Credit to: Duchess Meghan Made Her Buckingham Palace Balcony Debut For The Queen’s Birthday Celebrations By: J HARVEY

If you’re an Anglophile or a Royals stan (Britain not Kansas City), you watch The Crown and you’ve been witness to ALL the crazy drama, intrigues, decisions, scandal, and sacrifice that THE QUEEN (aka Queen Elizabeth II) has had to endure, withstand, and triumph over in her long career as HBIC: UK Edition. Plus, her husband seems like he can be a real dick sometimes. She puts up with a lot of shit! And we’re not even getting into what her kids, nieces, nephews, and grandkids got up to when they came of age. Hence, they have a big celebration at Buckingham Palace to honor her birthday. She’s 92 this year, and the parade in her honor is called Trooping the Color. Basically, the British military puts on their butchest outfits, and marches/rides/flies jets by the palace to pay homage. The Queen responds by dutifully waving and counting the hours until she can get back to The Royal Recliner and continue to binge on The Great British Baking Show.

But this is probably the last year of the monarchy since Duchess Meghan wore an off-shoulder Carolina Herrera dress and her SCANDALOUS bare shoulders are going to destroy the crown!

Duchess Meghan’s monarchy-destroying shoulders were there, but glaringly absent was that crabby Prince Phillip. He’s 97 and was reportedly under the weather. Actually, he gets a pass for being crabby, too. Being almost a hundred years old must come with a lot of incontinence issues, aches, pains, family members annoyed at you for not dying so the will can be read, etc.

People reports that the event wasn’t as boring as it sounds. Princess Charlotte almost took an accidental swan dive off the Buckingham Palace balcony. (She almost fell ONTO the balcony but you gotta spice up these Royals posts somehow.)

After looking in her Royal Air Force booklet and excitedly peeking over the balcony in anticipation of the next plane to pass by, Charlotte lost her balance and started to fall backward. She reached for stability, but luckily Kate was there to steady the little princess.

The Duchess of Cambridge has mom reflexes, so Princess Char was fine. Their kids were really the stars of the day. Princess Char’s bro Prince George was having a grand old time until his cousin got all fun-hating.

Princess Charlotte, 3, clapped as the planes flew overhead, and while her 4-year-old brother Prince George offered his applause sparingly, his dropped jaw gave a better indication of how he felt about the big event, meant to celebrate the Queen’s official birthday. But Queen Elizabeth‘s great-granddaughter Savannah Phillips wanted her cousin to keep it cool, so she promptly placed her right hand right over the future king’s mouth when he started to giggle.

Savannah Phillips?pic.twitter.com/N1os7QWrFR

— Omid Scobie (@scobie) June 9, 2018

Savannah Smiles, 7, over there is just mad because she doesn’t have a title! Jealousy isn’t very royal, Sav.

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