and you’re the barely visible page boy buried in panic-bought polyester. Your waistcoat’s fit should enable you to put a hand snugly beneath the closure without any strain on the buttons. Oh, and speaking of buttons, always leave your bottom button undone, those are just the rules.

The smartest way to style a waistcoat is as nature intended – wear as part of a three piece suit. For a formal look the waistcoat should appear as an extension of your suit, so a design in the exact same colour and fabric as your blazer and trousers is preferable. That’s not to say that you can’t add a lone waistcoat to your existing tailoring line-up however.

It can work if you opt for one that’s an almost identical colour and texture to an existing suit, which’ll keep things feeling harmonious. A navy, pale grey or charcoal suit worn with a corresponding colour waistcoat, white shirt, tonal tie and black dress shoes may not be groundbreaking, but it’s foolproof.

Taking the waistcoat off piste and informal is a little trickier, but it can be done. Wearing it with a T-shirt is a seriously bad idea; try instead opting for a shirt worn without a tie. In the spirit of David Gandy, a grey or camel herringbone design will make a handsome companion for a blue chambray shirt worn unbuttoned at the collar. Stick on some black slim jeans and some black penny loafers and you’ve just done what the haters said wasn’t possible: successfully worn the waistcoat without a suit.

How To Wear A Waistcoat

Where To Buy A Waistcoat

Marks & Spencer

Like Southgate himself, Marks & Spencer is humble, unshowy and doesn’t do too much fanfare. As such, we’d forgive you if you missed that fact that this stalwart of the British high street has upped its tailoring game considerably in recent years.

Here you’ll find reasonably priced waistcoats in practically every shade of navy and grey you could think of, which is the ideal if you’re looking to colour match to a suit already hanging in your wardrobe.

M&S COLLECTION Regular Fit Waistcoat


Those hoping to rock a waistcoat without looking like an extra from Peaky Blinderscould do worse than head to Topman which goes modern on fit, fabric and design.

With most examples on offer sitting comfortably under £50 and with a few style curveballs (horseshoe and shawl collars) thrown in for good measure, there’s plenty to love about Topman’s take on this icon of tailoring.

Blue Tonal Check Suit Waistcoat

John Lewis

Thanks to an unwavering commitment to quality at a fair price, John Lewis has become one of Britain’s best-loved brands. But, if you thought that this mid-market heavy hitter was average on the menswear front, then take a look at its waistcoat offering which is chock full of Italian fabrics and attractive designs. It’s fine tailoring, but it’s extremely democratic.

John Lewis Henry Linen Cotton Waistcoat, Sand

Charles Tyrwhitt

It’s near impossible to both remember the correct pronunciation of Charles Tyrwhitt and to not think of the brand on mention of the word ‘waistcoat’. With just a fleeting glance at its comprehensive range you’ll see why it’s synonymous with the latter.

While every waistcoat may be woven from wool, there are lots of design variation to get stuck into with enough different linings, finishes, colours and collar styles to ensure you’re spoilt for choice.

Charcoal adjustable fit birdseye travel suit waistcoat

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How To Make A Martini According To Alessandro Palazzi – The Legendary Bartender At Dukes London!

Credit to: James Bond’s Bartender On How To Make The Perfect Martini By: FASHIONBEANS EDITORS

If you want a Manhattan, talk to a New Yorker; if you’re in the mood for a mojito, speak to a Cuban; and if you’re in need of a stiff martini – a classic combo of vermouth and gin – then seek out an Italian in London, specifically one named Alessandro Palazzi.

The bartender is the man behind the mixer at iconic West End haunt Dukes London, which was frequented by James Bond author Ian Fleming and is said to be the inspiration for the classic 007 line, “shaken, not stirred” – in short, the origin of the most iconic martini in the history of boozing (although Bond’s preferred tipple is actually the vodka martini).

This history of the martini is a bit of a mixer itself – two measures of legend, a large shot of myth, and a sprinkling of mystery.

No one knows for sure where the drink was actually invented. Some say cocktail king Jerry Thomas created it in San Francisco in the late 1800s, derived from the Martinez (itself derived from the Manhattan); others would argue it was created in New York’s Knickerbocker Hotel in the early 1900s by bartender Martini di Arma di Taggia, as a tipple for John D Rockefeller himself.

Another, perfectly plausible theory is that it’s a renamed Marguerite cocktail, shortened from the simple order of a gin and Martini – as in, the Italian vermouth of the same name, which, rather confusingly, isn’t the same thing, but is sometimes used as an ingredient (depending on your preference in vermouth, of course).

Like dress codes such as black tie, or more appropriately, cocktail attire, the drink has changed over time. But one thing that is certain, based on the historical progression of old-school cocktail recipe books, is that the martini was originally sweeter, with early recipes including orange curacao. Over the years, martinis became increasingly ‘dry’, sometimes with a dash of bitters and commonly garnished with a twist or olive. The V-shaped glass cocktail glass is also a must for the classic martini experience.

Palazzi is staunchly against the idea of the perfect martini coming with a set of instructions (not always the easiest when interviewing a man to find out, say, the instructions for fixing the perfect martini), but he did share a few basic steps to follow when making the drink.

How to make the perfect Martini


100ml London dry gin
10ml Dry vermouth
Organic lemon peel


  1. Freeze everything. This includes a small martini glass (not the novelty-sized ones chain restaurants use), the shaker and the spirits. “When you serve a martini as cold as possible, you numb the smell of the alcohol, allowing the layer of citrus oil from the lemon to be what comes to your nose.”
  2. Put three or four ice cubes into your cocktail shaker and add the ingredients. “Traditionally the martini is made with a London dry gin, though some people prefer vodka. Whichever you choose, it needs to be a premium spirit.”
  3. The big question is, shake or stir? “When you shake it you break the ice, which dilutes the drink. A rule I follow is: if you have people over and want them to leave at the end of the night – shake their martini. If you don’t mind them staying, stir the drink.”
  4. Use a bar knife or a potato peeler to prepare your lemon twist. “Using an organic lemon is very important. If you go to the shop and buy a waxed lemon, you cannot extract the oil. When you peel it, you want to be able to squeeze the skin into the glass and release the oil.”
  5. Strain the martini into the cocktail glass, twist the lemon peel to release the oil before adding and then serve immediately.

How to make a perfect Martini

Common Martini Mistakes

  • “In the same way when you have a dinner party you serve your food on warm plates so it stays hot, you must always serve a martini in an ice cold glass. It’s a drink to be enjoyed over a conversation.”
  • “The gin should be a London dry gin; other gins contain too many botanicals.”
  • “People often think the lemon is just for decoration. In fact, the skin contains a lot of oil. This is why it has to be organic and not a waxed one bought from a supermarket.”
  • “If you cannot freeze your glass, I tell people they can fill it with ice before. Though many people forget to discharge the ice water before pouring in the drink.”
  • “There are already too many rules to remember in life, so your martini shouldn’t come with a strict set of instructions. People don’t break the rules to find out what they like. One of my most unique creations is the White Truffle Martini.”

Martini Variations

If you like your martini with a twist – much like Palazzi’s own concoctions – here are a few variations you can try at home.

Vodka Martini

For some people, 007’s version of the tipple is the standard, but depending on your taste buds you can use gin, vodka, or both. Bond’s recipe, as revealed in Casino Royale, is “Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thinly slice of lemon peel.”

Kina Lillet, an aromatised wine, isn’t made anymore, but you can try Lillet Blanc or Cocchi Americano as an alternative (warning: this is one strong-tasting drink).

Vodka Martini

Breakfast Martini

Not actually intended for consumption at breakfast, it was inspired by breakfast, when creator Salvatore Calabrese decided to try putting marmalade into a cocktail – and so the breakfast martini was born.

Calabrese’s exact recipe is 50ml gin, 15ml Cointreau, 15ml fresh lemon juice, and a spoonful of thin sliced marmalade. What a way to start the day.

French Martini

This one goes back to the martini’s sweet origins, but was in fact created in party-centric 1980s New York. It’s also only a martini in name and V-shaped glass – instead of gin and vermouth, it’s vodka, black raspberry liqueur, and pineapple juice.

Mix up the measures depending on your preferred taste, though you can’t go far wrong with three measures of pineapple juice, two measures of vodka, and one measure of liqueur.

French Martini

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Kylie Jenner Photo On Forbes Cover Look Like A Billionaire Cosmetics Queen!

Credit to: Kylie Jenner Makes Forbes Cover as Billionaire Cosmetics Queen BY: TMZ Staff

Finally, Kylie Jenner did NOT land a magazine cover for her looks, instead it was her FAT assets as she’s set to become America’s youngest self-made BILLIONAIRE.

Forbes put the 20-year-old on the cover of its issue ranking the 60 richest self-made women in America. KJ’s not quite at billionaire status yet — she’s only got $900 mil — but, with her cosmetics biz booming, it’s just a matter of months.

Kylie’s on the verge of becoming the fastest person to a billion — male or female. Remember, Zuckerberg hit the mark at 23, and by all projections Kylie will do it at 21.

For the record … Kylie comes in at #27 on the Forbes list. BTW, Beyonce is #53 … and we know you’re wondering.

Diane Hendricks, who runs ABC Supply, is #1 with a net worth of almost $5 billion — but Kylie’s got way more IG followers than her.

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Living Alone Can Be So Pleasing With These 5 Things Which Are Complete BS!

Credit to: 5 Things You’ve Heard About Living Alone That Are Complete BS By: FHM Ediotrs

Contrary to popular belief, living alone doesn’t have to be a sign of defeat. In fact, considering the high cost of real estate nowadays, especially in major Metropolitan areas, living alone should be seen as a sign of financial stability. In a world where most working professionals need three or four roommates just to get by, living alone is a freakin’ luxury few can afford.

That said, there are plenty of things we’ve all heard about living alone, that frankly, need to be dispelled. We’re not huge fans of BS here at FHM, so, let’s crack this case wide open, shall we? Disclaimer: please don’t use these as an excuse not to move in with your long time girlfriend, OK?

We refuse to be responsible for any martial woe. That said, if you’re hesitant to live alone. These should calm any stray nerves.

Living Alone Doesn’t Mean You’re Lonely

Not many people understand the differences between being alone and being lonely. Mastering how to be alone is a sign of independence — whether it be financial or otherwise. Being lonely, often times, is a choice. Just because you live alone doesn’t mean you don’t have a social life. Contrary to that, you can have five roommates and feel completed isolated.

