We will discuss today the hot news about Tumblr that Tumblr app disappears from the app store, Apple removed it? Did Apple removeit? Tumblr is a social media app. There is a differencebetween Tumblr and other social media websites. It works unlike Twitter,Facebook, and LinkedIn. David Karpfounded it in 2007; it is a microbloggingsocial media network website. Tumblr allows the users to share the multimediacontent to the short-form blog. With the postsshared by users, the other friends and followers can follow your blog posts andshare it with other people. The user can access many features of Tumblr websitethrough the dashboard. If we study the user’s posts and user visits. As of 2016, Tumblrhad 555 million visitors, and 2018 andits users shared 449.4 million blogs.

Features in Tumblr

In term of features, Tumblr offers a bundle of useful features. It includes blog management features, Mobile features, Messaging, and security features.

Managing Blogs

The Tumblr provides you with a dashboard. Where you can find the posts, you have shared on Tumblr. Here you can share text, images, videos, audios and any link with the facility of just one click. Now. Your sharing is now on your fingertip. A button helps you with this.

Posts in Queue

You can keep your posts with queue posts. It helps you make a schedule for delaying posts.

Category Through Tags

Tumblr’s adoption provides you the ease of categorizing your content. Your content will be saved in its relevant category.

 HTML Editor Option

The HTML editor feature provides you with the facility of HTML edited posts. You can make changes to your blog posts and themes with the help of HTML editor. Mobile compatibility 2009, the Tumblr shared its first IOS app, and later Tumblr developed the app for Blackberry in 2010. A windows phone app was published in 2013. Tumblr has provided an app for Android smartphones as well.

Messaging Feature

Tumblr provides a messaging feature that is a bit different than that of other social media apps but quite close to them. It messaging feature makes you able to send messages to the blogs you follow. You can also sends email to the blogger. This feature is called fan mail feature.

Disappearing App from App Store

The latest news from Tumblr is the app disappearance from App Store. Tumblr gave a statement about this issue that they were working on the app. However, they increased the anxiety of its users that if there are is some working on the app so how the app can be deleted from the app store. It is a dominant thought that Apple might remove it. The satiationrose when some users deleted their Tumblr app due to some reasons. New users wanted to install the app. However,they found nothing on the iOS app store. Thereare many criticisms the Tubmlr had to face about its security, copyright issues and due to child pornography.

Image result for tumblr ios app disappeared from app store

Tumblr took specific actions to remove some of the criticism. Anyhow the situation is whatever, the issues should be resolved, and the company should be situation clear that why is it happening? Moreover, it is a responsibility to reduce the anxiety of its customer by solving the problem in time.

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