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The article covers the points what, why and when about Black Friday. We all know the black Friday. The Black Friday is known to be a special day for shoppers and sellers. It is a traditional day of America. The Black Friday takes place after Thanksgiving day which is celebrated on the end of November. It is celebrated on Thursday, a day before Black Friday. The shoppers come out for shopping t this day. Almost all stores come out with door buster sales to attract the customers to their shops.
It is a shopping season. The Black Friday sales increase extraordinarily at black Friday. The stores and companies offer outstanding offers to attract customers. The customers usually avoid spending their money. The Black Friday sales offer traditionally introduced as an encouragement to such customers. Black Friday sales don’t always start from Friday or specific to Friday, but it is a game to gain more and more customers
Some store starts to celebrate Black Friday from Thursday, while some start it from Wednesday, Some from Monday. It’s not a surprise to see the sale starting from Monday of the Black Friday’s week.

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

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We know the Black Friday. Let’s have a look on another term.  What do you think about Black Friday vs Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday is a day that is celebrated in America just like black Friday. There are also sales offers just like the Black Friday.
However, the main differences are in two ways between them. First, the Black Friday is most relevant and limited not for retail but also resale.  The retail shops or stores often offer and sell the products in a small amount.
Cyber Monday is relevant to the internet-based shopping and selling products. In the old days the people had high-speed computers and internet connections at their offices, so they could easily place an order online on Monday after a weekend.

When is Black Friday?

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Now, let’s move to the question, when is Black Friday? The Black Friday was celebrated t national level in America. Now, it is celebrated as a day for shopping. Black Friday is usually celebrated at the following Thanksgiving day which is generally held on Thursday. The Friday is called a Black Friday.

What is Black Friday?

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The question what is Black Friday? It can be simple that it wasan in about 1950 when the people came out of the house to go shopping for the Christmas. They people came out in such amount that it became hard to handle them. The question why is it called Black Friday?
So, the people came out in a large number for Christmas shopping. The issues rose about the chaos and mayhem. Handling such a big crowd was hard. Just because of this, the police coined a term for this the black Friday. The trades have some reservations about this term.

When do Black Friday sales start?

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Now, the question when do Black Friday sales start? Moreover, the question of how many days until Black Friday? As it has been discussed that it is not necessary that the Black Friday sale will start on the same day and the same day, it depends on the buyers and the nature of frequency of sales. The sales offer may start from Thursday; it may start from Wednesday.
Some retailers may start from the beginning of the Black Friday week, means Monday. It is not compulsory that it will end right /Friday. The day may be increased due to specific reasons. The Sunday is a weekend, and it is a day off too, the offer may be extended to Sunday.

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