No One Wants To Live With You

Again, just because you live alone doesn’t mean that you didn’t have the option to live with other people. Flying solo is just as much a conscious choice as living with roommates. People who live alone may have had the opportunity to live with a partner or friend and decided against it. More power to ’em, if you ask us.

Apartments For One A Hard To Come By

Have you tried apartment shopping in New York City, as a prime example? Most apartments are the size of a tuna can and intended for three (or more) people. Finding an apartment comfortable for one is actually far easier than the alternative.

You Don’t Care As Much About Tidiness

A lot of people are under the assumption that individuals who live alone don’t have the same standards of living. Truth is, having a roommate doesn’t automatically make you a neater person. Hello, how many of you had a slovenly college roommate? If you’re clean, you’re clean. If you’re organized, you’re organized. It doesn’t matter who you live with.

You Can’t Go Back To Living With Someone

The only constant in life is change. Should your circumstances become different — i.e. financial trouble, getting more serious with a significant other, etc. —you can and will adapt. Living alone at any point in your life doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to go back to the alternative. If anything, it means you’re more adaptable.

At the end of the day, living alone is an important experience and should you have the means, we think everyone should do it at least once. It’s useful in not only getting to know yourself, but realizing what you’re truly looking for in a potential partner/roommate.

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Christina Aguilera Looking Like A Goddess On The Cover Of “Paper” Magazine!

Credit to: Christina Aguilera Is Back And Better Than Ever On The Cover Of ‘Paper’ Magazine BY: FHM Editors

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen Christina Aguilera grace the cover of a magazine and after getting a glimpse of her recent feature in Paper, we are pleasantly surprised. Not only does the 37-year-old pop star appear effortlessly stunning, opting for a no makeup look, but she’s sending a fierce message in her interview. It appears X-Tina is back and better than ever, ya’ll, and frankly, we’re thrilled. Any guy who says he doesn’t enjoy a little, “Genie in a Bottle” every now and again is a liar.

All ’90s song references aside, Aguilera is addressing some serious topics in her latest interview, including her history with domestic violence, the LGBTQ movement and the future of the music industry. Below, you’ll find the stunning photography by Zoey Grossman posted to Aguilera’s Instagram page.

Believe it or not, going makeup free on the cover of a major magazine is a pretty bold move and we commend her bravery. She joins the ranks of other celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Alicia Keyswho prove that women don’t need to be “all done up” to be beautiful.

Being an advocate for women is something Christina Aguilera strongly believes in. Having grown up in a household where her mother suffered from domestic abuse, Aguilera actively chooses to rise above, she explains:

“I watched my mom have to be submissive, watch her Ps and Qs or she’s gonna get beat up. One of two things can happen if you grow up in that type of situation. You can either be, unfortunately, so damaged by it that you take a turn for the worse, or you can feel empowered by it and make choices to never go down that route.”

Well, it’s clear that the latter is true of Christina Aguilera. She continues to be a powerful force in Hollywood and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for one of the most beautiful voices of a generation.

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Credit to: Sylvester Stallone’s Wife and Daughter Have Yacht Day in Bikinis BY: TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Flavin and her 20-year-old daughter, Sistine, are a lethal combination … especially in bikinis.

Sly Stallone‘s wife and his middle daughter slipped into bikinis aboard a fancy yacht sailing off the South of France. This family affair wasn’t just about soaking up the sun and enjoying the views. There was also important business, like … selfies!

It would be pretty easy to mistake Mom for one of Sistine’s 2 sisters … who are also on the trip, btw.

Enjoy the gallery, but before ya fantasize too much, remember … 72-year-old Sly can still kick your ass.

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Credit to: Demi Moore’s Credit Card Allegedly Stolen, Hit with $169k in Charges By: TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore is the victim in a major credit card fraud case — way over $100k worth — according to federal prosecutors.

According to the criminal complaint, obtained by TMZ, 35-year-old David Matthew Read reported Demi’s AmEx card lost or stolen in March, and when the new one was delivered through FedEx … he somehow managed to pick it up.

The feds say he went on a spending spree, hitting a handful of Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue stores in the L.A. area. Not exactly low-profile, kinda like his final tab. He allegedly ran up $169k over several weeks!

Read was spotted on surveillance cameras — at the FedEx and also inside the retail stores — according to the feds, who say he confessed to the caper when they nabbed him in April.

We’re told Read’s still sitting in L.A. County Jail. We’ve reached out to Demi’s reps for comment … so far, no word back.

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Credit to: Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Return to NYC Post Engagement BY: TMZ Staff

Justin Bieber and the future Mrs. Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, are back on US soil after their engagement fun in the islands — and they’re getting flooded with well wishes at every turn.

The couple returned to NYC Tuesday and, as soon as Justin stepped out of their ride, fans and photogs congratulated him on popping the question. Hailey got the same treatment once she stepped out too.

As we showed you … HB and JB were happy to party with fans down in the Bahamas right after they got engaged. Let’s just say, they seem kinda partied out now that they’re back home.

We broke the story … Hailey’s dad, Stephen Baldwin, gave Bieber the green light weeks ago to propose. Looks like they’ll be soaking up those good family vibes on the east coast.

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Whitney Cummings Funny Tweet About Her Tits!

Credit to: Whitney Cummings Funny Tits in a Bikini of the Day By: Jesus Martinez

I don’t like funny girls…especially when they aren’t funny to begin with and just joke around about sucking dick and dating…..and the struggles of being a woman…with a dirty fucking mouth because they are pandering to women who can relate….and dudes who like staring at their tits.

I don’t like funny anything really….I don’t like stand up comedy. I don’t like sitcoms. I don’t like comedy movies. I find it all so fucking stupid and not funny.

I don’t like people who pride themselves on being funny, or who have decided they are funny and have made a life out of being funny, when I am too autistic to understand their jokes.

I do like tits, and Whitney Cummings, possibly a failed actress, who chose comedy because it’s easy target, low barrier of entry, comedians who are the patriarchy are easy to manipulate with tits….and so am I….

She is rich as hell…thanks to a few hit shows….and she has tits…which is really what matters.

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Credit to: Selena Gomez Surfaces on a Boat After News of Justin Bieber’s Engagement BY: TMZ STAFF

Selena Gomez seems to be taking the news her on-again-off-again ex, Justin Bieber, is engaged to Hailey Baldwin quite well. And why not? She’s living her best life … on a boat.

Selena surfaced Sunday in a friend’s social media post, where she’s seen in a bikini and in open waters near NYC. She’s all smiles too … no signs of distress after the Biebs got on bended knee for another woman, despite so much history with the dude herself.

She hasn’t been spotted cozying up with anyone as of late, so it’s possible Selena’s enjoying some solo personal time post-Bieber … and post-Weeknd, too. Good on her.

Selena Gomez News@_selenagomezecu

Selena Gomez with Friends on a boat in New York [July 8]

? @selenagomez con Amigos en un barco en Nueva York [Julio 8]

TMZ broke the story … Justin proposed to Hailey Saturday night during their trip to the Bahamas. His security team made onlookers put away their phones before he popped the question … and she said yes.

Remember … Justin and Selena were together at Jeremy Bieber’s wedding in Jamaica this past February, where the then-couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Guess the marriage bug bit JB harder than it did SG. To each their own, we suppose … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ben Simmon Says Tinashee Never Leave Me & KendaLl Jenner Alone – I Need More Security!

Credit to: Ben Simmons Says Tinashe is Following Him and Kendall BY: TMZ STAFF

Ben Simmons believes his ex, Tinashe, has been tailing him and showing up at the same places he parties with gf Kendall Jenner … and it’s gotten so bad he’s seriously thinking of significantly beefing up security.

Sources close to Simmons tell us … Tinashe’s been suspiciously popping up regularly at places he goes with Kendall … way past the point of coincidence. You’ll remember, the singer showed up at Delilah Thursday, and a couple weeks prior she surfaced at Poppy in WeHo when Ben was there.

We’re told Ben is convinced Tinashe cannot accept the fact he ended their relationship and has moved on with Kendall. He believes she’s showing up to keep tabs on him so she can see if there’s a chink in the armor between him and Kendall.

Our sources say Ben thinks she’s become so obsessive he doesn’t want to take chances … especially because of Kendall, and that’s why he’s talking about hiring extra muscle.

Tinashe claimed Ben was texting her as she left Delilah Thursday night but, as we reported, she apologized to him the next day and acknowledged she lied.

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Beyoncé Tours Can Now Be Enjoyed At The Louvre!

CREDIT TO: Beyoncé Tours Are Now Available at the Louvre BY: LUKE DARBY

It’s been just under a month since Beyoncé and Jay-Z dropped their joint album, Everything Is Love, and made their professional debut as simply “the Carters.” On top of a lush album, the collaboration also gave us the video for the single “Apeshit,” wherein the duo took over the Louvre with a cadre of dancers, co-opting as background pieces works by some of the deadest and whitest dead white men in history.

Some of the works are immediately recognizable, like the Mona Lisa or the iconic Winged Victory of Samothrace while others are less obvious at a glance, like The Coronation of King Napoleon or The Intervention of the Sabine Women. Beyoncé and Jay-Z position themselves among the pieces, defiantly and coolly occupying space.

Riding the buzz of Everything Is Love, the Louvre has announced the “JAY-Z and Beyoncé at the Louvre” tour, guiding visitors to all 19 artworks featured in “Apeshit.” If you can’t make it to the Louvre itself, the website provides a walkthrough and explanation for each piece, culminating with the stunning “Portrait of a Black Woman.”

Now, if there’s any museum in the world that doesn’t need a Beyoncé boost, it’s the Louvre. But, on the other hand, why waste a golden opportunity and so much publicity? Red Lobster famously squandered the plug the restaurant got in “Formation,” and, well, the Louvre sure as hell isn’t going to screw up as badly as Red Lobster did.

Meanwhile, if someone could get a similar tour set up of all the Little Havana, Miami, locations in Cardi B’s video for “I Like It,” that would be greatly appreciated.

Ariana Grande Joined Nicki Minaj For A Mermaid- And NFL Player-filled Vacation In The Music Video For “Bed.”

