The millennials are also called Generation Y. They are the demographic cohort following the generation X and preceding generation Z. The millennials are also known as echo boomers because there is a significant surge in their birth rates and they are often the children of baby boomers. The term millennial applied to those who have reached adulthood around the 21st century. There are many conflicts about when the millennials generation starts from? It is still a question due to age conflict that who will be included or named as a millennial?
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Characteristics of Millennials

The millennials have some characteristics like the boomers have. However, there are far differences between them. The boomers were in the era of chaos and global change. The millennial is facing a recession, and when they were born, there was a downturn in the US economy. There was lacking jobs and employment opportunities. The people have concerns the millennials thrifty behavior. The people think that this behavior is not healthy for businesses. In positives things, they have got many things that the boomers and other generations had not seen and experienced before.

What are millennials

We have discussed a brief about some characteristics of the millennial generation. The question is here that what are millennials? The millennials are born in after baby boomers. They are called the children of baby boomers. There is a conflict about the exact definition of millennial and who should be involved in the millennial generation. The millennial saw the turn in new technology. The internet had been introduced in the millennials years. The age of millennials was so developed that they grew up with modern technologies like a computer, internet, and graphical user interface, adaptable programs, and a significant technological breakthrough when the interaction between the human and machine.
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Millennials Age

The millennials age was full of technology. The great breakthrough in computer and internet technology had made their functions of business more manageable and smarter too. That was the one thing that revolutionized the whole world. The millennial enjoyed a beneficial technology to make their work easier and faster than never had before. They had less faith in religious activities and government institutions. They had a more profound awareness about programming language and concerned about internet security and sharing the data. They were concerned about that who can see their shared data.
As a matter of religions and religious activities, they had less faith in religious activities. They believed in God, but that is not so strong like others. They were against the religious extremism. They go to church now but don’t accept the teachings of imposing the thoughts on others.

Millennials vs baby boomers

Although the millennial are the children of baby boomers, there let’s see what the results of millennials vs baby boomers are. They both have many differences. The baby boomers are very conservatives and speak out less. However, the millennials usually are modern and speak out a lot as compared to boomers. The baby boomers like and focus on getting married and set a family. However, the millennials don’t tend to marriage, and they support the gay marriage. They don’t feel anything wrong in extramarital affairs. The boomers usually avoid the intoxicants but the millennials likely to support the legalization of marijuana.
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There are many other differences between them. The boomers saw a good. They had a job and not unemployment issue as it rose at its peak in the millennials age. The millennials have fewer job opportunities. The majority of boomers had a car. However, most of the millennials rely on renting for the car or house. The boomers saw the ownership as it is an essential part of a successful life. On the contrary, the millennials have been living in more debt.

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