Credit to: Victoria Clay Extra Busty Cleavage Changing Into Just A Bathrobe By: Elliot-wolf

Victoria Clay obviously knows how to make all the boys say “hey.” Or at the very least a howdy, hello, good morning, afternoon, or evening. Either way you cannot walk past a woman this fine without speaking or saying some kind of greeting. For the most part I don’t run into too many ladies with fancy colored hair, but by golly does it sure work for her. She looks a seductive genie that’s escaped from a bottle. I’d I only need one wish from a woman like her and that would be for her to follow me everywhere I go. Because Victoria is a woman you should have by your side at all times.

I wonder what’s the special occasion for Clay to be all dressed up. She looks amazing as per usual. I’d like to throw on a tuxedo and be her plus one no matter wherever she was going. I’d sit through six hours of Mass on Sunday without the slightest complaint if a woman like her was my chair neighbor. I’d even make confessions to her like “I think you’re very hot and I think about you often.” I don’t even think saying a few Hail Marys would get her off my mind.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA

Victoria Clay Extra Hot Busty Cleavage!

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