Everything is evolving in this world. The people used to keep the gadgets and devices to use they were made for. Like, phones to make a call, Air conditioners to keep the rooms cool in summer. It was a time when people used to wear wristwatches to check the time. With the continuous evolution in technology, the devices are getting smarter. As the user requires more of them. That’s why the requirement of customers has made this changing rapidly.

Watches were used to see the time. But the time is changed now. In this modern era, watching time is not just sufficient. The people want a wristwatch that can perform other functions too. If a person needs a calculator the watch should contain it. If he/she needs to make or receive a call, they don’t have to find their cell phones in their pockets. A wristwatch must be helpful for it. Now we can say a wrist-watch is not just a watch, it’s a microcomputer. The watch does work for what you expect from a smart phone.

Features of a Smartwatch

Smartwatches have all those features that a smartphone has. Whether a businessman may need to receive a call or make a call, connect with the devices through Bluetooth. Accessibility to the files or documents saved in the smartphone. But with all of these functions, it is evolving day by day. Modern smartwatches have more functions those were not available in previous smartwatches.

Bluetooth smartwatch with a camera

Bluetooth is a type of connectivity which is used to create connections between the devices. Sharing sometimes becomes crucial for the people and for businesses. In the beginning some devices like laptops and cell phones possessed this feature. Smartwatch is getting smarter now. This is not limited to time and date. It possesses the Bluetooth feature to connect between the devices. So a smartwatch can connect to the cell phones and all the works are done through cell phones can be done through smartwatches. It is not just a smartwatch; it is a smartphone on the wrist.


A smartwatch must possess all the features and facilities that a person needs. The camera was just a device to take photos only. This was later added to the devices. This feature is now added to the smartwatch. This has been very helpful in video calling. Now, it is easy for the businessman deals with the people through his/her smartwatch. Usually they are very busy with their business engagement. They don’t have time to see their smartphones. Sometimes they have to make urgent calls and more than one calls. They don’t have time to locate their smartphones and use them.


Smartwatches have compatibility with all the devices. A personal computer, laptop, smartphone or a tablet, a smartwatch is now compatible with all across the devices.

Iphone Compatible smart watch

IPhone is a largest smartphone selling company not in European countries only but also most parts of the world. That’s why smart watch compatible iphone is important to access the customers are using smartphones of iPhone. All upcoming smartwatches have compatibility with the iPhone. The iPhone users are enjoying the things just on a touch.

Android Compatible smart watch

The Google introduced the Android OS for the smartphones. People liked it and it got a lot of popularity and smartphone companies like Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and Huawei adopted it for their smartphones. In the beginning, the smartwatches were compatible with iPhone only. Later the companies felt the need to make compatible with Android. Now, the companies are also adding new features to the android smartwatch 2018-19.

Below is the review of smartwatches introduced in 2018 and upcoming smartwatches.

Best smartwatch for texting

To choose the best smartwatch for texting requires a wider screen and sensitive touch screen. There are some smartwatches which are considered good for texting. Apple Watch Series 3, Samsung Gear Sport, Huawei Watch 2, Fitbit Ionic. All have some advanced features. But Fitbit has one advantage over the all. Its battery timing is amazing. It has five days of battery timing. So, one who cares about battery it’s a tension free device for them.

 Android smart watches 2018-19

Many android smart watches in 2018 are offered in the market. Many companies have launched their best android compatible smartwatches. Like Samsung Gear S3, Moto 360, Watch 2 of Huawei etc. But which one is best among them. It can be divided into two types. The best in Android smartwatches and the smartwatches offered for iPhone.

The best android smartwatch 2018-19

Choosing the best is not so easy. Every company tries to give its customer more than the needs and try to add the features the competitor cannot easily meet. Then keep in mind that how beneficial those features are? It depends on how much it facilitates the customer.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier vs Classic

Samsung launched its smart watch Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Classic. Most of the features are similar between them. A few changes differentiate between them.  Frontier has a built-in speaker, while the classic has no built-in speaker. The Classic is lighter than Frontier as it does not have 4G support. The S3 Frontier has 4G LTE support. But classic does not have it. So, except the few changes Samsung gear s3 frontier and Samsung gear s3 classic both don’t have a big difference. For the people who like have a stylish watch with having some other features may prefer s3 frontier but the people who don’t care about these things and who don’t need special features may prefer s3 classic. It’s all about the matter of choosing between the fashion and style or like and need. The rest things like the size of the display and battery are alike.

The smartwatches did not only make our lives easier but also smarter. We are using having a better thing than before. It is also evolving day by day. The vision of gaining most of the share from the market leading the employers to invest more in the research to make their products better as compare to their competitors.

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