You might be thinking that does penis extender works or not? Or what is a Penis extender? Penis extenders, stretchers, devices and weights have been used around for hundreds of years, it’s only been recent, as in the past 5 years that these contraptions have been getting more advanced in the way of technology used to produce them.  They are using a lot more bio-chemistry boosted assistance which involves stretching the penis over very long periods of time for getting the best method penis enlargement and eventually coming out on the top with a positive result.

End Result

However the positive end result can sometimes end up in two different ways which are very common.  One, you could be left with the a very small gain of around half an inch to a full inch or two, your growth won’t last very long and if the device is not used for a week or more then you may revert back to the original size.

Sounds quite dull, isn’t it?  Well I certainly thought the same when I heard the stats.  The bottom line is this you can go for some form of extender that will give you guaranteed results without a shadow of a doubt  which are very small or you could opt for what guys are starting to notice more and more which are natural exercises.

I’d like to give you a breakdown of one exercise that I use and have been using successfully for the past month.  It’s relatively new to the industry and many guys may not know of it yet.  It’s called the “helicopter” and has been proven to add at least 3 inches in as little as 4 months.

I have been involved with some guys who have seen anything up to 1 full inch in only 9 days!  Could you imagine after only 9 days a brand new longer thicker and fuller penis, well it’s completely possible, so natural enlargement should take this advice seriously.

The Helicopter

OK so first thing to ask, have you warmed up?  You need to practice the warm up method every time you attempt this exercise. In this way, you can get the most benefit.  Simply grab a cup of hot water and a cloth, soak the cloth and then wrap it around your penis so that you warm it up for around 3 minutes.  After the warm up you can move straight on to the double exercise.  OK so here goes, make sure you are semi erect and place your index finger and your thumb around the base of your manhood. After that, proceed to swing your penis in a clock wise motion for around 120 seconds. Once done, move the same finger and thumb positioning to the head and pull down in one full motion. Hang on for around 2 minutes them release and repeat the first step.

What will happen is you will maximize blood flow, oxygen levels and also increase tissue size over time. It should have been applied to your everyday life.

Peter M. Cavell

Peter M. Cavell has been a sex and relationship therapist since 1997. When couples are having sex problems, he always recommends that the men start using the Penis Enlargement Bible.

Peter used the guide himself and saw over 3 inches of growth in a few months. He did it after vowing to improve himself following his messy divorce in 1993. If you think YOU could benefit from a better penis then take a look.

Peter reports that all of his clients who use the guide are completely satisfied with the penis extender before after gains they make.

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