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All of us want to travel in the space. Many of us have dreamt of going to the space. Some choose the astronomy to know more about the space. There are millions of pages the web that contain some information about space or some space objects
. Thousands of books have been published in this regard to understand what space is and some books provide detailed knowledge about the environment of space and its difference with that of the earth. This article will be interesting and informative about space travel, for those who want to know about space and its nature.
It is so cool to travel into space. The quest is the nature of man the man. We want to go to space and see the things we look at from here. He wants to be the first one who reaches at the surface of Mars. Before making any plan for the future, you must know the facts about space and travel in it.

Facts on space travel

Image result for space travel facts Image result for space travel facts
There are some facts about space travel. Every traveller must know about the place he wants to reach. The space environment, the climate, and the resources that are basic needs for the human. There are some facts on space travel that you should read before going to space or strengthen the desire.
  • NASA does not know what to do with a dead astronaut. The dead bodies need to be bury. There is no land or equipment to dig in.
  • Astronaut has to drink recycled urine. There is no existence of water in the space.  The NASA has introduced its attest recycle system.
  • Astronauts Lose Muscle and Bone Mass and Suffer from Premature Aging. The microgravity environment causes astronauts aging and lose the bone.
  • The space travel might be injurious, as it makes man infertility.
  • Many astronauts get space travel.
  • All astronauts have to wear diapers because there is no information.
  • Masturbation in space is very important.

Space travel interesting facts

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Here is some space travel interesting facts. These facts are helpful in space travel.
  1. It is interesting to know that there are thousands of planets out of our solar system. Our solar system has up to 9 planets.
  2. Another interesting piece of information is your skin of feet peels off. The astronauts don’t use their feet to walk. That’s why the skin becomes soft and soon to peel off.
  3. A day in pace can be longer than a day on Earth. On Venus, it can be longer than a year on Earth.
  4. The interesting thing is that the astronauts have to stay at quarantine for some time when they come back to Earth from space.
  5. The size of our sun is bigger than more than a million Earths.
  6. It is a fact whether you believe or not is you become at least 5 cm taller than an earth height.
  7. Space is not as far as you think. It is about 100 km far away from the Earth Karman line, which is known to be a boundary.

Dangers of space travel facts

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After discussing the space travel interesting facts, let’s have an overview of dangers of space travel facts although there is fun in space travel. A man experiences so many enjoyable events and scenes in the space. However, it is full of threats, hazards and risks too. Here are a few risks.

Space Debris

Dangerous space travel facts that you can call facts against space travel include space debris. It is simply called the stones, metals and other cliffs. Many of them, are smaller than your space shuttle. However, some of them are so big than of your shuttle. These can make your space travel horrible for you.

Space Suit Dependence

The second thing probably a space suit. You highly depend on it. Your safety is depending on your suit safety in space travel. If something causes to break your space suit, it is a signal of danger.


The danger of radiation is another a hanging sword. If you stuck in the radiation, there would be no chance for your survival. Because sometimes you don’t have the speed to catch someone in the space to catch. It is just because of zero gravity; your speed can be too slow.

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