Today the article will be a source to provide information about Trump’s 3 immigration wars brings to light. If we study the overall time the Donald J. Trump passed as a president of the United States, we find many controversies about him. He probably may be called the most controversial person in the history of the United States as a president.
He has been on the top of the news due to the controversial steps he raised in his reign. His controversial steps and his odd actions in his routine life made him the point of discussion. The trump’s way of governance is a hot topic on the daily news. A famous writer Michael Wolf wrote a book named Fire and Fury in 2018 explaining the personality and the activities of Donald Trump inside the White House.
Trump's 3 Immigration Wars Brings to Light - What Happened?
Trump’s actions based on irrationality and amazingly unexpected, made him a laughing stock. On the other side, the opposition party and the people don’t like Donald Trump, are very annoyed to see the policies. They think that Trump’s policies will bring far-flung negative results.

Trump- Before The Politics

The New York is the birthplace of Donald Trump. He was born on June 14, 1946.  Before entering the poetics, Trump was a successful business and TV personality. He is a beneficiary of trust funds that established by his father in 1949. Trump discussed his business and careers are beginning. He said he had to take $1 million loans from his father which he had to pay with interest.
It was his first step towards starting a business and entering in practical life. He took the initiative in real estate business a middle-class rental housing scheme. Then he launched his real estate business in Manhattan. He got the 50% shares of a Hotel. His remarkable acquisitions and investments are Palm beach, casinos, and golf clubs.
He has been attached to TV shows as well. He has been attached to world Wrestling; A TV show named The Apprentice. Trump also worked as an actor in the numerous films. He performed the role of a father in a remarkable movie titled The Little Rascals.
Trump's 3 Immigration Wars Brings to Light - What Happened?

Joining the Politics and Political Activities

He has a series of shuffling the parties from one another. He started his political career by joining the Republican Party. Then he decided to be independent, and after some time he moved to Democrats. He began to make donations to both the Republican and Democrats parties after he stopped donating to the Democrats and increased the Republican contributions.  In 2000 the Republican nominated George Bush as its presidential candidate.
Trump's 3 Immigration Wars Brings to Light - What Happened?
Trump imitated his presidential campaign 2015. At Trump Tower in his speech, he addressed the issue of illegal immigration and offshoring jobs. He also launched a campaign named “Make America Great Again.”

The 3 Wars of Immigration

Trump’s immigration policy was not an ambiguous thing. He had begun to give statements about immigrants. He believes that if the United States wants to grow, it will have to address the issue of immigrants. He doesn’t care about the reaction from the opponents. He first action was against the immigrants’ children. He said that the children of immigrants couldn’t be a citizen of America. He seized the way to be a citizen.
Trump's 3 Immigration Wars Brings to Light - What Happened?
The second step he took that is stop caravans from the other countries or the Mexican Border. The third step from Trump is to decrease the immigrants stopped by courts. Trump ordered that if anyone crosses the border will be disqualified for citizenship automatically.

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