Credit to: Nicki Minaj Made the Ultimate Summer Fantasy with Ariana Grande BY: LUKE DARBY

The beach is a weird setting for a song called “Bed,” but it’s hard to second-guess Nicki Minajand Ariana Grande. Minaj’s much-anticipated fourth album, Queen, is scheduled to drop in August (as is Grande’s upcoming Sweetener), and her newest video features the self-proclaimed queen of rap pulling a Little Mermaid as she loses a tail and writhes in the surf with newfound legs. There are actual beds toward the end though, bearing Odell Beckham Jr. and Brad Wing with a plate of strawberries.

It’s been a few years since Minaj’s last album, but both she and Grande have been busy lately, with Grande co-hosting late-night shows and Minaj starring in top-notch SNL sketches. Working together on “Bed” seems to been a good experience for both of them though: after the video dropped, Minaj went on Twitter to tease future collaborations.

At least one other person is down with the idea:

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Four Weeks Workout For A Killer Summer Body – Men’s Guide!

Credit to: How To Build A Summer Body (If You’ve Left It Too Late) BY: TOM BANHAM

Passport – check. Sunglasses – check. A physique you’ll want to put on Instagram – ah.

They say a summer body is built in winter. But hitting the sand seemed a long time away back when mince pies were on the table. Now you’re a month away from wheels up, and those extra helpings of brandy butter are still hanging around your waist.

However, all’s not lost. Follow these rules, and after four weeks of sweat, discipline and calloused hands, you’ll have burnt off your man boobs to be left with a summer body that proves you know precisely which way the beach is.

How To Build A Summer Body (If You’ve Left It Too Late)

Don’t Starve Yourself

A crash diet won’t tighten your wobbling gut. “If you restrict calories too much, your body goes into shock mode,” says Leo Savage, a personal trainer who firms up fat at London’s Third Space gym. “That means anything you eat, it clings onto.”

Cut to 1,000 calories a day, and that summer body you’re after thinks you’re starving, so stores food rather than burning it as fuel. Which means that gut’s going nowhere.

Instead, aim for around 2,000 calories a day, with every meal based around lean protein – think chicken breast or salmon fillets, rather than protein powders – and vegetables. If it goes in the microwave, it doesn’t go in you. “You should have 40 per cent of your energy from protein, 30 per cent from carbs and 30 per cent from fat,” says Savage. You’ll still be at a fat-burning calorie deficit, but there’ll be enough going in to keep your engines stoked.

Eat To The Clock

What your summer body does with what you put into it is dictated by hormones. Insulin, which spikes when you eat carbs, is particularly bad at turning food into fat – especially if you have a particularly sugary diet. Besides cutting out processed food and booze – it’s just four weeks, remember – you need to time when you eat what to optimise how your body handles what you put in.

Insulin levels are stunted in the morning, so Savage advises avoiding carbs until dinner – ideally after a workout – which sends the hormone soaring and directs nutrients into now hungry muscles, not your love handles.

“You need to earn your carbs,” he says. Which means that on gym days, pair your chicken with a side of sweet potato or brown rice. Not a bag of Haribo.

Mo’ Muscle, Less Problems

Because you can’t live in the gym, the best way to burn fat is to increase your basal metabolic rate – the amount of energy your summer body needs simply to function. Muscle is active, which means it burns calories even when you’re not moving. Ergo the more you have, the better your body is at burning fat. Even when you’re sat at your desk.

Instead of cardio, Savage recommends a total-body weights session twice a week, which builds beach-ready definition and strips away fat. But that doesn’t mean a quick bicep blast.

“The more joints you can move, the more muscle fibres your recruit and the more energy you burn,” he says. That means moves like deadlifts, rows and pull-ups, which exponentially increase your calorie count by hitting your body’s biggest muscle groups. And yes, pump your guns.

The Four-Week Summer Body Workout

Put simply, this is going to suck. But this month of hell buys that week in heaven.

The summer body workout regime is split between heavy metal and high-intensity. Perform the weights workout twice a week, with at least two days between each session, and the same for the circuit workout.

For both, the harder you work, the better the results. Remember, you’re training against the clock.

The Heavy Metal Workout


What: Perform four sets of five reps, with 60 seconds rest in between

How: Stand with a barbell on the floor, in front of your shins. Crouch down and grab the bar with both hands, keeping your weight on your heels. Drive up to standing, pause, then lower.

Bench Press

What: Perform four sets of 10 reps, with 60 seconds rest in between

How: Lie down on the bench press and grab the bar with a shoulder-width grip. Lower it, squeezing your shoulder blades together, until the bar brushes your nipples. Drive it up using your chest – make sure you don’t roll your shoulders forward. Pause, then repeat.

Bulgarian Split Squat

What: Perform four sets of 10 reps each leg, with 60 seconds rest in between

How: Stand with a barbell on your shoulders, with your back to a bench. Step back with your right foot so your laces are resting on the bench. Squat down with your left leg until your back knee almost touches the floor, then drive back up through your heel.

After all the reps, swap legs. That’s one set.

Cable Rows

What: Perform four sets of 10 reps, with 60 seconds rest in between

How: The cable machine is known for facilitating some of the best shoulder exercises inside the iron paradise. Sit with the handles in front of you, arms straight. Pull the weight back, keeping your shoulders down and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Pause and return.

Single-Arm Kettlebell Clean And Press

What: Perform four sets of 10 reps each side, with 60 seconds rest in between

How: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and a heavy kettlebell on the floor, between your legs. Squat down and grab the handle with your right hand. Drive your hips forward and pull the weight up and over your head. Pause, then slowly lower and repeat. After all your reps, switch arms.

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Android Wear Watches Are The Coolest Accessory You Can Wear This Summer!

Credit to: Android Wear Watches Just Got Interesting: These Are The Coolest We’ve Seen BY: TOM FORDY

Android Wear had a shaky start in the smartwatch game, with watches coming up short against competitors like Apple, Fitbit and Samsung in size, style, and spec. But a recent re-branding to Wear OS could be a game-changer.

The name upgrade has broadened the appeal of Android products for Apple and Tinzen users, while the platform has seen an uptake of high-profile fashion brands producing compatible watches. With more choice than ever of the Google-powered platform, here are the best Android and Wear OS watches currently available.

The Functional Ones

Samsung Gear S3

For many people, Samsung is the alternative to Apple. When it comes to phones, the usual question is, are you an iPhone guy or Galaxy guy? Similarly, the South Korean tech giant’s is a big enough brand name to compete big hitters like Fitbit and the Apple Watch. While the Samsung Gear S3 doesn’t run on Wear OS itself – instead, using its own Tizen OS – it is compatible and can be paired with most Android phones on an up-to-date OS.

Consequently, the Gear S3 has fewer apps, but is great for music lovers – you can control music playing on your phone from the watch, blare music out of its own tiny speaker, or download offline Spotify playlists for when you want to run and leave your phone behind.

Casio Pro Trek Smart

Casio has a rep as the go-to brand for a cheap watch – a purely functional timepiece. But it’s a rep that does Casio a discredit – it has plenty of watches in its expansive range that push the envelope in terms of fashion and technology. Assuming you’re not an investment collector, there’s almost certainly something for you, from a standard digital to a multi-purpose chronograph.

The Pro Trek is one of the few proper outdoorsy smartwatches available. As you expect, there are features tailored for rough and tumble adventuring – GPS, sensors for measuring altitude and air pressure, an accelerometer, gyrometer, and compass. It’s also sturdy enough to take a better battering than you are.

Mobvoi Ticwatch E

Though not exactly a giant of the smartwatch game, Mobvoi is carving out a niche reputation for itself. It’s a fast-growing brand that specialises in unflashy-but-still-very-decent tech at affordable prices – a welcome addition with so many big name brands charging big prices across the platform. It’s also a great brand if you’re an Android newbie. The Ticwatch E is a nice looking minimalist product that packs in all the features you want – GPS, heart rate monitor, water resistance – and boasts a day’s worth of battery.

Misfit Vapor

After launching in 2011, Misfit has made itself a player in the fitness watch market with innovative features and the kind of premium designs that will appeal to most wearers. Misfit has since moved into smartwatches, with both straight-up smart and hybrid versions available.

The Vapor is the company’s first fully smartwatch – a handsome effort that does everything you need it to do, with standard features such as GPS, heart rate monitor, calls, texts, and music. It’s also water resistant, if you prefer swimming to running.

Huawei Watch 2

The Chinese tech firm is probably better known for laptops and phones, so its range of watches are perhaps for the more technically minded than the style-conscious wearers. But Huawei made a promise to load up on features to make its smartwatches more than just a novelty – and it’s done just that.

The not-so-imaginatively-named Huawei Watch is a complex gadget, packing in GPS, NFC, a rotating bezel and crown for scrolling, 4GB of storage, a pre-installed workout app, and compatibility to all the standard apps. A wrist-sized supercomputer.

Kim Kardashian Wake Up Call!!

Credit to: Kim Kardashian Gets Up On A Wakesurf Board for the First Time BY: TMZ STAFF

Video thumbnail

Kim Kardashian kinda sorta mastered wakesurfing her first time out, and it’s tricky … to say the least.

Kim spent the 4th out on a lake in northern Idaho with fam and tried her hand at the water sport with the help of a watchful instructor.

Wakesurfing is different than wakeboarding … you’re not attached to the board and it’s a shorter rope, but they’re both arguably harder than waterskiing, so kudos to Kim … but it’ll be a while before she’s doing any wave transfers.

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10 Short Video Games You Would Love To Take On Vacation!

Credit to: 10 Short Video Games to Take on Vacation by: JOSHUA RIVERA

Because even the best vacations have some down time for your phone or Switch.

Generally speaking, you go on vacation to get away from things: work, social obligations, the home you spend every day in. This means that, as much as we like them, you shouldn’t really spend much time playing video games. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for them—vacation might be the only time you get to dip into a game, after all. A good vacation game shouldn’t be too engrossing. It should be a fluid experience, one that can be interrupted frequently and picked up at a moments notice, entertaining enough to keep you busy on a long flight, for twenty minutes on a hammock, or five while you wait for a travel partner to finish getting ready. Here are some ideas:

Sunless Sea

If you’ve got an iPad, you should have Sunless Sea on it. You play as a series of captains—they don’t have a terribly good life expectancy—in a fantasy setting that imagines Victorian London as an underground city at the edge of a cavernous, subterranean ocean. As a captain, you embark on voyages in search of resources to earn you enough currency to upgrade your vessel, hire more crew members, and eventually, retire, if you’re lucky—but that’s not really why you’re playing. The game’s real purpose is to have you collect stories, and Sunless Sea is filled with great ones, full of wit and character and a little bit of horror. It’s like a novel you can play through, perfect for sprawling out near an idyllic view or killing time at an airport.

