Red carpet is used in the formal events. Celebrities and VIPs use it. The glamorous and amazing red carpet night is the night where fashion icons and divas come and show their amazing, beautiful and best dressed red carpet manicure. It is a night of the fashion glam in which every actor and actress along with other people of the industry wear amazing and beautiful dresses. Celebrities red bandage dresses are always the center of attraction for the people of fashion industry. Everyone is in the race now. Expensive and most talented designers are busy day and night to make such a dress which is able to attract the people. Here are the 15 best red carpet prom dresses worn by the famous Hollywood actress which is still the talk of the town.

When it comes to best red carpet looks of all the time, a name which makes its place in the list is Angelina Jolie’s black evening dress. This is one of the most iconic and loved dresses of the red carpet as she literally put her best foot forward in that black Atelier Versace gown. This high slit chic dress was worn by the actress in 2012 Oscar Awards. She carried that dress so gracefully with blow dried hair and elegant earrings. Again, a gown worn by her became the talk of the town when she came with a perfect blend of a creamy glamour and modern slashes of red at the Golden Globes in 2012. She seemed so absolutely stunning in her Versace gown that looking at her for too long felt like sort of starting at the sun. Just like wearing black dress demands perfection, white dresses require it too. If carried perfectly, it can make one have place in the most iconic dresses.

There is nothing to deny that Jennifer Lopez always slays the game of the fashion. She is among the queens of the fashion industry. In most of the red carpets her dresses show how beautiful her body is.  From stunning clothes that makes her beautiful body almost visible body to her “Bronx Barbie” style of the street, she knows how to make her look perfect for a red carpet. She wore an amazing outfit inspired by Selena Quintanilla in 2015 during an awards ceremony of Billboard Latin Music Awards in the honor of late Tejano singer.

In the 42nd Grammy Awards held in the year 2000, the green Versace gown wore by Jennifer Lopez became the talk of the town. Jennifer Lopez red carpet dresses always make her the queen of the red carpet. This extremely revealing dress first became a victim of controversy but now is one of the most talked about looms of red carpet. She is very amazing and always does experiments with her looks. In 1998 she wore a cow boy hat, simple top like a bra and a blazer on the red carpet of MTV awards. In 1997 academy award, she adapted the look of Kate Winslet from titanic. She wore a beautiful gown of greyish purple color. It was embodied with jewels. This look made her fabulous and she became successful in getting the attention of the photographers.

When one talks about the most iconic red carpet prom dresses of all the time, Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy at the Oscars of 1954 is also an important one. The lack of jewelry, graphicness of the hair with the cat eye was what kept the look from getting ruined. Nicole Kidman in John Galliano for Christian Dior at the Oscars became the reason of her launch as the couture beauty. She wore that dress so elegantly and looked absolutely stunning. A black dress can make one the center of attention when carried with perfection. One such black dress was worn by Penelope Cruz at the Oscars of 2008. She also became successful to rock the red carpet for that night.

The draped Chanel dress reminds of the John Singer Sargent’s painting, ‘Madame X’. Grace Kelly looked nothing but gorgeous and classy at the 27th Academy Awards in 1955. She looked absolutely stunning in her Edith Head gown when she accepted the best actress award for her role in ‘The Country Girl’. At the 74th Academy Awards in 2002, The embroidered vine prevented gown wore by Halle Berry made its place in the most iconic dresses of the red carpet. She looked mesmerizing in that maroon Elle Saab gown. One such look came from Sharon Stone in Vera Wang and Gap at the Oscars.

Ivika Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump. She always become the eye of the red carpet by her stunning dresses and beautiful looks. Ivika Trump red carpet dress was of $12,888.  As a first daughter she of the state dinner she wore the pink tulle ruffle gown from Rodarte. it was crafted very nicely, having a V-shaped back. A very beautiful blossom embellishment was pleated on the waist and a floor skimming tiered skirt.  It is one of the most beautiful red carpet dresses of all the time. She was looking extremely elegant in the pink dress. Celebrity red carpet gowns are always very important. This is actually what which makes the night of the celebrity memorable. This is the thing which Ivika always keep in mind. Ivika showed her modelesque body in the strapless dress including a sweet-heart necklace and an intensely layered skirt made her look fabulous on the red carpet of dinner at the white house. In Oscar de la Renta, for the inauguration festival for her father Donald Trump she wore a Caroline Herrera gown. Her looks made all the photographers and people stunned. She was looking stunning in that dress. These 15 red carpet dresses are among the most famous dresses of the Hollywood industry. These actresses and famous personalities became successful in getting the attention.

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