The baby boom is a period which is marked by as a considerable increase in birth rate. The people born in such period are called baby boomers. Baby boomers are also called boomers. The baby boomers generation is a demographic cohort that came after greatest generation that is GI generation and the silent generation.  The boomers were born in the era that was full of riots, war, protests, and assassinations. In the same time, they saw great revolutions, political and social upheavals like civil rights movements, free love, drug experiments, the man approaches the moon.

Baby boomers

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All in all, we can say that the baby boomers saw the US as a financially prosperous and social upheaval.  They experienced a life full of thrill and delights. Have a look at the US economy in those days. The GNP (Gross National Product was doubled, the purchasing power increased by 30%, four-fifth of Americans had at least one car, 61% of people owned their own houses, with all of this the baby boomers had 28% of share in the US population. A survey explains that the till 2030 from now, up to 10000 boomers will daily reach their retirement age.

What years are baby boomers

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The question that what years are baby boomers? Was there any time about baby boomers? The years when there was a boom in the babies or in a simple way to say an extraordinary increase in birth rate is called baby boomers years. The birth rate was high in those years. The time periods of this boom was from 1946 to 1964. If we see statistics about birth rate so that a rapid change can be seen in it.  So before 1946, the birth rate of the US was 2. Million per births per year. However, from mid of 1946, the birth rate went to million per year. The rate maintained its pace for some years but from it rose up to 4.3, million births in a year. If we sum up the results of the information given in the stats, so it explains that the baby boomers generation increased the whole population by 76 million people.
Baby boomers period
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Baby boomers period is full of chaos and resurgence. The boomers’ period starts from 1946 to 1964. It was born following the return of military from world war II. At the end of 1946, there were 2.4 million baby boomers born. That was just a beginning at the first very first year. In 1964, that number rose up to 72.5 million baby boomers.
Moreover, by 1999, their highest number was 78.8 million people. The population also includes those who immigrated to the country and were born in those years. According to stats, the 36% of baby boomers had wealth more than of their parents. Why did this happen? It relates to the causes, and the social scientist could not present any theory about reasons of baby boomers increase rate. However, we can say that reason was not ambiguous. The world to face the worst time due to world war II.
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The situation had been uncertain, and the economic conditions were gone so bad due to war and chaos situation. The people all concentration was on war. The facilities and businesses relations had been limited. There was no sign of prosperity. After the WW II ended, the life turned back, and business stated on a large scale. The military forces came back to houses. It was the main reason to boom in population. The new generation led an exceedingly prosper life. They saw the economic development of the US.

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