80 Days

Available on iOS and Android, 80 Days is one of the most elaborate choose-your-own-adventure stories you’ll ever see. Inspired by and based on Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days, you play as Passepartout, manservant to the eccentric Phileas Fogg—a British gentleman who has made a foolish wager that he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days. As Fogg’s valet, you’re the one responsible for most of the work of actually figuring out how this is going to work: You choose routes, where to stop, and how to spend your limited time in each location. Like Sunless Sea, the joy of 80 Days is in the stories you encounter, and the wealth of them there are to find. No two attempts at making it around the world will play out the same way, and even if you don’t make it, you’ll have a great time. It is, essentially, a game where travel snafus are actually lots of fun. Play it with a friend and see how far you can get together.

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An all-time classic is streaming on Netflix – “Wanted” Movie!

Credit to: Wanted Might Be the Ultimate Action Movie BY: TOM PHILIP

Let’s just get this out the way up top: Wanted is a bad movie. It looks terrible, like a Sawmovie made by student filmmakers. It’s gross and violent, and the acting ranges from “bad” to “Jesus Fuckin’ Christ.”

But I love it.

No movie is as unapologetically stupid as Wanted. It’s borderline offensive in its treatment and view of humanity, but also here’s a movie that, billed as an action-thriller, smuggles in some weird-ass superhero nonsense with the aim of being as entertaining as possible.

The plot, as if such a thing were to matter to this product of some galaxy-brain screenwriting, follows James McAvoy as Wesley Gibson, a nervous wreck stuck in a dead-end job who discovers his “panic attacks” are in fact an innate ability to increase his heart rate to over 400 beats per minute, essentially slowing time and giving him superhuman reflexes and abilities. He joins an elite group of assassins known as the Fraternity. Their whole thing is they can curve bullets around obstacles, heal themselves super quickly, and generally fuck up targets in the most creative and unlikely ways possible. Led by Morgan Freeman’s Sloan, The Fraternity’s targets are determined by The Loom of Fate, in which names are derived from a secret code embedded in the fabric the loom produces. I’m not fucking with you, this is a movie that a studio spent $75 million on.

Under the watchful eye of Fox (Angelina Jolie), Wesley becomes a super-assassin, obsessed with hunting down a former Fraternity member who killed his father. Would you believe me if I told you there are a couple of shocking twists re: Wesley’s parenthood? I know. Wantedkeeps you on your toes in anticipating which cliché they’re going to pull out of the storytelling bingo cage yet.

Wanted is an ugly, dumb, kind of tasteless movie that I nonetheless cackle with glee watching twice a year. If you’ve thought a movie was good but perhaps missing a scene in which Chris Pratt’s face gets smashed with a computer keyboard and loose keys, flying slow-motion towards the camera, spell out “FUCK YOU” (that second “U” is one of Pratt’s teeth) then, I good news for you at last.

Everything You Need To Know About The Savile Row – Home Of Bespoke Tailoring!

Credit to: The Complete Guide To Savile Row BY: SIMON CROMPTON

Savile Row is justly famous as the home of men’s tailoring. It is the only road in the world that is synonymous with a form of clothing and – delightfully – is so well-known that in Japan the word for a suit is ‘sebiru’, a corruption of ‘Savile Row’.

The Row’s fame derives from a period of roughly 300 years – from the Restoration to World War II – when British style dominated men’s clothing. The British Empire put bespoke-clad men in charge of a quarter of the world’s population, and its aristocracy toured countries clad in its off-duty tailoring.

While areas like Naples in Italy also have rich traditions of tailoring, they all spring from watching, copying and then adapting British style. Local tailors in Naples, for example, saw the Row-clad men on their Grand Tour and copied the cuts while removing much of the structure, to make it more suitable to the heat of southern Italy.

What Is Savile Row?

Savile RowSavile Row

Savile Row is a short street in London’s West End, just behind the busy shopping parade of Regent Street. It was built as part of the Burlington Estate – the palace of which is the Royal Academy of Arts today.

Although it has been a home for the city’s finest tailors since the 19th century, Savile Row has always had other businesses on the street, such as The Royal Geographical Society at number one, and the offices of The Beatles’ record label, Apple Corps, at number three. Beatles fans are often found today on one side of the street, staring up at number three in the company of a tour guide.

And while many of the great tailoring houses remain on the Row, there has always been other tailors in the surrounding streets and districts. Today, greats such Henry Poole, Huntsman, Dege & Skinner and Gieves & Hawkes have shops and workshops on the Row, but Anderson & Sheppard has moved to Old Burlington Street, and there are other clusters on Sackville Street and on St George’s Street.

The trend in recent years has also been for fashion brands to move into the Row and make use of the famous name – Abercrombie & Fitch being the most high-profile example. Thankfully that trend is slowly starting to reverse.

How Do You Define A Savile Row Suit?

Gieves & Hawkes Tailored Suit

It’s probably useful, first, to define a bespoke suit. For those that know and understand the tradition of bespoke, this has to be a suit that is cut and then made by hand.

The hand cutting means that an individual paper pattern is made for the customer and refined over several fittings, enabling a superiority of fit that cannot be achieved by anything ready-to-wear or made-to-measure. Put simply, it is the best suit money can buy.

The hand making has both functional and aesthetic benefits. Functionally, it enables the tailor to shape the jacket and its structure around the customer, creating a three-dimensional shape; aesthetically, it creates a fineness and delicacy of stitching that subtly elevates it above anything made by a machine.

These factors of cut and make are common to any truly bespoke suit around the world. What defines a Savile Row suit is either a question of location (the Savile Row Bespoke Association requires that a suit be made within 100 yards of the Row) or one of style.

Gieves & Hawkes Navy Suit

In terms of style, Savile Row suits tend to be harder and sharper than tailoring made elsewhere. They use more shoulder padding and canvas, and prioritise straight, angular lines. Although there are variations in style (which we will go into later) all Savile Row suits have this smart, structured look – perfect for a wedding, an office or a board meeting, but in some people’s eyes not so suited to dressing down.

The other notable style traditions come from Paris, from Naples, from Milan and to a lesser extent from Florence. They all tend to be softer and lighter, with Neapolitan tailors using the most relaxed, lightweight materials for the best summer suits.

The traditional styles of Savile Row come largely from military uniforms – in an age where even battle dress prioritised display over functionality. This is why Row suits largely still seem so formal, with padded shoulders, stiff canvas, nipped waists and long jackets. Man’s first trip to Savile Row may well have been for a uniform, and this is the role many of the tailors (particularly Gieves & Hawkes and Dege & Skinner) still play today.

Anderson & Sheppard was always known as the civilian tailor, famous for dressing Hollywood stars such as Fred Astaire. But even their traditional cut – known as the ‘drape’ – had military origins, with cutter Frederick Scholte inspired by the excess cloth in the chest and back of some uniforms, belted tightly at the waist, which made the upper body appear bigger and stronger.

In recent years several Savile Row tailors have begun offering ready-to-wear and made-to-measure tailoring alongside bespoke, such as Huntsman and (ex-Huntsman head cutter) Richard Anderson. Although usually not made in the UK, these do offer the same house style as bespoke, and can be finished and altered by the in-house tailors.

So there’s better guidance on fit than in most high-street stores, and it’s a nice way to sample the style of a particular tailor. A gateway drug, perhaps – and a potentially expensive habit.

The prestige of this particular post code and the quality of work produced on the Row means that buying a suit on Savile Row does not come cheap. Ready-to-wear suits start around £700 and you should at least double your budget for made-to-measure. For the full bespoke experience, you’ll need a minimum of £4,000 but £10,000 is not uncommon, depending on factors like your preferred material and the amount of hand work required.

Three Different Cuts

Before running through the different tailoring houses, it’s helpful to say that their styles – subsets of that structured English look – can be roughly placed into three groups.

The Traditional Cut

Richard James Bespoke Suit

The first is the oldest, the most traditional and the closest to most military tailoring. It is characterised by a strong shoulder, a chest that fits close to the body, a nipped waist and a relatively long jacket that flares slightly at the bottom. It is very flattering, and will make you stand up like a soldier. It is seen on the likes of Huntsman, Richard James and Dege & Skinner.

“That cut can be very flattering on slight men,” says Ben Clarke, head cutter at Richard James. “We particularly like a longer jacket, which is rather unfashionable now but adds height to a man where the shoulders add width.”

The Drape Cut

Anderson & Sheppard Bespoke Suit

The second is the ‘drape’ cut mentioned above. This has a softer shoulder, but creates the impression of strength by cutting the shoulder a little wider, and using a little excess fabric in the chest and back. It also tends to have a larger sleeve, and this makes it the most comfortable of the cuts, albeit not the sharpest.

“We use a very lightweight canvas within our coats, cut on the bias to allow softness and natural movement,” adds LinkTextAnderson & Sheppard managing director Colin Heywood. “We incorporate minimum padding to the shoulders, creating a very natural silhouette.”

The Exaggerated Cut

Chittleborough & Morgan Bespoke Suit

The third is far more modern, and has its origins with Tommy Nutter in the 1960s and 1970s. Nutter changed the way men looked at Savile Row, dressing The Beatles (including on the Abbey Road cover) and Mick Jagger (including Mick and Bianca for their wedding day), while retaining the craft of Savile Row. Followers of his tend to cut jackets with larger, even upturned shoulders, lots of structure and exaggerated lapels.

“The shoulder is the emphasis,” says Edward Sexton creative director Dominic Sebag-Montefiore. “Then strong architectural lines, and a lengthy lapel – as Edward [Sexton, the founder] likes to say, ‘long, low and leafy’.”

Savile Row Houses To Consider

Gieves & Hawkes

Gieves & Hawkes No. 1 Savile Row

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The Best Branded Sneakers From All Over The World!

Credit to: The Best Sneaker Brands In The World Right Now by: PADDY MADDISON

There was a time not so very long ago when attending a special event in a pair of sneakers was a surefire way to flag yourself to your shiny-shoed peers as a sartorial pariah. However, attitudes have shifted in unforeseen ways and what was once the scruffy outlier is now the footwear gold standard.

The transition from running track to runway has been a slow and gradual one, but in recent years it has reached a crescendo. A crescendo that looks set to blare on indefinitely.

