Sun glasses are part and parcel of the daily routine. Sun glasses are the functional accessories which protect the eyes from dangerous Ultra Violet radiations and help us to go out in a sunny day without problem. These are mostly considered as a lighthearted asset, held up by diva associations dating back to the golden age of film. In addition to this, sun glasses add style and glam in your looks. Even if you are going outside casually then by wearing sun glasses you add class in your style. And if you are a celebrity or any such person who is always captured by the photographers, then you have to maintain your looks all the time, which is simply not possible every time you go out, Sun glasses are the thing which can help you in this time.

There are different styles of sun glasses which add versatility and style in your wardrobe. For example cat-eye, aviators, oversized, oval, rectangular, round lenses and lighter lenses all these different types of sun glasses are available to go with our different types of looks. Sun glasses are a part of the trend cycle. There are some rules too about wearing a sun glasses. Like if you have a round face then the sun glasses you use will be opposite of your face cut. For those people who have heart shaped face over-sized sun glasses having exaggerated bottoms are the best. Similarly for long shaped face cat eyes are mostly preferable and aviators suits on the round face. Here are top 7 bestselling sun glasses for women.

Maui Jim punchbowl sun glasses for women

Polarized sun glasses are very famous, they are always the part of the trend. Fishermen and boaters mostly used polarized sun glasses in order to minimize the reflected glare from the water which is present around them. But now a days these are very famous among women too. We provide you the best polarized sun glasses for women.  The polarized lenses filter maximum glare and reflected light in order to improve the color, contrast and optical light so that you can see easily and naturally. We have a great range of styles and shapes for the polarized sun glasses. These sun glasses will protect you from UV rays and along with this add glamour to your looks and make you more elegant. These are available in three different colors. Thus, with protection you can fulfil your needs for fashion.

Shield polarized sports sun glasses

Protection of your eyes from the harmful UV rays of sun is very important during running too. It does not matter whether you are running in a hot weather or in the snow, the one thing which matters is the protection of your eyes. Shield polarized sports sun glasses have best running sun glasses for women, which are available in different prices so that you can easily afford them without disturbing your budget. They give you 100% protection from sun. In addition to this, these sun glasses fit so perfectly that you do not have to worry that these will slip due to the sweat.

Moscot sun glasses

These sun glasses were founded in 1915 by Hyman Moscot, which is why they are called as Moscot sun is among the oldest brand of the sun glasses which is equally famous in the industry too. These are among the best-selling sun glasses for women.  They produce a great variety of sun glasses with classic and bold designs. These are very high quality sun glasses which have high prices too. There are many celebrities which use Moscot sun glasses which includes Johnny Depp, Jeff Goldenblum, Bonham Carter and many other.

Ray Ban sun glasses

It is the most famous and popular brand of sun glasses.  It was founded in 1937 by an American company. Lately, it was sold to Italian eyewear giant Luxottica in the year 1999 for the money of 640 million dollars. It is very expensive brand but you can also find some glasses which are affordable. The most famous designs of Ray Ban sun glasses for women are aviator sun glasses, clubmaster sunglasses and wayfarer sun glasses.

Prada sun glasses

Either you need sun glasses which are in trend and makes you look good or protection from the sun, Prada sun glasses for women offers you both facilities. These are pairs of sun glasses make you look versatile, attractive and are very comfortable to wear. These are very classic sun glasses which never go out of the trend. These sun glasses are present in number of shapes like oval, square, rectangular and even in heart shape. These are made up of in combination of plastic and metal. Along with this these glasses are mostly available in two colors i.e. black and brown.

Oakley sun glasses

Oakley sun glasses are used in by a large number of people in sports, industry and in daily life. Oakley sun glasses are available for men and women. They have not forgotten women. Thus Oakley sun glasses for women are one of the most versatile sun glasses. They have a wide range of sun glasses which develop a feeling of bossy look in women. They have a wide and beautiful range of sun glasses for those women who are working in fashion industry. Aviator, crosshair, polarized and other types of sun glasses are available with beautiful colors. Sometimes, combination of sun glasses are also available.

Tom ford sun glasses

Tom ford sun glasses for women are made from the best material. These sun glasses look luxurious and have elegant details. When it comes to fashion to ford sun glasses are the best choice. The cat eye sun glasses of tom ford gives you sassy looks. From wild cat glam looks of Samantha and Kasia to Penelope style can be achieved by using these sun glasses. These sun glasses are commanding and bold. Shades in glittery gold, chocolate brown or sleek silver are available along with pretty pink, bold blue or smoky gray lenses.

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