A quiet revolution has been taking place in menswear. Free from the shackles of long sleeves — thanks to the resurgence of the Hawaiian shirt — blokes have slowly, but surely, been looking for other ways to liberate their limbs. Which is why now is an opportune time to invest in a pair of chino shorts.

Slightly more casual than tailored leg-bearers, but not as slovenly as sporty styles, chino shorts are versatile and functional in equal parts; the perfect wardrobe staple for ensuring you’re never at risk of being caught in that overdressed/underdressed conundrum again.

And they’re no longer just for wearing on holiday. “If [recent seasons] have taught us anything, it’s that old rules about shorts in the office are outdated, and in desperate need of rewriting,” says MatchesFashion.com senior style editor Chris Hobbs.

But just how do you go about presenting your pins without being on the receiving end of more than a few disapproving looks? This, our fine-legged friends, is how. It’s time to #FreeTheKnee.

Chino Shorts Buying Considerations

The Fit

Confusingly, the terms chino short and tailored short are used interchangeably. However, rather than get bogged down with the specifics of menswear, all you need to know is that they generally share the same streamlined cut. “It’s flattering on all shapes and can be worn with a tucked in shirt or even a knitted polo shirt”, says Hobbs, who recommends a slim fit that hits two or three inches above the knee as a good catch-all, and to avoid overstuffing the pockets, which will add unwanted bulk.

The Colour

It’s no secret that dark and neutral shades are menswear’s Mecca, which is why Hobbs suggests these as the starting point for any chino short noob. “For those worried about baring their legs, opt for a knee-skimming pair in black or tan.” Once acquainted with the classics, graduate to bolder shades and designs that can be toned down by pairing with minimalist T-shirts, shirts and accessories.

The Style

Pastels and prints might get a pass, but the overall finish of your chino shorts should still be as smart as your best suit trousers. You wouldn’t find studs and distressing on an Italian three-piece (though, give designers a few seasons), so swerve frayed hems in favour of clean lines and concealed pockets, then use the rest of your outfit to make a statement instead.

3 Ways To Wear Chino Shorts

Everyday Casual

Shorts, no matter how well-cut, are an inherently casual part of the male wardrobe, so naturally, it makes sense to wear them as such. When it comes to chino styles, roll the hem for an extra touch of sprezzatura, and throw on a simple T-shirt or sweatshirt with a casual jacket and retro sneakers to max out on comfort.


JFK was a particular fan of the chino short, making them the perfect piece for acing the Ivy league look. An ideal outfit for smart-casual events, bookend with a sporty Oxford or polo shirt up top and loafers or boat shoes in leather or suede below, with the option of adding a lightweight knit on chillier nights. Top of the class stuff.

Riviera Chic

To some, they’re the height of style; to others, white trousers represent all that’s wrong with the world. But they’re not the only way to channel Riviera chic. For some Mediterranean insouciance, try a pair of chino shorts with a grandad or Cuban collar shirt, both of which can easily be dressed up with a navy unstructured blazer if needed.

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