This is thanks in no small part to a number of key designers and sneaker brands who have been pushing the footwear to its limits in every conceivable direction.

Some have created white leather kicks that look right at home with tailoring. Others are inventing technology that might as well have come straight out of a lab at Area 51 (or just Back to the Future). Meanwhile, there are those who have elevated the sneaker from its utilitarian roots to the absolute pinnacle of high fashion it is today.

Here we take a look at the most influential sneaker brands in the world right now and what they’re doing to help make the world’s favourite footwear.


The Undisputed Masters Of Hype

Yeah, in 2016 Nike really did go back to the future and produced Marty McFly’s self-lacing sneakers. But this is just one instance when the brand seemingly reached through a tear in spacetime and brought us something directly from the future, making it the biggest trendsetter in sneakers and a reliable barometer for what’s around the corner.

The brand has a long track record of world-beating performance footwear as well as technological innovation (Flyknit uppers and NikeID personalisation in the last decade). More than that, Nike knows how to create products that live up to their considerable hype. It has more icons in its back catalogue than any other sneaker brand. Air Max, Air Force 1 and Air Jordan are all sneaker dynasties in their own right and go back further and you’ll find even more classic retro sneakers like the Cortez and the Blazer.

Still the most recognisable. Still the most wanted. Still the ones to beat.

Nike air vapormax sneakers


The Brand That Turned Sneakers Into A Science

The ongoing technological arms race between the world’s sportswear big hitters has produced some of the boldest innovations in footwear. Luckily for us, it doesn’t show any sign of letting up.

Ask any sneakerhead on the street who’s in pole position and they’ll tell you it’s Nike. However, with featherlight materials and mind-bending sole technology, it could be easily argued that good old three stripes is manoeuvring for an overtake.

Yes, there are beloved classics – the Superstar, Stan Smith and Gazelle all come to mind – and they’re not going away, but in recent years the brand’s R&D lab has become the sneaker world’s Q branch. Forget the Yeezy collab, it was the Ultra Boost that changed the game and most recently, the German sports giant has been experimenting with 3D printing as a production method for groundbreaking webbed sole units. Don’t take your eyes off them for a second.

Adidas deerupt sneakers


The 100-Year-Old Design Icon

It’s incredible (and slightly terrifying) to think about how much the world has evolved in the last 100 years. Commercial flight, television, mobile phones and the internet are just a few of the inventions that have revolutionised the way we live.

With that in mind, it’s a real triumph of design when something introduced a century ago is still being used globally today.

Converse’s famous high-top, the Chuck Taylor All Star, is one such item. Born in 1917, the iconic basketball shoe has remained 99.9 per cent unchanged and is now the best selling shoe in the US, UK and far beyond. Yes, the brand has other excellent shoes, but this is arguably the most iconic sneaker ever made. And what’s more, it’s for everyone.

Converse All star

Common Projects

The Luxe Trendsetter That Made Minimalism Cool

When luxury New York sneaker brand Common Projects first introduced its Achilles Low model in 2004, the menswear world went mad for it. But why? Was it innovative? No. Was next-level comfortable? Hardly. Did it come in at bargain prices? Quite the opposite.

This shoe was nothing more than a plain, leather sneaker. However, the thing that had the fash pack fawning over this minimalist trainer was that every little detail was meticulously executed to the nth degree. This was a sneaker created like an Oxford shoe handcrafted in Northamptonshire.

Buttery Italian leather, exquisite streamlined shapeliness and a timeless wearability that made each pair the perfect accompaniment to anything from a suit to shorts. It arguably started today’s thriving luxury sneaker market, and all of this, in a world now dominated by Balenciaga beetle-crushers, is not to be taken for granted.

Common Projects sneakers

The Best Common Projects Sneakers

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Common Projects Original Achilles Low - click to buy Common Projects Original Achilles Mid - click to buy Common Projects Slip On Suede - click to buy Common Projects Tournament Toe Cap High - click to buy

Ashley Greene Nip Slip

Credit to: Ashley Greene Nipples See Through of the Day by: Montana Banks

Ashley Greene is some Florida trash that had the balls to lie to us about her being a virgin or celibate with some purity ring, when we all know all girls from Florida are trashy whores, it’s the best of America..where all the good things happen…

Well, that celibate, now engaged, barely relevant at her peak actress, who lived her American dream by not working at hooters, and instead working on the Twilight movies is showing off her nipples for attention – the American dream…

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Lady Gaga Hot Bikini Show

Credit to: Lady Gaga Bikini of the Day BY: Montana Banks

Lady Gaga is being a faggot somewhere…

There is no way that she’s 100 percent woman…and there’s a reason she targeted the gay community as one of their own…and that’s likely because gay guys like “fabulous” things and because gay guys like mainstream pop bullshit and are easily won over…and this loser was able to fucking win..thanks to an ability to sing and play piano and mask that talent with over the top costumes and the weirdest madonna impersonation ever.

She is not hot, so she had to go after people who don’t want your pussy…even if she’s sexualized herself, and we’ve all seen her naked, it hasn’t always been amazing…mainly cuz of that troll face…it looks lik she’s the IRS coming to collect taxes owed..and I don’t really get the appeal…but she’s rich and I don’t need to get it..

and I can still look at her in a bikini…which I guess is my innate talent…the ability to look at pussy in bikini and enjoy it even when it’s vile…like this scam…another one using soundwave engineering to manipulate our brains into hearing and memorizing her songs…she’s got us by the brains….and here are her sloppy tits.

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Celebrate, or mourn, America the right way: by watching TV.

Credit to: The Best Movies/TV to Stream on Hulu This July 4 BY: TOM PHILIP

Happy Fourth of July! If you’re not in a very celebratory mood, you’re not alone. Our country is broken, our country is evil, and Jared Leto’s got another fucking superhero movie.

Eating hot dogs on a roof, blasting some Carly Rae, and watching some fireworks is all well and good, but if you’re looking to strike a more subdued chord this independence day, or need a break in between all your perfectly-assembled burgers, there’s a lot of good shit to check out on Hulu.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It was murdered in cold blood by Fox before being (a little too conveniently) saved by NBC in the 11th hour, but even before the best sitcom on network TV was the people’s embattled sitcom du jour, it had five seasons of top-notch comedy storytelling. Don’t sleep on it.

Happy Endings

Here’s a show with the talking speed of an episode of Gilmore Girls coupled with the raft of obscure cultural references and puns of an episode of… Gilmore Girls, but somehow doesn’t all come together in a grating mess! Happy Endings is the rare miracle show that tries too hard and gets away with it.

Sons of Anarchy

Nothin’ more American than bikers and mid-level prestige storytelling.

The Thick of It

Before there was Veep or The Death of Stalin there was Armando Iannucci’s The Thick Of It. Nastier and sharper than his HBO quasi-adaptation, The Thick Of It follows a fictional, bungling arm of the UK government and the lethal enforcer tasked with coming up with astoundingly cruel insults to scream at them.

This Is Us

There’s a reason millions and millions of people put them through this feel-bad show week after week. Some top-to-bottom stellar acting and more twists than an Auntie Anne’s kiosk make This Is Us more than an extended Crock Pot joke.

Atlanta, Season 1

Atlanta: Robbin’ Season was a fucking triumph, but it’s time to go back and remember how this hilarious, troubling, weird-ass show started out. It found a voice from minute one, and it’s one of the best debut seasons of TV ever.

A.P. Bio

Can Glenn Howerton’s abrasive acting style translate to a network sitcom? A.P. Bio flirts with that question momentarily before deciding “no”, allowing it to become one of the meanest, most unique shows on a format famously against taking any kind of risk.

The Handmaid’s Tale

This is a show about bigoted extremists taking over America and destroying families idk why this came to mind just one of those things.


Movies based on plays are always tricky, and whispers usually not that interesting. Fences isn’t one of those. It’s good.


Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy star as estranged brothers pitted against each other in an MMA tournament. I don’t know what this says about me, but this was the last movie to make me fully cry.

Everybody Wants Some!!

A nice movie about nice boys having a nice time. Art doesn’t always have to be high-stakes and depressing!


High-stakes and depressing. Dave Franco and Emma Roberts work well together in this fun trash film about an app that dares you to do increasingly dangerous stuff for cash rewards. This is what HQ will become in 3-6 months.

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LeBron James Celebrates Lakers Deal In Italy!

CREDIT TO: LeBron James Celebrates Lakers Deal In Italy, Breaks Out the Yacht! BY: TMZ STAFF

LeBron James just touched down in Italy after sealing the deal on his new $154 MILLION contract … and even his workout equipment is Laker colors.

Bron and his family were spotted Monday morning boarding a yacht in Positano — a super fancy city on the Amalfi Coast where Magic Johnson usually spends part of his expensive summer family vacation.

In fact, Magic’s wife, Cookie Johnson, just told us the family plans to rent out the same $700,000 per week yacht they vacationed on last summer with Sam Jackson … and will sail to the same spots.


So … does this mean Magic and LeBron will vacation together??? We’ll see …

LeBron’s been doing a lot of traveling lately — he was in Anguilla last week with the family (remember, he jumped off that cliff?) … and then jetted back to Los Angeles to get the deal done with the Lakers.

And now that his contract is squared away … it’s back to vacation mode.

Must be nice …

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Roger Federer Officially Left Nike for Uniqlo!

Credit to: Roger Federer Officially Leaves Nike for Uniqlo by: CAM WOLF

After 24 years, the tennis legend has a new on-court apparel sponsor. Roger Federer ended the rumors in a way only the low-key tennis star could. After weeks of unverified reports that he had jumped ship from his longtime sponsor, Nike, to Uniqlo, Federer showed up for his press conference at Wimbledon today with a small red box that read “Uniqlo” on his chest where we’re used to seeing a Swoosh. And that’s that—for the first time since 1994, tennis’s most stylish man will play in a new brand.

And in Wimbledon, Uniqlo and Federer have chosen the ultimate stage to debut the new clothes. The all-white uniforms required by Wimbledon are a stylish standout on tennis’s circuit of major tournaments. And what a new uniform it is: an atypical polo with a “stand-up” collar, without the traditional points, and a Uniqlo-red line running down the front button panel. It’s designed not by some nameless staff of sportswear designers but by none other than the king of understated luxury, Christophe Lemaire, who currently designs the Uniqlo U line for the Japanese retailer. For now, Uniqlo is confirming only that Federer will wear the brand for this tournament and the remaining competitions this year. But the wording in Uniqlo’s press release hints at a much broader partnership: “While respectful of new standards they set together, Uniqlo is not a sports company,” the press release reads. “Uniqlo describes itself as a life company that creates LifeWear…with today’s announcement, LifeWear has a new champion.”


Uniqlo didn’t release specifics of the contract, but it’s rumored that the deal is worth $300 million and will run for over 10 years. That span of time will, presumably, take Federer’s partnership with Uniqlo well beyond his playing days. And as Uniqlo’s taken pains to note here, its deal with Federer isn’t just about sports. The brand will no doubt want to use Federer and his reputation as one of the world’s most stylish men to sell much more than polos and shorts for customers to play tennis in—especially in the new world of style where activewear is everyday wear.

“I am deeply committed to tennis and to winning championships,” Federer said via the press release. “But like Uniqlo, I also have great love for life, culture, and humanity. We share a strong passion to have a positive impact on the world around us and look forward to combining our creative endeavors.” Tadashi Yanai, the president of Uniqlo’s parent company, Fast Retailing, added, “Mr. Federer is one of the greatest champions in history; my respect for him goes beyond sport. Our partnership will be about innovation on and off court.” Uniqlo is tapping into the desires of the many, many people who idolize Federer. Because while they’ll never be able to play like him, maybe now they can at least dress like him.

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Mexico’s New President Is a Leftist Who Scorns Trump and Promised to Slash His Own Salary in Half!

Credit to: Mexico’s New President Is a Leftist Who Despises Trump and Vowed to Slash His Own Salary in Half BY: LUKE DARBY

Throw in vows to fight violence and corruption, and you’ve got a winning combination.

On Sunday, Mexico held a historic presidential election: the leftist candidate Andres Manuel López Obrador won an outright majority of the vote, a rarity in Mexico’s multi-party system. López Obrador has vowed to cut his own salary in half, sell off presidential planes, and even turn the presidential palace into a public park. He’s even written a book about US-Mexico relations titled Oye Trump, or Listen Up, Trump. And as the Washington Post reports, he’s had firm words about Donald Trump and his administration:

He has compared President Trump and his inner circle’s comments about Mexicans to the way Nazis talked about Jews. He has called Trump “erratic and arrogant.” In a speech in Los Angeles last year, he said building a wall and using language to “insult, denigrate and discriminate” against certain populations “goes against humanity, it goes against intelligence and against history.”

But here’s the thing: López Obrador wasn’t the only one speaking out against Trump. That was actually pretty widespread among the presidential candidates. Those comments highlighted by the Post aren’t even uncommon talking points in the US. Trump is, not surprisingly, hugely unpopular in Mexico, but it was domestic issues—like corruption, which López Obrador has vowed to tackle—that reportedly took precedent for most voters.

Sunday’s election was also a tremendous rebuke of outgoing president Enrique Peña Nieto’s Institutional Revolutionary Party. Known as PRI, the party ruled in Mexico for 71 years before being voted out in the early 2000s. The PRI returned to power in 2012, but as violence and corruption soared the public has once again turned against the party. Per CNN:

Lopez Obrador said the country’s infamous corruption was the “result of a political regime in decay.”

“We are absolutely certain that this evil is the principal cause of social inequality and of economic inequality,” he said. “Because of corruption, violence has erupted in our country.”

He said he will work with representatives of the United Nations, human rights groups and religious organizations to help tackle the murder rate, which soared to an all-time high under Peña Nieto’s tenure.

Even if Trump wasn’t a deciding factor in who won this election, his antagonism toward Mexico since the first day of his campaign has gone a long way to sweeping into power people who are extremely critical of the US and its role in destabilizing the Mexican economy. While López Obrador has said that he hopes for a relationship with the US that’s friendly but free of subordination, his election marks a turning point, especially now that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau going on the offensive in response to Trump’s trade war. While Trump had relatively warm words for the president-elect, he’s also famously volatile even with people he likes. And for someone as terrible at making deals as Donald Trump is, two potentially antagonistic neighbors is almost certainly more than he can handle.


Rachel Fenton Tities Of The Day!

Credit to: Rachel Fenton Titty Tape of the Day by: MONTANA BANKS

RACHEL FENTON is from the reality show Love Island…

I think she may be Rihanna’s sister, because they have the same last name….and the same coloring…only I think this Rachel maybe in black face…with some fake tan spray…..

pulling a LOTTI MOSS….milk your sister’s name as hard as you can….and if you were Rihanna’s sister you would be doing the same…get all the free shit you can…because all you fame whores are addicted to famous people.

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Dispelling The Most Loathed And Past-It-Warm-Weather Rules – Men’s Style Taboos!

Credit to: 10 Outdated Men’s Summer Style Taboos BY: FASHIONBEANS EDITORS

As men, we’re faced with several challenges when it comes to summertime. Not sweating on public transport, mastering the perfect BBQ sausage, working off said sausage in high heat without causing an aneurysm. We could go on, but we’re here to talk matters of style.

With our fair share of difficulties to contend with, the last thing any of us need is passé style rules to confuse us further. Which is why we’ve gathered the most prevalent warm-weather wardrobe myths and stuck them on the burner, too.

Sandals Are For Feminine Feet

If you happen to call the UK home (or any other place where sunshine is more myth than reality) it’s totally possible to completely avoid wearing sandals and keep your feet from ever seeing the light of day. But when that heat wave or beach holiday eventually comes around, you’d better be prepared to do it in style.

Considerably smarter than pool sliders, sleek leather sandals owe their enduring success to their versatility, working just as well with tailored shorts as they do lightweight chinos or tailored trousers.

When you do finally expose those pasty pinkies to the outside world, remember that, regardless of how fantastically awesome your new sandals are, if your feet resemble mangled griffin talons, then your shopping efforts have been for naught. Get a pedicure, guys; there’s no shame in it any more.

h&m zara next simons

Justin Timberlake’s Co-Star Patricia Clarkson Claims The Singer Is Packing Heat!

Credit to: Justin Timberlake Receives the Greatest Gift a Man Can Get BY: TOM PHILIP

His Friends with Benefits co-star Patricia Clarkson claims the singer is packing heat.

Hello. It’s Friday. It’s nearly the Fourth of July. Justin Timberlake reportedly rocks at least the first two letters in BDE. These are merely facts.

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last night, actress Patricia Clarkson played a game of “How Big Was It?” When asked who had the biggest chance of being her friend with benefits on the set of Friends with Benefits, Clarkson named the Man of the Woods without hesitation, before adding “If we wanna talk about big…”

Congratulations to JT on receiving the greatest gift a man can ever receive: public third-party confirmation from a trusted source on the topic of being hung. Finally, after all these years, The Love Guru is redeemed.

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Deep Questions Every Man Should Be Able To Answer!

Credit to: Deep Questions Every Man Should Answer BY: SAM ROWE

‘Extended adolescence’ is a hotly debated topic, and has been sparked by a generation of twenty-somethings kicking marriage and parenthood into the long grass, while embracing education for longer.

Sure, the fact these aforementioned twenty-somethings may well share rented apartments with strangers deep into their eighties might have something to do with it, but this shouldn’t give you a free pass to ignore life’s big questions.

After all, without getting all mystic and philosophical, even those that believe in an afterlife or reincarnation can agree that life – this one, right here – is short. So it’s probably best you start living it right, right?

With the help of a crack team of professional coaches, we’ve assembled 13 key questions every man should be able to circumnavigate by the time he turns 30. So, if you find yourself struggling, maybe it’s time you put down the Nerf gun (or whatever it is ‘kidults’ play with these days), and take a much-needed stare in the mirror, son.

What, And Who, Deserves My Attention?

“Your ability to know who, what and how you will pay attention to in the world are some of the most important questions you will answer in your lifetime,” claims Australian leadership expert, Neen James.

“This influences your relationships – personally and professionally – and determines your productivity, the achievements in your career, and how you make an impact on the planet. It’s about being thoughtful. It’s about being productive. It’s about being a responsible and considerate human.”

In order to focus on the actions you take and the choices you make, James suggests investing in ‘intentional attention’. “Your attention and willingness to gift people your undivided attention will improve relationships. Your attention to specific career goals will help focus your results, and keep you accountable for prioritising the most important work. Your attention to the planet – through making conscious choices about the resources you use – creates a legacy for the future. This all starts with your attention.”

coworkers working together

What Story Is Holding Me Back?

“We all have something that holds us back and keeps us from fulfilling our potential,” says Dale Sims, a UK-based performance coach.

“Maybe it’s a teacher who said you’d never amount to anything, so you grew up thinking you’re not good enough, or a parent who told you not to chase your dreams and to get a ‘real job’, so you limit yourself to a sheltered life.

“These narratives prevent us from living a life we deserve, and affect how much action we take in life, and ultimately our results. Knowing your story is the first step towards conquering it.”

How Satisfied Am I With My Life?

Sandra Richardson is a confidence coach, and often asks her clients to rate various aspects of their life, as part of an exercise called ‘The Wheel of Life’.

“I draw a circle, and divide it into eight segments,” she says. “One is labelled ‘Health’, others will be labelled ‘Fun’, ‘Recreation’, ‘Family’, ‘Romance’, ‘Sex’, and I’ll ask: how satisfied are you in each of these areas, on a scale of zero to 10?

“For example, it’s not about how much money you’ve got, but how satisfied you are with it. It’s almost like taking a bit of a meta-view of your life, which instantly gives you the chance to be more in control.

“If I were to boost my health to a 10, what would it look like? What’s one step I can take towards getting there? It’s a really good way of taking stock.”

relaxed happy man

What Do I Want?

“By 30 years old, you’ve had a vast amount of experience in each aspect of your life,” says life coach Michael Serwa. “You have had the opportunity to explore what you want in your career, with partners, where you want to live, what you want to spend your time doing and what makes you feel alive.

“It’s time to work on getting it. Without knowing what you want, you can’t focus on it, or work on it. So get clear, get working and go get it.”

What Do I Want To Be Able To Say About My Life When I’m 90?

“We call this the rocking chair test,” says Sims. “Imagine that you’re 90 years old, talking to your great-grandchildren and they say, ‘What has your life been like?’

“What would you want to say to them? That it was filled with regret, of the things you wish you had done but hadn’t had the courage? Or that it was full of excitement, adventure and joy?

“We all have a very limited time on this planet. You can spend yours arguing, comparing yourself to others on social media and turning up to a job you hate, or you can make the most of it while you still have the opportunity.”

older man talking to young woman

Am I Made To Work For Others Or Myself?

“Both are brilliant because both give you different things – the trick is doing what works for you,” claims Serwa.

“By doing the wrong one, you’re wasting your days. Wasting your life. Your life will be much richer when you are doing what fits your values and life blueprint.

How much responsibility do you want? Do you want to be in control of your time? Do you like being told what to do? Or do you like having full creative and locational freedom? “All of these answers will give you the best life has to offer for you. But you have to ask the questions to find out.”

man at work

The Definitive Style Blue Print For A Better, More Handsome You – Rules To Dress Well!

Credit to: 15 Timeless Rules For Dressing Well BY: JOSH SIMS

There are enough rules in life as it is. Some, however, are there to help. Like the rules that govern how to dress well. Of course, every man or woman that has an opinion on such things speaks from personal experience – and no doubt what works for one doesn’t always work for another; or what works for one is considered too pedestrian or too avant-garde by another. So, when it comes to dressing, they always have to be taken at face value. They’re solid suggestions rather than the last word on style.

But good advice is never to be sniffed at, and, as menswear becomes ever more rich and varied, ever more experimental and abundant, ever more trend-aware, in moments of confusion and self-doubt, it can help to have a valuable fall-back position that cuts through the clutter.

These ‘rules’ tend to be founded in history – they’ve worked for generations, so might well be assumed to work well today too. And they tend to be founded in the obvious, so obvious they’re often overlooked: a preference for good fit, high quality, versatility, good value, lack of extremes and keeping it sober.

There are certainly many other rules out there than are presented here. Some of these you may have already discovered for yourself. That, after all, is part of the pleasure of clothing, which no rule should hamper: trying new kit out, seeing if it suits you, seeing how it makes you feel. But, these rules have stood the test of time and, when used in conjunction, act as a failsafe guide on how to dress well today.

1. Wear A Suit Well

The key to a suit looking good is fit. If you’re buying off-the-peg, focus on the fit across the shoulders because getting the chest and waist altered is a relatively easy job according to Davide Taub, head of bespoke suits at Savile Row tailor Gieves & Hawkes. “Be cautious about wearing a period suit unless you’re pursuing a total period look because in isolation the suit starts to look like a novelty,” he adds. Classic is best and most useful – dark, two-button, single-breasted, moderate in details. “It’s not boring. A suit is a uniform. The idea is to think of this suit as a canvas to build different ideas of individuality around. It’s the way you wear it, not the label inside, that impresses.”

2. Invest Wisely In A Watch

“A watch is like a piece of art,” argues Don Cochrane, managing director of British watch brand Vertex. “Choose it because you love it, not because you think it might make money. Watches are personal, it marks your passage through time. But you also have to be practical.” Aesthetically, functional, rugged sports models go with anything and can take the hard knocks of everyday wear. Yet, a watch still has to fit you. It should feel comfortable and be right in terms of size and depth relative to your wrist as well – 40mm is considered the ‘Goldilocks’ size.


3. Don’t Shy Away From Colour

Whether it’s on casualwear or formalwear, indulge in a bit of colour. “Most men are unjustly scared of it – they’re intimidated by anything that isn’t navy or grey,” says menswear designer Oliver Spencer. “But colour can be timeless too.” A green suit, for example, can look particularly rakish, while Spencer also recommends pinks, greens, mustard and brighter shades of blue as especially versatile year-round shades that will lift your entire outfit. But he adds that, when it comes to colour, less is still more: “You just need a bit of it, in one garment.”

4. Wear In Your Jeans Until They Are Yours

The all-time most useful cut of the world’s most popular garment, according to Alex Mir, co-owner of Sheffield-based label LinkText, is ‘slim-tapered’. “It’s wider in the thigh, so it’s comfortable, but narrows, so it works with either smart shoes or sneakers,” he advises. “It’s the best year-round, wear-with-anything, dress up or down style.” The wise will wear dark, raw denim too and give the pre-distressed a wide berth. “The whole pleasure of denim is that it ages with the way you wear it. Why miss out on that?”



5. Look After Your Appearance

It’s the kind of advice your mother might offer, but if you’ve invested money and thought in your clothing, look after it. Use wooden hangers for shirts and shoe trees for your best shoes; have your suit dry-cleaned and pressed; wash your clothes regularly and, ideally, don’t tumble dry them (it can degrade the fabric); and polish your shoes. Equally, it’s not just the skin of your leather jacket that you need to care for, the same goes for the one you wear everyday. Establish a simple, but no less solid, grooming regime, brush your hair and cut your nails. After all, the devil resides in the details.

6. Keep Your Underwear Simple

Style isn’t only what everyone else can see. When it comes to men’s underwear, there are two rules to follow. One, novelty prints are not for grown men – “your underwear is not the place to express your ‘personality’,” as shirt and underwear-maker Emma Willis notes. And, two, heavily-branded underwear lacks sophistication. “Of all places where you might have the confidence not to have branding, your underwear should be it,” adds Willis. The style that has best stood the test of time, of course, is the cotton boxer short, likely because (as is the case with linen) they take repeated washing, breath well and are comfortable against your skin.

7. Spend Money On Shoes

“Timelessness is about simple design and all the more so with shoes,” argues Tim Little, owner of heritage shoe brand Grenson. “The colour, the pattern, the sole – you don’t want it fussy. Anything fussy may look good now but will look strange very quickly.” Quality shoes — the gold standard being re-soleable Goodyear welted examples — are the kind of investment that should last 15 years or more. Opt for classic styles such as brogues, loafers, or a plain, dark, five-eyelet Derby on a round-toe last. “It’s the shape of the toe that really counts – and round never goes out of fashion,” says Little. “It’s pointy toes or square toes that look obviously impractical. Nobody has feet shaped like that.”



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Best Cross-Body Bags That Make You Look Cool & Stylish!

Credit to: How The Bum Bag Became Cool Again BY: PADDY MADDISON

A curved peak baseball cap sits above an oversized graphic tee, which has been tucked messily into the waistband of a pair of loose-fitting, stonewash jeans. Below these are a pair of tightly-laced, bulky trainers; the sort your secondary school gym teacher used to wear morning, noon and night. And, to top it all off, the obligatory bum bag (aka fanny pack).

There was a time not long ago when such an outfit was universally recognised as the classic ‘American dad goes sightseeing in a European city’ uniform. However thanks to fashion’s ongoing quest to appropriate literally everything, it could now just as easily be describing the most talked-about look at a Paris Fashion Week haute couture runway show.

But there’s one key detail that has changed. Bum bags have crept up north of the waistline in a thinly-veiled attempt to cast off their embarrassing title. And it worked. Cross-body bags, as they’re now known, are one of the hottest trends to have emerged from streetwear’s ever-tightening stranglehold on high fashion and if you don’t already have one, those in the know advise that it’s probably time to pick one up.

“The cross-body bag trend derived from the blur between menswear and womenswear,” says Notion Magazine fashion coordinator, Joshua Meredith. “Rappers also drove the trend. However, to them it’s better known as a ‘road man bag’. A$AP Rocky and Skepta favour the style and have been instrumental in bringing it into the mainstream.”

When it comes to styling, Meredith suggests keeping things bright or finding other ways to add a point of difference. “A bold colour or print elevates an outfit and adds an extra layer. Also, source vintage designer before going straight for the latest season – it makes the outfit more personal and unique.”

Ready to saddle up? Here are some of the best ways to spend your money.

The North Face

Okay, so a cross-body bag probably isn’t the most practical type of luggage for hauling breathing apparatus and tents up the side of a snow-covered cliff face in the Himalayas. But if you were going to use one for that, you’d probably still opt for The North Face.

The brand’s bags have become the gold standard for everyone from hardened mountaineers to South-London roadmen. And with a customer base that diverse it must be doing something right.


In between making high-performance sportswear and the best retro sneakers ever to walk the Earth, Nike has somehow found the time to churn out some of the most popular cross-body bags going.

Pricing is reasonable, designs are classic, and aside from that, you can expect subtle swoosh branding aplenty and sleek, sporty styling as standard.


In the bag game since the 1950s, Bostonian backpack brand Eastpak knows a thing or two about what makes a good receptacle. Designs are simple and uncluttered, with practicality at the fore. Meanwhile, branding is subtle, and construction is damn near bulletproof, resulting in timeless luggage you can keep going back to season after season.


Looking for an eco-friendly bag to stuff your granola bar and spare Hacky Sack in for a hectic day slacklining shirtless in the park? Sustainable outdoor label Patagonia has what you need.

The brand is known for creating hard-wearing kit for adventurers, while also saving the planet by using recycled and organic materials, meaning you can feel good about rocking one of its practical yet stylish cross-body bags wherever you go.


The label of choice for everyone from Olympic athletes to hip-hop heroes, German sportswear giant Adidas is about as iconic as names get.

Now, with the current wave of logomania showing no sign of slowing down, the famous trefoil motif is more relevant than ever before, making the brand with the three stripes a solid choice when it comes to selecting some trend-led luggage.

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RIHANNA’s Cops Got Access to So-Called STALKER’S SOCIAL MEDIA Accounts!

Credit to: Rihanna’s Alleged Stalker: Cops Get Access to Social Media Accounts BY: TMZ STAFF

The man accused of breaking into Rihanna‘s house has a few new followers — unfortunately for him it’s the police.

According to new legal docs … a warrant was issued for cops to gain access to Eduardo Leon‘s social media accounts as part of his felony stalking case. We broke the story … Leon broke into Rihanna’s L.A.-area home last month and spent an entire night hanging out, waiting for her to come home.

He told cops his plan was to have sex with her, but not use force to make it happen. He was tased and arrested instead.

Leon was also arrested a few days earlier for allegedly breaking into Rihanna’s previous home, believing she still lived there. Cops believe gaining access to his social media will prove he was fixated on Rihanna and made repeated efforts to locate her.

We’re told his court hearing for this stalking case is on hold until a judge determines if he’s mentally fit to stand trial. He’s still being held on bail.

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The Real-Life Diet of the Nneka Ogwumike!

Credit to: Nneka Ogwumike: The Real-Life Diet of the Los Angeles Sparks Superstar BY: CHRISTOPHER CASON

Playing basketball year-round is hard on the body, but the Sparks star has found a way to stay fresh: lots of almond milk products.

Blessed with the on-court versatility that makes her one of the most complete players in the WNBA, Los Angeles Sparks forward Nneka Ogwumike has assembled a sparkling résumé over the course of her six full season of professional basketball: Rookie of the Year in 2012, four All-Star appearances, MVP hardware in 2016, and a championship ring that same season.

Like many WNBA athletes, though, Ogwumike plays overseas during the offseason, which allows her to enjoy far less recovery time than her NBA counterparts. In an effort to combat wear and tear on her body, Ogwumike made the drastic switch to a purely plant-based diet before her most recent EuroLeague season in Russia. It showed: She powered Dynamo Kursk to its second straight undefeated regular-season record and a EuroLeague title. Although she incorporated seafood back into her regimen before beginning the 2018 WNBA campaign, we caught up with her to discuss the challenges of adhering to such a strict trial diet while abroad—and how she ensures that her globetrotting career don’t cause her to lose a single step.

GQ: What research went into you making the transition to a plant-based diet?

Nneka Ogwumike: Anytime I switch up anything that has to do with my health, it’s always based off research. I have gone back to eating seafood now, but I was plant-based from November through March. It was a challenge, but I still adhere to most of the practices of a plant-based diet: I stay away from dairy, and I try to stick to more gluten-free options, too.

What were some of the initial challenges?

It was hard to figure out the protein aspect, but I learned a lot about foods that I didn’t realize were protein-packed. I was experimenting a lot with lentils, beans, and chickpeas, and trying to make things taste like the traditional dishes, but with a plant-based twist.

Was it easy or difficult to maintain that diet while playing in Russia?

It was easy, because I literally made all of my food! Away games were tougher because I required some specific ingredients in this diet that can be hard to find on the road. But I was able to make it work. My teammate overseas, Epiphanny Prince, is vegan, so we both shared the same challenges. We were able to get creative with what we ate on the road.

I always tell people that instead of “dieting,” you have to consider it a lifestyle. I feel like “diets” restrict people to rules. For me, I approach my diet and what I put into my body as a way of life. There are certain things that I like to eat that may not necessarily be good for me. When I have a craving, I know how I can fulfill it, or at least supplement the craving with something close to it that may not be as detrimental.

What are some of those cravings, and what are some ways you address them?

When I’m in L.A., it’s super easy. It might be easier being vegan or plant-based here than it is to eat whatever you want, because it’s such a health-conscious city. Last week, I really wanted some donuts, but I know my body, and gluten really affects me. So I just went to a donut place that has all vegan donuts.

With no true offseason, what do you do throughout the year to maintain your body?

Overseas, an off-day usually means you’re literally just chilling the entire day. When I have these straight chill days, I make sure that I eat well because otherwise, I’m not doing anything. I take salt baths almost every day, but on an off-day, I’ll soak for about an hour as opposed to 20 minutes. Sometimes, I’ll dedicate the day to not leaving my apartment at all—I’ll go and walk outside to get some sun, maybe, but no running errands. These small habits that have really helped me along the way.

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“Progressives are winning on Bernie Sanders’ model, but the senator can be his own biggest stumbling block.”- WTH!!

Credit to: Bernie Sanders Said Trump Officials Should “Be Able to Go into a Restaurant and Have Dinner” BY: LUKE DARBY

Progressives are winning on Sanders’ model, but the senator can be his own biggest stumbling block. In some very important ways, this was a strong week for Bernie Sanders. Two progressive candidates made stunning upsets in primary elections: Sanders-endorsed Ben Jealous in the race for governor of Maryland and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young Puerto Rican from Queens who now looks poised to become the first socialist in decades to take a seat in the House of Representatives.

These victories do the double duty of affirming the popularity of Sanders’ progressive values and his emphasis on grassroots organizing—and, paradoxically, it’s likely that neither Jealous nor Ocasio-Cortez would have run or won had Sanders’ presidential campaign not brought leftist politics back into the mainstream.

But then on MSNBC Wednesday, Sanders defended White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was asked to leave a restaurant over the weekend because the owner and staff were uncomfortable waiting on an enabler of a president building the modern equivalent of concentration camps. “Look, as I’ve said before,” said Senator Sanders, “yeah, I think people have the right to go into a restaurant and have dinner.”

At no point did Sanders have the boneheaded idea to compare the press secretary’s mild inconvenience to Jim Crow, and he did qualify this by saying that anger at Congress is wholly understandable and justified. He also pointed to people like Ocasio-Cortez as examples of how to use that anger constructively. But the overall comfort of members of the Trump administration should be the last thing on any decent person’s mind.

This also follows an unfortunate Sunday appearance Sanders made on CNN, where despite the growing litany of abuses and outrages committed by ICE the senator said he doesn’t support calls to abolish the agency outright. As he told Jake Tapper:

I think that what we need is to create policies which deal with immigration in a rational way. And a rational way is not locking children up in detention centers or separating them from their mothers. What we need is Trump to sit down with members of Congress and work on a rational program which deals with this serious issue.

Unlike Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez campaigned heavily on calls to abolish ICE and in recent weeks more and more Democratic politicians have gotten on board, from New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon to Senator Kamala Harris, who essentially pulled an about face in just a couple months.

Like Harris, Sanders may change his stance on both ICE and how much Trump officials really deserve fancy enchiladas while locking up children. But these issues should be low-hanging fruit: obvious choices for a progressive politician to take. For now, instances like this highlight that even if you’re the hardest left-leaning member of Congress, that’s still a low bar to clear.

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Top Festival Styles To Adopt This Summer!

Credit to: How To Nail Festival Style Whatever The Weather BY: FASHIONBEANS EDITORS

Festivals, hardly the most stylish affairs when you consider they’re back to back days of music, mud and irregular bowel movements.

So why should you care about what you wear? Well, to a point, you shouldn’t. Whatever garments you choose to clothe yourself with run a high risk of being ruined. Mud, rain, beer and sweat are all enemies here, so it’s best to opt for the inexpensive, although, of course, you want to look good – you are reading FashionBeans after all.

To that end, before you head off to pitch your tent, get your wardrobe ready for everything a festival can throw at you with this complete guide to slumming it in style.

Why Does Festival Style Matter

It’s not hard to remember a time when the very notion of ‘festival style’ for guys didn’t exist, left instead to the fairer sex and their predilection for glitter and questionable feathered headgear.

Cut to the present day and what fellas wear to such events is big news, with celebrity style icons and their getups often earning more headlines than the music, along with shopfronts everywhere suggesting pieces to pack for a weekend in the wilderness.

The reason for this is that men have come to see festivals as a place to experiment with their looks, have some fun and (almost definitely above all else) splash out on a few new pieces. That said, you don’t want to part with significant amounts of cash without some prior thought. Shop too impractical and whatever you chose to wear will likely end up in the bin. Shop too recklessly and those pieces won’t see the light of day in your usual rotation.

To help you on your way and ensure you spend more time catching up on your favourite bands’ back catalogues and less time worrying about what’s on your back, here’s our advice on what to wear to a festival this summer.

Festival Style Tips

Apart from avoiding dodgy face paint that will almost certainly cause you to break out in hives, if you’re a regular festival goer you’ll know there isn’t much in the way of style rules while in attendance. Though there are a few guiding principals to make it a more enjoyable (and stylish) experience.

Invest In A Waterproof

Without sounding like an overbearing parent: it’s important to use protection. Some solid outerwear will shield you (and your outfits) from potential downpours, be that rain or the spilt beer from the guy on his mate’s shoulders.

“A raincoat would be my first choice,” says Samuel Smith, a stylist who has worked with the likes of Harrods, Oki-Ni and Adidas Y-3. “The design is based on those worn by Swedish fishermen, so they’re the real deal.”

Easily combined with a T-shirt or sweatshirt and a pair of denim shorts or jeans, a raincoat is that essential festival all-rounder that delivers on both the form and function counts. If you’re going to spend big on one item, make sure this is it.

When It’s Really Hot, Go T-Shirt And Shorts

Let’s face it, if your festival falls in summer as most do, you won’t want to wear much when standing outside all day in the scorching heat.

In this case, your wardrobe choices will require closer inspection. Stick to simple T-shirts cut from lightweight cotton and twill rather than denim shorts. In a similar vein, swerve anything too skinny or tight and steer instead towards pieces like boxy Cuban collar shirts rendered in free-flowing viscose.

Bold colours and jazzy prints are more than welcome — if not encouraged — at a festival, but for something more pared-back that you’ll find yourself wearing again, a striped top is a perennially on-trend staple that shows you know more than the words to the current song.

Stick To The Classics

If you’re after a failsafe festival outfit that doesn’t scream try-hard, it’s difficult to go wrong with a leather biker jacket worn with slim jeans and Chelsea boots.

Aside from consisting of largely wipe-clean pieces, a slim or straight-leg will be significantly easier to traipse around in for two days than, say, a stiff pair of drainpipe skinny jeans, and Smith recommends opting for raw denim “which is very hard wearing.”

Better yet, the constituent parts of this outfit form the basis of countless evergreen outfits and benefit from a little roughing up to acquire a worn-in, vintage look. So get in that mosh pit.

Don’t Store Valuables In Your Tent

Aside from all the stuff you need to cart around, a tent is not the most secure place to leave valuables. “It’s essential to have everything that matters with you,” says Giles Farnham, head of the River Island Style Studio.

Backpacks are easily the most effective way of lug your goods around, plus they require no hands, leaving room for a drink in each. “It’s perhaps the ultimate male accessory, not to mention a very practical and essential festival item,” adds Farnham.

If a bulging backpack feels a bit much, or you don’t want to slum it with your fancy sports-luxe one, try a cross-body bag instead. “The cooler alternative to a bum bag, they look great and are ideal for carrying all your festival needs,” adds to ASOS’ Lawrence.

Don’t Forget Sunglasses

Unless you enjoy trying to watch your favourite band while also forcibly squinting at the sun, you’re going to need a pair of sunglasses. And even if it’s not sunny, we have one word for you: hangovers.

“They’re a must-have for being out in the sun all day and even better at covering those dark circles after a night of partying,” says ASOS head of men’s design, James Lawrence.

For a while now the festival preference for opticals has lent towards brightly coloured and mirrored shades, which helpfully have become headline pieces of late. Whichever pair your plump for, just make sure they suit your face shape and your overall style once back on dry land.

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